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Clogoittah Maiden of Tellico (Cherokee) MP (1706 - 1790)

Attended: 1730, Delegation to King George II Blood: Full Blood Cherokee Clan: Ani'-Ga'tâge'wi = Kituah or Wild Potato (Wa-Wli Vann) Clogoittah [1238] ABT 1706 - ____ * BIRTH: ABT 170...

Katie Tweedle (Cherokee Indian) MP (b. - c.1839)

Cherokee (b. - 1814)

"Rose Dew" Cathrin Cohun (1760 - 1866)

As the story goes, The Cherokee maiden, Cathern Cothrun Cohun (reportedly full Indian ancestry) was given to Patrick Brown the "Trader". They had a daughter Martha "Patsy" Cothern Patrick b. 1771 in Wi...

'Indian Lady' 2nd 'partner' (Unknown 'Cherokee') (deceased)

* Cherokee (deceased)

? (Cherokee) (deceased)

? Highsaw (Cherokee) (deceased)

? (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

? (Cherokee) (deceased)

? Godby (full blood Cherokee) (deceased)

Abriller (? (Cherokee Indian)) (c.1783 - 1854)

•ID: I527358173 •Name: George KING •Given Name: George •Surname: King •Sex: M •Birth: 12 May 1751 in Berkley, Virginia •Death: 7 Feb 1838 in Milford Tws...

Aganunitsi Quatsy Moytoy, Woman Wolf Clan (b. - 1692)

Aganunitsi Cherokee Indian (1690 - 1730)

Aganunitsi Cherokee Indian (1680 - d.)

Ahwi Nita (Young Deer) Cherokee (1790 - 1828)

Albert Andrew Anderson .......Olga Married him on 29 May 1901 in Marcus, Marcus Twp., Cherokee Co., Iowa[ (deceased)

Alsey Rogers (Vann (Cherokee)) (deceased)

Anders Månsson[7] was born on 19 Mar 1838 in Nässjö City, Jönköpings Län, Småland region, Sweden[7].. He died on 13 Apr 1918 in Marcus, Cherokee Co., Iowa[ (deceased)

Aniwodi Wurtea Tawsee Carpenter (Cherokee) (1705 - 1764)

Laura Robertson (1884 - d.)

Child Ruby who died at age 7

Barbara Cherokee? (deceased)

Betsy unknown (Cherokee?) (deceased)

Byrd Taylor (Cherokee) (1884 - d.)

Catherene witstone (cherokee) (------) (1830 - d.)

Catherine Perry (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Catherine Perry (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Cathrine Gunter (Oo-Loo-Tas (Paint Clan Cherokee)) (1785 - d.)

Chancey Eugene Ammons Married on 11 Aug 1915 in Cherokee, Cherokee Co., Iowa[ (1894 - 1970)

CHE GA Morris (Cherokee Indian) (YUEE) (deceased)

Cheif Running Horse????? Cherokee???? (deceased)

Cherokee White (1776 - d.)

Cherokee Indian Tribe (deceased)

Cherokee Indian Tribe Cherokee Indian Tribe Cherokee Indian Tribe (deceased)

Chester Taylor (Cherokee) (1875 - d.)

Chief Firekiller Cherokee Indian (Amatoya) (1640 - d.)

Chief Cherokee Newton Cherokee (deceased)

Chief Dragging Canoe Tsiyogunsi Cherokee Indian (Capenter) (1734 - 1792)

Chief Honaker Buckskin or Tuckahoe Clan (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Chief Oconstota Groundhog Sausage Moytoy (Cherokee) (deceased)

Chief Okoonaka Cherokee Indian (1710 - 1781)

Chief Two Trees Cherokee I (c.1761 - d.)

CHIEF YONAGUSKA (Peace chief of Eastern Cherokee Nation) (1759 - 1839)

Col Chief Pathkiller Cherokee Indian (1742 - 1827)

Corn Tassel Cherokee Nation (deceased)

Cornelia Anne Manley (Cherokee Indian) (Morris) (1896 - 1974)

Cyntha Jane Taylor (Cherokee) (Horn) (c.1847 - 1931)

cynthia black cherokee (deceased)

Daisy Branch Lloyd (not known - Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

delila mahala gray cherokee nation (deceased)

dewey h nance 1898 cherokee nation indians (deceased)

Dorphus (Bruce) Chester Manley (Cherokee Indian) (1918 - 1979)

Effie ? Spaeks (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Elizabeth Cherokee Indian (deceased)

Elizabeth Margaret Nunley (Cherokee) (c.1750 - d.)

Ref: this MH Family Tree record ... seems to have multiple family records associated as 'one' family, but can serve as a possible starting point for sorting out actual relationships.

elizabeth mcdaniel (half cherokee) (deceased)

Elizabeth Bozarth (Cherokee) (deceased)

elizabeth cloud cherokee indian nation, half (deceased)

family legend Heimann (cherokee indian girl) (deceased)

Fannie (Au-Nah-Hee) Myrtle LeForce (Cherokee) (Keys) (1862 - 1954)

Flossie Mae LeForce (Cherokee) (1893 - 1978)

Frankie Barnes (Cherokee) (1790 - 1852)

Frankie Barnes (Cherokee) (1790 - 1852)

Full Blood Cherokee (1765 - d.)

Full Blooded Cherokee Indian (deceased)

Ga-Ho-Ga Cherokee Woman (deceased)

Gertie Taylor (Cherokee) (1884 - d.)

Ghi Go Ne Li (1737 - d.)

Male, Unknown Full Blood Cherokee Gender: Male Family: Spouse: Ghi-go-ne-li, Daughter of Birth : 1748 Cherokee Nation-East Death : Cherokee Nation-East Gender: Female Parents: Father:...

Ghigoneli OoLooTas (Paint Clan Cherokee) (1770 - d.)

Gu-Lu-Sti-Yu Cherokee Long Hair Clan (deceased)

Gu-Lu-Sti-Yu Riley (Cherokee Long Hair Clan) (deceased)

h g w cloud cherokee indian nation, half (deceased)

Hubbard (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Ida Foster (Cherokee Indian) (b. - 1911)

Indian Cherokee (deceased)

Indian chief Cherokee Tribe (deceased)

James Andrew LeForce (Cherokee) (1859 - c.1945)

James Lowery LeForce (Cherokee) (1895 - 1978)

james essary (half cherokee) (deceased)

james cloud cherokee indian nation, half (deceased)

Jennie Due Cherokee (1766 - 1823)

jeremiah cloud part cherokee from grandmother (deceased)

John A LeForce (Cherokee) (1880 - 1940)

John Nelson Taylor (Cherokee) (1871 - 1953)

John N Taylor (Cherokee) (1875 - d.)

john self 1/2 cherokee (deceased)

John F. Langley (cherokee) (c.1803 - d.)

Joseph K. Gilman, Cherokee-Haw'n (1835 - 1894)

Joseph Harry Morris (Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Judy Griffith (Cherokee) (deceased)

Julia Ann Ross (Rumburg (adopted, Cherokee Indian?)) (c.1832 - d.)

Kenenhappitch (Carrarhan) [Cherokee] (b. - 1815)

Leaf Cherokee Indian (1730 - 1780)

Licutiche Arnold (Cherokee- no maiden name) (1739 - d.)

Lucy Williams (Cherokee Native American) (1778 - c.1850)

Stephen Thomas Williams along with two of his brothers, Samuel and Green, came to America as missionaries to the Indians about 1790 with the movement that is now the Methodist Church. The three brother...

Lula Mae Williams (c.1829 - d.)

Mahala Branham (Cherokee) (deceased)

Mahallie "Mahallie Uskwali Gu Hanging Maw" Long (Cherokee) (b. - 1808)

Malachi Watts cherokee nation (1793 - 1871)

Man Who Tell Stories Carroll (Cherokee) (1742 - 1804)

Man Who Tell Stories