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David ben Chaim MP (deceased)

Mrs. Shmuel Brandeis [Maharal gdau] MP (deceased)

Be'er Mayim Chayim MP (c.1740 - 1816)

Hayyim ben Solomon of Czernowitz - Works The Be'er Mayim Chaim Lecture Series Rabbi Chaim Tyrer of Czernowitz is buried in Safed Israel, there are 
descendants of his alive in Israel today wit...

the Divrei Chaim [Halberstam] ADMOR of Sanz הדברי חיים MP (1793 - 1876)

Wikipedia: Chaim Halberstam and חיים הלברשטאם .* Halberstam Dynasty chart .* Jewish Dynasties .* Hebrew Article in Do...

Rabbi Jacob Ben Chaim, of Hessen MP (deceased)

Rachel Dvora Halberstam [Divrei Chaim 3rd wife] (Unger) MP (deceased)

Rbzn. Rachel Halberstam (Unger), was the Divrei Chaim 3rd wife and bore him six? children: 2 sons: Shalom Eliezer and Yeshayahu, and 4? daughters: 9. Freidel HALBERSTAM m. Rabbi Eleazar Halevi ROSENF...

Rachel Feige Halberstam [Divrei Chaim 1st wife] (Frankel-Teomim) MP (deceased)

R'Chaim HALBERSTAM the Rebbe of Sanz and Rachel Feige (his first wife) (Frenkel-Teomim) had 8? children: 5 sons and 3? daughters. 1. Reitze HALBERSTAM m. 1855 Rabbi Mordechai Dov TWERSKI (b. 20 Sep. ...

Rivka Halberstam [Divrei Chaim 4th wife] (Tarim) MP (deceased)

Divrei Chaim 4th wife חיים הלברשטאם

Sister of Rachel Feige Halberstam [Divrei Chaim 2nd wife] (Frankel-Teomim [Baruch Taam]) MP (deceased)

R'Chaim Halberstam second wife, sister of Rachel Feige Frankel-Teomim, his first wife. They did not have children.

wife, Yitzchak Klauber (bat Rabbi Chaim Issenheimer) MP (1467 - d.)

Chaim (deceased)

----Widowed---- Chaim Mazin Second Husband (deceased)

1st wife of Joseph Karo (dau. Chaim Albalag) (b. - c.1518)

? Hyman (Chaim) (deceased)

Abraham (Shteker) binyamin Even Chaim (1931 - 1986)

Adib Chaim Murad (deceased)

Adibe Chaim Murad (deceased)

Adolf Alter Chaim Beer (deceased)

Ahava Chaim (deceased)

aishes Moshe Chaim (Rabinowich) (deceased)

Alfredo Jorge Chaim (1906 - d.)

AMALIA Ben chaim (ROSENWALD) (deceased)

Amir Ben Chaim (deceased)

Andzia Chaim (c.1912 - 1941)

Anna Chaim (deceased)

Anna Channa Hendrik Moshe Chaim (1707 - 1732)

Anna Nena Hijman Chaim (b. - 1796)

Arie Leib Chaim (c.1850 - 1925)


Avraam Chaim (deceased)

Avraham chaim (deceased)

Avraham Ben-Chaim (deceased)

Battia Zucker (Chaim) (deceased)

Beer Chaim (c.1888 - 1941)

Bilha Ibn Chaim (Be'er) (deceased)

Bina Rivka (daughter of Chaim Yehuda Leib Epstein) (c.1844 - d.)

Binem Chaim (1843 - d.)

Blim Chaim (deceased)

Branca Chaim (deceased)

Brindle Chaim (Yam) (c.1860 - c.1940)

Chaim Rybnik (Chaim) (b. - 1888)

Chaim (c.1705 - d.)

Chaim Unterslak (Chaim Unterslak) (b. - 1977)

Chaim Chaim (deceased)

Chaim Wentnick (c.1870 - c.1956)

Chaim Kaufmann (Chaim) (c.1874 - c.1934)

Chaim / Carol / Karoll Moisevich Beker / Becker (Chaim Karoll Moisevich Beker) (c.1918 - c.2001)

Chaim was the first son of Moshe Becker and Lifche Fassler and was called "hagadol" (the old Chaim). He addopted by hus mother's second husband (leib Rudich) and get his surname (Rudich). In October 19...

Chaim Meir Gabriel(owitz) (Chaim) (deceased)

Chana Neogroeschel (Chaim) (1880 - 1941)

Chana Hania KANAREK (CHAIM) (1884 - 1941)

Chana Perla Bar-Chaim (deceased)

Chasia Ben Chaim (Alpert) (1904 - 1994)

chedva ben chaim (wertheimer) (1932 - 2001)

Chiam Chin Ka (deceased)

Clara Keile Hijman Chaim (1715 - 1767)

dan ben chaim (b. - 1981)

Daniel Chaim (deceased)

Dau. #1 of R. Shmuel, [Wife of Chaim of Pozen] Katz (Loew) (deceased)

o daughter no 1. of Rabbi Shmuel LOEWE m. her relative R. Haim CATZ from Posna (descendant of MAHARAL)

Dau. #2 of R. Shmuel [Wife of Jacob ben Chaim of Hessen] (Loew) (deceased)

Daughter no. 2 of Rabbi Shmuel Loew, married Yaakov of Hessen

David Chaim (deceased)

David Chaim (deceased)

David Chaim (Chajm) (deceased)

David Tevle Hijman Chaim (deceased)

Deborah Zellermayer (Chaim) (1859 - 1925)

Devora Mar-Chaim (deceased)

Dina Ben Chaim (deceased)

Duifje Teibche Hijman Drukker (Chaim) (b. - 1746)

Duifje Hendrik Chaim (1696 - 1769)

Edhery Chaim (deceased)

Eidel Adela Chaim (c.1866 - 1939)

Elias Chaim (deceased)

Eliezer Goldszmit (Chaim) (deceased)

elio chaim (deceased)

Elio Chaim (deceased)

Eliyahu Chaim (deceased)

Eliyahu Ben-Chaim (1910 - 1987)

Esther Chaim (Stendig) (deceased)

Esther Vedder Cohen Foederman (Chaim) (1741 - 1820)

Esther Swatizki (Chaim) (deceased)

Esther Rivka bas Chaim Moshe (c.1842 - 1930)

Esther Bitton (Ben Chaim) (deceased)

Eta Chaim (Birenbaum) (1918 - 2015)

Eta Chaim A Holocaust Survivor. Peacefully, surrounded by her family on Thursday, April 30, 2015 in her 97th year. Beloved wife of the late Harry Chaim. Dear mother of Barry, and Sam and his wife Roz. ...

Fajga Fajga wife of Chaim Minster (deceased)

Feiga Hollander (Chaim) (b. - c.1909)

Feigel Muntzer (Chaim) (c.1767 - 1831)

Feitsche Frenkel (Chaim) (1750 - d.)

Fela Chaim (deceased)

Fortuna Chaim (deceased)

Fraicia Chaim (deceased)

Frida Beker / Becker (Chaim Rudich) (b. - 1942)

Frida Becker was the first wife of Chaim (Karl) Becker. They maried about 1938 or 1939. When the Germans come to Chernovich all the family ran away. Frida was pregnant. Chaim told that they ran with a ...

frida chaim (deceased)

Frieda Ben Chaim (Pomeranz) (1866 - 1928)

Fritz Bar-Chaim (deceased)

Gerald R. (Gerhard Reinhold Wolfgang) Clark (Chaim) (1912 - 1988)

Gerti Gerty Chaim - Clark (Eisinger) (1925 - 2015)

Gertrude K. Chaim (1895 - d.)


Golda HAUSER (CHAIM) (deceased)

Grand Rabbi Moshe Chaim Sokochevski of Reivitz (deceased)

Son-in-law of Beis Yaakov, Rebbe in Biskivitz after his uncle the Naos Deshe, later relocating to Reivitz, Poland, being known from then on as The Reivitzer Rebbe. The Rebbe was a grandson of Rabbi Dov...

Hadas Hijman Chaim (b. - 1742)