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Carpenter, of Wherwe MP (deceased)

"Trader Tom" Carpenter (Moytoy), II MP (1660 - c.1734)

Chief Amahetai MoyToy MA'TAYI' Pigeon of Tellico "Trader Tom" Carpenter (Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Quatsy)) II Click to view Chief Amahetai MoyToy MA'TAYI' Pigeon of Tellico "Trader Tom" Carpenter (Ani'-...

William "of the Bevis" Carpenter's mother MP (deceased)

The ancestry of William1 Carpenter, including his parentage, is unknown (as is that of RichardA). From Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, FASG Ojai, California, 2008 Last revised 16 October 2010 "In Carpente...

father of William "of the Bevis" Carpenter MP (deceased)

The ancestry of William1 Carpenter, including his parentage, is unknown (as is that of RichardA). From Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, FASG Ojai, California, 2008 Last revised 16 October 2010 "In Carpente...

wife of William "of the Bevis" Carpenter MP (c.1603 - 1638)

Children of William Carpenter & his wife include Frances Carpenter, b. 1612, Hingham, Norfolk, England, d. 28 January 1688/89, Hingham, MA. Notes A William Carpenter married at St. Thomas the Mar...

Abby Carpenter (Sutton) MP (1803 - 1853)

Ensign Abiah Carpenter MP (1665 - 1732)

Farmer, wheelwright. Reference shows Abiah's death date as 28 Apr 1732. A description of a sale of land to his son Thomas:He deeds to his son, Thomas, for love, good will, and affection, land lying and...

Abiah Carpenter MP (1643 - c.1689)

Died before 1702. Occupation: Though said to have been a mariner, the extent of his land holdings and the nature and frequency of his public service point to his having been a yeoman. (Zubrinsky- New...

Abigail Carpenter (Unknown) MP (c.1492 - d.)

Abigail (Carpenter) Titus-Palmer MP (1629 - 1709)

ABIGAIL3 CARPENTER (WILLIAM2–1) OF REHOBOTH, MASSACHUSETTS Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, FASG Ojai, California, 2008 Last revised 16 October 2010 Prepared for Carpenters’ Encyclopedia of Carpent...

Abigail Carpenter ((LNU)) MP (c.1522 - d.)

Married Richard Carpenter (1535-1625). 7 children. Links

Abigail Perrin (Carpenter) MP (1687 - 1781)

Abigail Carpenter (Sabin) MP (1698 - d.)

Abigail Carpenter (Searles) MP (1593 - 1624)

Abigail Carpenter (Bullard) MP (1684 - 1713)

Sources The record of births, marriages and deaths, and intentions of marriage, in the town of Dedham ... With an appendix containing records of marriages before 1800, returned from other towns, un...

Abigail Carpenter (Briant) MP (c.1604 - 1687)

Abigail Briant was baptized May 27,1604 at St.Michael's and All Angels Church, then in the Berkshire Co. section of Shalbourne, England. [1] Abigail was buried in the Newman Cemetery in Old Rehoboth (n...

Abigail Carpenter MP (1532 - c.1590)

Abigail Carpenter (Bluther) MP (c.1522 - c.1590)

Abigail or Alice Carpenter (Unknown) MP (c.1540 - d.)

As at 23 March 2011, this tree area is muddled. Abigail is married to too many Williams, with different birth years. Some of the Williams may be the same person even though the birth years are differen...

Abraham Carpenter MP (1643 - c.1650)


Agnes Fuller (Carpenter) MP (1593 - 1615)

From Samuel Fuller's second marriage was to  Agnes Carpenter on 24 April 1613, Leiden, Holland. She was the daughter of Alexander Carpenter, baptized at Wrington, Somerset, on 16 December 1593...

Agnes Carpenter MP (1533 - d.)

Ailric le Carpentier (Carpenter) MP (1166 - 1212)

Alexander "of Leyden" Carpenter MP (1556 - c.1612)

Alexander Carpenter*, of Wrington, Somersetshire, England, migrated to Leiden, Holland. All 5 of Alexander Carpenter's daughters emigrated to New England, and 4 of them married and had children by earl...

Alice Carpenter (Unknown) MP (c.1580 - 1638)

MARRIAGE: Despite claims to the contrary, the identity of William1’s wife (or wives) is unknown. His having emigrated only three months after the death of Alice Carpenter, who was buried at Shal...

Alice Bradford (Carpenter) MP (1590 - 1670)

Alice came over on the ship "Anne" in 1623. Alice came to America a few years after the Mayflower. She was a widow (last name Southworth) and had two young sons. Alice Carpenter was one of the Leid...

Alice Carpenter (Unknown) MP (deceased)

Alice Carpenter (Knight) MP (c.1583 - 1607)

Source - Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, "RICHARD CARPENTER OF AMESBURY, WILTSHIRE" (2008; rev. 16 Oct. 2010), online at [ ]

Alicia Maria Carpenter MP (1729 - 1794)

Lady Almeria Carpenter MP (1752 - d.)

Lady Almeria Carpenter is the daughter of George Carpenter, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell and Frances Clifton.3 Child of Lady Almeria Carpenter and William Henry Hanover, 1st Duke of Gloucester Loui...

Amanda Carpenter (Turner) MP (c.1822 - 1895)

Ann Hayward (Carpenter) MP (1717 - 1794)

Ann Carpenter (Weeks) MP (c.1643 - 1658)

Ann Carpenter (Weekes) MP (1635 - c.1713)

Children: Ann, Sarah, Benjamin, Dorothy, John.

Anna Carpenter (Rodman) MP (1746 - 1834)

Anne Cranmer (Carpenter) MP (1539 - 1617)

Anne Weeks (Carpenter) MP (1676 - d.)

Born 1676. Parents: Joseph Carpenter & Ann Weeks. Married: Samuel Weekes, born at Oyster Bay about 1669, will dated December 13/1729. Note: see page 6. See the New York Genea-logical ...

Benjamin Carpenter MP (1724 - d.)

Benjamin Carpenter MP (1680 - c.1730)

Will proved 13 April 1730. Wife Mercy Carpenter was Quaker. Links

Benjamin Carpenter MP (c.1663 - 1738)

Find A Grave Memorial# 11491226; Benjamin Carpenter Birth:   Oct. 20, 1663 Death:  Apr. 18, 1738 Benjamin's mother , Priscilla, died giving birth to him on Oct 20,1663 and he ...

Benjamin Carpenter, Il MP (1680 - 1727)

Betsey Carpenter (Foster) MP (1782 - 1859)

Bridget Fuller (Carpenter) MP (1587 - 1664)

Notes for Bridget Carpenter: RICHARDSON GENEALOGY Bridget, m. at Leyden, 1617, Dr. Samuel Fuller, widower of her sister Agnes, & came over with her sister Alice Southworth, on the "Anne". Links

Caleb Carpenter MP (1734 - 1789)

Calista Jane Carpenter (Husted) MP (1836 - d.)

Catherine H. Carpenter (Burling) MP (1812 - 1898)

Catherine Barker (Carpenter) MP (1752 - d.)

Catherine Carpenter MP (1751 - 1826)

Charlotte Carpenter (Mead) MP (1774 - 1870)

Christian Carpenter MP (1768 - 1839)

Christian Carpenter MP (1729 - 1787)

Christian Carpenter (Zimmerman) MP (c.1703 - 1789)

Christopher Carpenter (Zimmerman) MP (1728 - d.)

Clarenda Carpenter (Husted) MP (1834 - d.)

Comfort Carpenter MP (1775 - 1853)

Da-Tsi (Tah Chee) "Dutch" Carpenter (son of Attakullakulla) MP (c.1738 - c.1787)

More About DA-TSI: Blood: 3/4 Cherokee Clan: Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Peggy Scott?) Emigration: 1828, to Texas from Arkansas ttp://

Daniel Carpenter MP (1765 - 1839)

Col. Daniel Carpenter MP (1712 - 1767)

Daniel Zimmerman was the son of Henrich Zimmerman and wife Salome Rufener. He was born in 1712 in Pennsylvania and died in June 1767 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His place of burial has not been ...

David Carpenter, I MP (c.1622 - 1651)

Considering the young age at which David died it doesn't seem likely he was married to Abigail. References give 1694 as Elizabeth's death date. David CARPENTER Birth: Abt 1622 Wiltshire, England De...

David Harrison Carpenter MP (1820 - 1896)

David P. Carpenter MP (deceased)

Desire Carpenter (Martin) MP (1684 - 1727)

iii. Desire Martin b. 20 Mar 1684 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 12 Sep 1727 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 10 Jul 1707 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass to Jotham Carpenter links

Diana Carpenter MP

From The Seattle Times : Not long before his death, Al Hendrix seemed willing to keep his second son out of the Hendrix family business at his adopted stepdaughter's request, according to a Hendrix f...

Edward Carpenter MP (1700 - 1778)

Edward Carpenter Birth: Dec. 8, 1700 - Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts Death: Dec. 12, 1778 - Windham County, Vermont, USA Burial: Carpenter Cemetery, West Guilford, Windham County, Ve...

Edward Carpenter MP (1727 - 1778)

Eleanor Carpenter MP (1545 - 1636)

Notes on Robert Carpenter !Robert was awell-to-do sheep proprietor. !WILL: His 1607 will lists his wife, who was his cousin Eleanor Carpenter, their children (William, Richard, John, Charles, Rober...

Eleanore Carpenter (Unknown) MP (1545 - d.)

7 children. Richard, William, John, Charles, Robert, Edith, Alice. Links

Elizabeth Carpenter (Wilson) MP (1706 - 1791)

(f/g) Elizabeth Wilson Carpenter Birth: Jul. 8, 1706 Swansea Bristol County Massachusetts, USA Death: Apr. 24, 1791 Windham County Vermont, USA Once the wife of Edward Carpenter Daughter of Benja...

Elizabeth Carpenter (Knapp) MP (1725 - 1804)

Elizabeth Carpenter (Miller) MP (1752 - 1835)

Birth: Jan. 1, 1755 Bucks County Pennsylvania, USA Death: 1835 Ashe County North Carolina, USA AKA Elizabeth Mueller Family links: Spouse: Mathias Carpenter (____ - 1835)* Calculated rela...

Elizabeth Carpenter (Unknown) MP (1642 - d.)

Elizabeth Carpenter MP (1773 - 1801)

Elizabeth Ferree (Carpenter) MP (1749 - d.)

Elizabeth Carpenter (Mountford) MP (c.1500 - d.)

Elizabeth Drayton (Carpenter) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Carpenter (Arnold) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Eleanor Carpenter MP (c.1562 - 1605)

Elizabeth Carpenter (Unknown) MP (1515 - 1596)

Alternate birth date 1515

Elizabeth Carpenter (Mitchell) MP (1709 - 1787)

Elizabeth Arnold, of Pawtucket MP (1611 - 1685)

Elizabeth Arnold Carpenter Find A Grave Memorial# 6804645 Elizabeth Arnold , born at Ilchester, Somerset, England, on 23 November 1611 and died 7 September 1685, Pawtuxet, Kent County, Rhode Island...

Elizabeth Carpenter (Herr) MP (c.1725 - 1760)

Judge Emanuel Carpenter MP (c.1702 - 1780)

Emanuel Zimmerman was born in 1702 in Wattenwyl, Oberland Berne, Switzerland. He was the son of Heinrich Zimmerman and wife Salome Rufener. He emigrated with his family to Pennsylvania while a small bo...

Emanuel L Carpenter, Sr MP (1743 - 1822)

Emanuel Carpenter Jr. was the son of Emanuel Carpenter, Sr. and wife Catherine Lien. He was born in 1744 in Pennsylvania. He married Mary Smith. Emanuel Jr. served with the 7th Co., 10th Battalion, P...

Ephraim Carpenter MP (1735 - 1809)

Ephraim Carpenter MP (1642 - c.1703)

Ephraim Carpenter , b. say 1642 township of Providence, Pawtuxet, Rhode Island. Parents: William Carpenter, of Pawtuxet (1610-1685) and Elizabeth Arnold (1611-) Married: Susannah Harris Susan...

Ephraim Carpenter MP (1681 - 1743)

Ernest Marshall Carpenter MP (deceased)

Ed Carpenter MP

Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Growing up with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in his backyard with Laura and step-father Tony George as parents, Carpenter was no stranger to racing. However, he was made aware early on by his parent...

Frances Farrow (Carpenter) MP (1612 - 1688)

Links Carpenter (daughter of William Carpenter and Mary A. Batt) was born Oct. 16, 1612 in Hingham, Norfolk, England, and died 28 January 1688 in Hingham, MA. She married John Farrow in 1632 in Hin...

Francis Carpenter (Brown) MP (1709 - d.)

Frances Brown Birth: 1709 - Richmond, Virginia Husband: John Carpenter Children: Samuel Carpenter, Thomas Carpenter, Absalom Carpenter, Elizabeth Carpenter

Frideswide Vincent (Carpenter) MP (c.1616 - 1680)

Fridgswith Carpenter Birth: 1616 - Nettlecomb, Somersetshire, England Parents: Richard of Amesbury CARPENTER, Susanna TREVELIAN Brother: William Trevelian [of Providence] CARPENTER Husband: T...

Sir George Carpenter, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell, Ulster MP (1723 - 1762)

George Carpenter, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell was born on 26 August 1723.2 He was the son of George Carpenter, 2nd Baron Carpenter of Killaghy and Elizabeth Petty.2 He married Frances Clifton, daughter ...

Godwin Carpentier (Carpentier) MP (c.1100 - c.1194)

Some believe that Godwin was the son of William "The Carpenter" Viscount of Mulan , but little evidence exists at this time to reinforce that belief. The link has been removed. Godwin Carpenter was b...

Hannah Hope Carpenter (Smith) MP (c.1632 - c.1704)

Hannah was born in 1632 Children of Captain John Carpenter and Hannah Hope were: 27 i. Temperance Carpenter was born about 1656. 28 ii. Captain John Carpenter was born in 1658. +29 iii. Capt....

Hannah Carpenter MP (1640 - c.1673)

Hannah was a Carpenter before she married. She was, it is believed, a second cousin. Mentioned in father's will Children: Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Tamsen, William, Nathaniel, Hannah Links

Hannah Hoagland (Carpenter) MP (1750 - 1845)

Hannah Spink (Carpenter) MP (1708 - c.1767)

Hannah Skinner (Carpenter) MP (1671 - 1750)

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Hannah Carpenter (Alsop) MP (1691 - 1743)

Hannah Chaffee (Carpenter) MP (1684 - 1767)