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Ana Lorenza Centeno Maldonado Ortiz de Herrera y Melgarejo MP (deceased)

José Centeno Ordóñez, Caballero de Santiago MP (deceased)

. Centeno (deceased)

. Centeno (deceased)

? Centeno Rossi (deceased)

???Father Centeno (deceased)

???Mother ???Centeno (deceased)

Abelino Centeno (deceased)

Abeng Centeno (deceased)

Abraham Centeno (deceased)

Adela Centeno y Moyano (deceased)

Adela Centeno Escuti (deceased)

Adela Centeno Oroz (deceased)

Adela Centeno (Cardenas) (deceased)

Adelaida Centeno y García de Urbaneja (deceased)

Adelaida Centeno y Moyano (deceased)

Adelaida Centeno y García de Urbaneja (deceased)

Adelaida Centeno Moyano (deceased)


Adelina Centeno (deceased)

<private> Rodrigues Centeno (1859 - d.)

Adolfo Romainville Centeno (1847 - d.)

Adolfo Nicolas de la Ysla Centeno (deceased)

Adoracion Nuñez (centeno) (deceased)

Adán Hermoso Centeno (deceased)

Agustin Rafael Vazquez y Centeno (deceased)

Agustino Centeno (deceased)

Agustín Centeno y Vera (deceased)

Agustín Centeno y Flores (deceased)

AGUSTÍN CENTENO Y FLORES, natural de Chile, contrajo nupcias con doña Lorenza de Vera y Aragón (hija de don José de Vera y Aragón y de doña Francisca Gonz�...

Agustín de Villafañe y Centeno (deceased)

Agustín de Alarcón y Centeno (deceased)

Agustín Centeno Vera y Aragón (deceased)

Alba Centeno del Puerto (deceased)

Alba Pereira Pereira-Centeno (deceased)

albert centeno (deceased)

Alberta Centeno (deceased)

<private> Rodriguez Centeno (1788 - d.)

<private> Centeno Baptista (1903 - 1986)

<private> Rodriguez Centeno (c.1828 - 1904)

<private> Rodrigues Centeno (1867 - 1933)

Alberto Centeno y Castellanos (deceased)

Alberto Luque Centeno (deceased)

Alberto Centeno (deceased)

Alberto Centeno (deceased)


Alberto José Centeno, Filho (deceased)

Alberto José Centeno, Capitão (b. - c.1772)

<private> Maldonado Antunes Centeno (1908 - 1983)

<private> da Rocha Centeno (1949 - 2008)

Albino Centeno (deceased)

Alcira Centeno y Cabanillas (deceased)

Alejandro Centeno Escuti (deceased)

Alejandro Centeno Rossi (deceased)

Alejandro Poggio Centeno (deceased)

Alejandro Arturo Nevarez Centeno (deceased)

Alejandro Fernando Centeno (1932 - 1991)

Alfonso Centeno (deceased)

Alfonso Sanchez Centeno (deceased)

Alfredo Centeno (deceased)

Alfredo Centeno (deceased)

Alonso Centeno (deceased)

Alonso Centeno (c.1530 - d.)

Amador Centeno y Carranza (deceased)

Amadora Centeno y Carranza (deceased)

Amalia Centeno (deceased)

Amanda Centeno Roa (deceased)

Amelia Tapia Centeno (deceased)

Amparo Poggio Centeno (deceased)

<private> Franco Antunes Centeno (c.1872 - c.1957)

Ana Centeno Barbosa (c.1803 - d.)

Ana de Zafra Centeno (de Zafra Centeno) (deceased)

<private> Rodriguez Centeno (deceased)

Ana Zafra Centeno Castrillón (deceased)

Ana de Centeno Hidalgo (deceased)

Ana Maria Centeno (1911 - 1990)

The things I remember most of my wonderful Mama Ana was she loved music and loved to dance. Her radio was her lover..always carried it around the house. Always reading the Daily Word and the bible. She...

Ana Boaventura Centeno (c.1800 - 1890)

Ana Centeno de Chaves Santisteban (b. - 1711)

Ana Zafra Centeno (deceased)

Ana Centeno (deceased)

Ana Centeno de Morales (deceased)

Ana Angélica da Glória Centeno (deceased)

Ana Carlota Centeno y Carranza (deceased)

Ana Lucía Centeno (deceased)

Ana Maria Centeno (deceased)

Ana María Arias y Centeno (deceased)

Ana María Molina Centeno (deceased)

Ana Sofia Centeno (deceased)

Anacleto Centeno (deceased)

Andrea Melendez Centeno (deceased)

Andrea Villa Centeno (deceased)

Andres Centeno y Centeno (1888 - d.)

Andres Centeno Velez (deceased)

Andres Centeno Escuti (deceased)

Angel Centeno Pizarro (deceased)

Angel F. Centeno (1922 - 2013)

Angel Centeno Escuti (c.1863 - d.)

Angel Centeno (b. - 1959)

Angela Centeno (deceased)

Angela Soleno (Centeno) (1893 - c.1922)

Angela Marcano Centeno (deceased)