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Don Cayetano Calao Catigbac MP (1828 - 1879)

Cayetano Calao Catigbac was a mere mag-aaro or a plowman but was a hard working person. He married Fausta Tapia who owned large tracts of undeveloped land, which were all cultivated by the time she die...

Don Toribio Tapia Catigbac MP (deceased)

Toribio Tapia Katigbak was the municipal president of Lipa, Batangas from 1901 to 1902. With the land he inherited from his mother, he was said to be the richest person in town during the early days of...

Doña Adriana Mendoza Catigbac (deceased)

Don Agustin Masongsong Catigbac (deceased)

Andrea Aguila Catigbac (Calao) (deceased)

Basilisa Reyes y Malabanan (deceased)

Benita Catigbac (Pallet) (deceased)

Catalina Mendoza Catigbac (deceased)

Cayetano Calao Catigbac (1828 - 1879)

Consorcia Catigbac (deceased)

Don Alejandro Mendoza Catigbac (deceased)

Don Cayetano Calao Catigbac (1828 - 1879)

Don Cayetano Calao Catigbac (deceased)

Don Fausto Villapando Catigbac (1872 - d.)

Don Gregorio Mayo Catigbac (1863 - 1941)

Don Josef Masonsong Catigbac (deceased)

Don Juan Catigbac (deceased)

Don Lino Calao Catigbac (deceased)

Don Pasqual Masongsong Catigbac (deceased)

Don Primo Africa Catigbac (deceased)

Dona Eustaquia Masonsong Catigbac (deceased)

Doña Maria Calao Catigbac (deceased)

Doña Petrona Manguiat Catigbac (deceased)

Doña Eufemia Mea Mendoza (deceased)

Don Exequiel Manguiat Catigbac (c.1805 - 1889)

Fausta Catigbac (de Tapia) (deceased)

Don Felipe Masongsong Catigbac (deceased)

Felisa Africa Catigbac (deceased)

Francisco Africa Catigbac (deceased)

Francisco Calao Catigbac (1826 - d.)

Francisco Africa Catigbac, Sr. (1876 - 1925)

Guillermo Africa Catigbac (deceased)

Honoria Natividad dela Rosa Katigbak (deceased)

Doña Ignacia Macarandang Africa (deceased)

Doña Jacoba Panganiban Roxas (deceased)

Doña Jacoba Mendoza Catigbac (deceased)

Don Josef Masongsong Catigbac (deceased)

Gobernadorcillo of Lipa, 1827

Josef Masongsong Catigbac (b. - 1872)

Don Juan delos Reyes Catigbac (deceased)

Juan Catigbac (deceased)

Juana Catigbac (Masongsong) (deceased)

Julian Rojas Catigbac (deceased)

Doña Juliana Mendoza Catigbac (deceased)

Dona Juliana Masongsong Catigbac (deceased)

Justa Luz Catigbac (Solis) (deceased)

Doña Leoncia Tapia Catigbac (deceased)

Don Lino Calao Catigbac (1829 - 1896)

Gobernadorcillo 1869 and 1870

Lino Calao Catigbac (1829 - 1896)

Lorenza Africa Catigbac (deceased)

Doña Macaria Solis Catigbac (deceased)

Dona Magdalena Masongsong Catigbac (deceased)

Don Manuel Mendoza Catigbac (deceased)

Maria Calao Altamirano (Catigbac) (deceased)

Maria Dimayuga Catigbac (deceased)

Maria Conception Tolentino Catigbac (Luz) (deceased)

Maria Rosario Africa Katigbak (1878 - d.)

Mariano Solis Catigbac (deceased)

Don Mateo Calao Catigbac (deceased)

Gobernadorcillo 1858

Mateo Calao Catigbac (deceased)

Don Mauricio Solis Catigbac (deceased)

Nicolaza Catigbac (Conception) (deceased)

Don Norberto Solis Catigbac (1874 - d.)

Don Norberto Calao Catigbac (c.1835 - 1896)

Norberto Kalaw Katigbak was the gobernadorcillo of Lipa, Batangas in 1862. He married Justa Luz Solis. The land of Don Norberto Katigbak in Batangas spans “fifteen barrios”. From his two ...

Don Pedro delos Reyes Catigbac (deceased)

Doña Petra Tapia Catigbac (deceased)

Primo Africa Catigbac (deceased)

Doña Romana Villapando Catigbac (1876 - d.)

Rosario Catigbac (Luz) (deceased)

Doña Saturnina Mendoza Catigbac (deceased)

Segunda Solis Luz (Catigbac) (1863 - 1943)

Susana Calao Mayo (Catigbac) (deceased)

Doña Susana Calao Catigbac (deceased)

Tomas Conception Catigbac (deceased)

Don Tomas Concepcion Catigbac (deceased)

“En trece de Abril de mil sietecientos ochenta años. Yo Padre Ygnacio Vasquez Pallares, Religioso del Orden de Nuestro Padre San Agustin no habiendo resultado impedimento casè por ...

Don Torribio Tapia Catigbac (deceased)

Torribio de Tapia Catigbac (deceased)

Urbana Mendoza Catigbac (deceased)

Doña Vicenta Panganiban Roxas (deceased)

Ygnacia Macarandang Catigbac (Africa) (deceased)

Doña Justa Ysabel Solis Catigbac (1871 - d.)