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(Aggie's Cherokee father) (Eastern Cherokee) MP (deceased)

(Aggie's Cherokee mother) (Eastern Cherokee) MP (deceased)

Agnes 'Aggie' Elizabeth Sizemore (adopted Cherokee, known as Shepherd) MP (c.1750 - c.1839)

Family legend states that Aggie Shepherd was a full blooded Cherokee who had been taken accidently from her village when a white raiding party, intending to rescue a white girl who had been kidnapped b...

Clogoittah Maiden of Tellico (Cherokee) MP (1706 - 1790)

Attended: 1730, Delegation to King George II Blood: Full Blood Cherokee Clan: Ani'-Ga'tâge'wi = Kituah or Wild Potato (Wa-Wli Vann) Clogoittah [1238] ABT 1706 - ____ * BIRTH: ABT 170...

Katie Tweedle (Cherokee Indian) MP (b. - c.1839)

Cherokee (b. - 1814)

"Rose Dew" Cathrin Cohun (1760 - 1866)

As the story goes, The Cherokee maiden, Cathern Cothrun Cohun (reportedly full Indian ancestry) was given to Patrick Brown the "Trader". They had a daughter Martha "Patsy" Cothern Patrick b. 1771 in Wi...

'Indian Lady' 2nd 'partner' Unknown 'Cherokee' (deceased)

(unknown) (Cherokee) ((according to Red Wolf)) (deceased)

* Cherokee (deceased)

? (Cherokee) (deceased)

? (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

? Cherokee (deceased)

? Highsaw (Cherokee) (deceased)

? Godby (full blood Cherokee) (deceased)

Aganunitsi Cherokee Indian (1680 - d.)

Aganunitsi Quatsy Moytoy, Woman Wolf Clan (b. - 1692)

Aganunitsi Cherokee Indian (1690 - 1730)

Ahwi Nita (Young Deer) Cherokee (1790 - 1828)

Alsey Rogers (Vann (Cherokee)) (deceased)

American Indian Cherokee (deceased)

American Indian Cherokee (deceased)

American Indian Cherokee (deceased)

Anders Månsson[7] was born on 19 Mar 1838 in Nässjö City, Jönköpings Län, Småland region, Sweden[7].. He died on 13 Apr 1918 in Marcus, Cherokee Co., Iowa[ (deceased)

Aniwodi Wurtea Tawsee Carpenter (Cherokee) (1705 - 1764)

Laura Robertson (1884 - d.)

Child Ruby who died at age 7

Barbara Cherokee? (deceased)

Barbara Cherokee (deceased)

Betsy unknown (Cherokee?) (deceased)

Byrd Taylor (Cherokee) (1884 - d.)

Catherene witstone (cherokee) (------) (1830 - d.)

Catherine Perry (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Catherine Perry (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Cathrine Gunter (Oo-Loo-Tas (Paint Clan Cherokee)) (1785 - d.)

CHE GA Morris (Cherokee Indian) (YUEE) (deceased)

Cheif Running Horse????? Cherokee???? (deceased)

Cherokee White (Cherokee) (1776 - d.)

Cherokee Indian Tribe (deceased)

Cherokee Indian Tribe Cherokee Indian Tribe Cherokee Indian Tribe (deceased)

Chester Taylor (Cherokee) (1875 - d.)

Chief Cherokee Newton Cherokee (deceased)

Chief Firekiller Cherokee Indian (Amatoya) (1640 - d.)

Chief Dragging Canoe Tsiyogunsi Cherokee Indian (Capenter) (1734 - 1792)

Chief Honaker Buckskin or Tuckahoe Clan (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Chief Okoonaka Cherokee Indian (1710 - 1781)

Chief Two Trees Cherokee I (c.1761 - d.)

CHIEF YONAGUSKA (Peace chief of Eastern Cherokee Nation) (1759 - 1839)

Col Chief Pathkiller Cherokee Indian (1742 - 1827)

Corn Tassel Cherokee Nation (deceased)

Cornelia Anne Manley (Cherokee Indian) (Morris) (1896 - 1974)

Cyntha Jane Taylor (Cherokee) (Horn) (c.1847 - 1931)

Daisy Branch Lloyd (not known - Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Daniel Many (Cherokee) (c.1828 - d.)

dewey h nance 1898 cherokee nation indians (deceased)

Dorphus (Bruce) Chester Manley (Cherokee Indian) (1918 - 1979)

Effie ? Spaeks (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Eliza Durham (Skyuca Cherokee Maiden) (deceased)

elizabeth mcdaniel (half cherokee) (deceased)

Elizabeth Margaret Nunley (Cherokee) (c.1750 - d.)

Ref: this MH Family Tree record ... seems to have multiple family records associated as 'one' family, but can serve as a possible starting point for sorting out actual relationships.

Elizabeth Cherokee Indian (deceased)

elizabeth cloud cherokee indian nation, half (deceased)

family legend Heimann (cherokee indian girl) (deceased)

Fannie (Au-Nah-Hee) Myrtle LeForce (Cherokee) (Keys) (1862 - 1954)

Birth: Nov. 5, 1862 Park Hill Cherokee County Oklahoma, USA Death: May 16, 1954 Vinita Craig County Oklahoma, USA Family links: Parents: Monroe Calvin Keys (1826 - 1881) Lucinda Lowrey Hoyt Key...

Flossie Mae LeForce (Cherokee) (1893 - 1978)

Frankie Barnes (Cherokee) (1790 - 1852)

Frankie Barnes (Cherokee) (1790 - 1852)

Full Blood Cherokee (1765 - d.)

Full Blooded Cherokee Indian (deceased)

Ga-Ho-Ga Cherokee Woman (deceased)

Gertie Taylor (Cherokee) (1884 - d.)

Ghi Go Ne Li (1737 - d.)

Male, Unknown Full Blood Cherokee Gender: Male Family: Spouse: Ghi-go-ne-li, Daughter of Birth : 1748 Cherokee Nation-East Death : Cherokee Nation-East Gender: Female Parents: Father:...

Ghigoneli OoLooTas (Paint Clan Cherokee) (1770 - d.)

Gu-Lu-Sti-Yu Riley (Cherokee Long Hair Clan) (deceased)

Gu-Lu-Sti-Yu Cherokee Long Hair Clan (deceased)

h g w cloud cherokee indian nation, half (deceased)

Holly Newton Cherokee (deceased)

Howard NLN (Cherokee-no last name) (deceased)

Hubbard (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Hubert Taylor (Cherokee) (1888 - 1947)

Ida Foster (Cherokee Indian) (b. - 1911)

Indian Cherokee (deceased)

Indian chief Cherokee Tribe (deceased)

James Lowery LeForce (Cherokee) (1895 - 1978)

Birth: Jan. 31, 1895 Vinita Craig County Oklahoma, USA Death: Nov., 1978 Vinita Craig County Oklahoma, USA From "Craig County" F573 James Lowery LeForce James Lowery was born 1/31/1895 in Vinita,...

james essary (half cherokee) (deceased)

James Monroe Grant (given name on OK Cherokee res.) (1859 - 1933)

james cloud cherokee indian nation, half (deceased)

Jennie Due Cherokee (1766 - 1823)

jeremiah cloud part cherokee from grandmother (deceased)

John A LeForce (Cherokee) (1880 - 1940)

John Nelson Taylor (Cherokee) (1871 - 1953)

John N Taylor (Cherokee) (1875 - d.)

John F. Langley (cherokee) (c.1803 - d.)

Joseph Harry Morris (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Judy Griffith (Cherokee) (deceased)

Julia Ann Ross (Rumburg (adopted, Cherokee Indian?)) (c.1832 - d.)

Kenenhappitch (Carrarhan) [Cherokee] (b. - 1815)

Kingfisher cherokee (deceased)

Leaf Cherokee Indian (1730 - 1780)

Licutiche Arnold (Cherokee- no maiden name) (1739 - d.)

Lou Roberts (Unkown) 100% Cherokee (deceased)