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Charlie (deceased)

Charlie (deceased)

Charlie (deceased)

"Masa7Kos" Charlie (deceased)

? Charlie (deceased)

Abel Charlie (deceased)

aberham charlie (deceased)

Abuelo Charlie (deceased)

Ali CHARLIE (b. - 1959)

Amanda Jane Charlie (Crick) (1860 - 1955)

AMAR Charlie (deceased)

Anatole "Kosh" Charlie (deceased)

Angeline Charlie (deceased)

ann cecellie peters (Charlie) (1915 - 1965)

Ann Cecille Peters (Charlie) (1915 - 1965)

Ann Cecille Peters (1915 - 1965)

Ann Cecille Peters (Charlie) (1915 - 1965)

Annie Charlie (cole) (deceased)

Apu Basil Charlie (deceased)

Basil Charlie (deceased)

Benny Charlie Jr (deceased)

Benny Charlie Jr (deceased)

Benny Charlie (deceased)

Benny Charlie (deceased)

Bernadette Charlie (deceased)

Bill Charlie (deceased)

C.G Charlie (c.1925 - c.2008)

Charles Hugh Presnell (Charlie) (1917 - 1977)

Charles Merrill Morris ("Charlie") (1885 - 1951)

Charles Henry Betz (Charlie Bettz) (1878 - 1947)

Born Charlie (NMI) BeTTZ.. At some point he changed name to Charles Henry Betz, perhaps when joining US Army in Spanish American War period. He did not serve overseas.

Charles de Souza (Charlie) (deceased)

Charles Charlie (1903 - 1963)

Charles M. Gilbert (Charlie) (1877 - 1943)

Charles Donahue (deceased)

Charles Edward Rader (Charlie) (1913 - 2001)

Charles Brandon (Charlie) (1910 - d.)

Charles Alfred Johnson (Charlie or Alf) (deceased)

Charles de Souza (Charlie) (deceased)

charles ezekiel (charlie) (1938 - d.)

Charli Charlie (deceased)

Charlie Dykes (Charlie Bridges) (deceased)

Chloe Charlie (deceased)

Connie (Peters) Charlie (deceased)

Crescent Bay Charlie (deceased)

David "Kanima" Charlie (deceased)

Debbie Lucas (Charlie) (deceased)

Delia CHARLIE (Issac) (deceased)

Dennis Charlie (deceased)

dennis dan charlie (deceased)

Dora Lagasca (Charlie) (deceased)

Dora Charlie (deceased)

dora charlie (deceased)

Dora Lagasca Charlie (deceased)

doreen deanne charlie (deceased)

Doris Lagasca (Charlie) (deceased)

dorothea charlie (deceased)

Dorothy Charlie (Leon) (deceased)

Edith May Baldacchino (Woolmer ? Charlie Brown) (1923 - 2008)

Elisabeth Charlie (deceased)

elisabeth fornsby (Charlie) (deceased)

Eraste Charlie (deceased)

ernest charlie (deceased)

Etwarie Charlie (deceased)

Eva Charlie (Delafosse) (deceased)

Eva Mitchell Charlie (deceased)

Evangeline Charlie (deceased)

Fabian Charlie (deceased)

Fidel Charlie (deceased)

Frank Charlie (deceased)

Frank Charlie (deceased)

Freda Harris (charlie) (Charlie) (deceased)

Fritz Charlie (deceased)

Gabriel Charlie (deceased)

Gladys Charlie (deceased)

Grandfather Charlie (deceased)

Grandma Charlie (deceased)

Grandpa Charlie (deceased)

guli charlie (deceased)

Irene Charlie (deceased)

Irene Charlie (deceased)

Irene "Ka-m" (Purcell) Charlie (deceased)

James Charlie(De'angelo) (deceased)

James Charlie (deceased)

Jerry CHARLIE (1977 - d.)

jimmy charlie (deceased)

Jimmy Charlie (deceased)

Jimmy Charlie (deceased)

Joan Charlie (deceased)

Joanne Charlie (deceased)

John Charlie Ward (1927 - d.)

John Littlejohn (same Charlie side) (deceased)

Johnny Charlie (deceased)

Johnny Charlie (deceased)

Jones "Sha-wa" Charlie (deceased)

Julian TSELEMKRENEM Charlie (1876 - d.)

Karen Prest (Charlie) (deceased)

karen charlie (deceased)

Keykore Charlie (deceased)

Laura Demus (Father was Charlie Payne and mother was Charlotte) (1886 - 1944)

Lena Charlie (deceased)