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Adam Chmura (deceased)

Agnieszka Chmura (Tragarz) (1882 - 1965)

Aniela Dzierga (Chmura) (deceased)

Anielka Prekap (Chmura) (deceased)

Anna "Droga Babcia" Backiel (deceased)

Anna Bigda (Chmura) (deceased)

Anna Chmura (deceased)

Anna Chmura (deceased)

Anna Damek (Chmura) (1823 - 1873)

Anna Wieczorek (Chmura) (1802 - 1830)

Bernard Chmura (deceased)

Bibianna Chmura (Adamiecka) (c.1933 - c.2001)

Catherine Burns Chmura (deceased)

Chaim Zeev Chmura (b. - 1899)

Dick Chmura (deceased)

Edward Joseph Chmura (deceased)

Efroim Juda Chmura (1875 - d.)

Elżbieta Chmura (1950 - 2000)

Eugenia Smolinska (Chmura) (1916 - 2003)

Feiga Felichia Chmura (Opochinsky) (deceased)

First wife, Kaza/Kazia Faitlowicz (Chmura) (deceased)

Florence Josephine Pustulka (Chmura) (1913 - 1974)

Franciszka Laubach (CHmura) (1799 - 1843)

Genevieve Constance Jackson (Chmura) (deceased)

Gerald Chmura (deceased)

Helen Hinda Chmura (1875 - 1978)

Helen Agnes Skaja (Chmura) (1906 - 1975)

Helen (Hinda) Radomsky (Chmura) (1875 - 1975)

Helen Agnes Chmura (deceased)

Helena Chmura (1912 - 1987)

Helena Chmura (deceased)

Helena Kaput (Chmura) (c.1888 - 1964)

Helena Chmura (deceased)

Ita Juta Chmura (Unknown) (deceased)

Itschak Juda Chmura (deceased)

Itzchak Yehuda Chmura (deceased)

Jacob Chmura (deceased)

Jacobus Chmura (deceased)

Jadviga Andrusieczko (Chmura) (deceased)

Jan Chmura (1882 - 1975)

Jane Chmura (deceased)

Jane Chmura (Bonikowski) (1899 - d.)

Page 8 of 1900 Census Alpena County as compiled by Rhea LaCross and Lorrie LaCross has Jane Bonikowski listed as Jennie. Owned two stores called "Rock-a-Bye" that provided upscale children's clothi...

Jedwiga Chmura (Wojnarowski) (deceased)

Jerzy Chmura (deceased)

Joe Chmura (deceased)

John "The Bastard" Chmura (deceased)

John Chmura (deceased)

John Chmura (deceased)

Joseph Chmura (deceased)

Joseph W. Chmura (1910 - 1965)

Joyce Ann Mancuso (Chmura) (deceased)

Judessa (Jachet) Chmura (Schamroth) (deceased)

Józef Chmura (deceased)

Józef Chmura (1954 - d.)

Józefa Sebastian (Chmura) (deceased)

Józefa Chmura (Krzysik) (deceased)

Kajetan Chmura (deceased)

Katarzyna Kukfa (Chmura) (1894 - 1986)

Immigrated from Poland at age 17 through Ellis Island. She worked In Bridgeport CT then as a domestic in NYC for the McLean (Trucking) Family. She was witness to Joe Kennedy Sr coming in the back door ...

Kazimiera Chrzanowska (Chmura h. Krzywda) (deceased)

Kazimierz (Chmura) (1937 - 1993)

Louis Chmura (deceased)

Mae Chmura Lutynski (deceased)

Maria Styczen (Chmura) (deceased)

Maria Bernad (Chmura) (deceased)

Maria Chmura (Kuczek) (1932 - d.)

Maria Skarbowska (Chmura) (deceased)

Maria Bendik (Chmura) (1760 - d.)

Marian Chmura (deceased)

Marianna Kmietowicz (Chmura) (deceased)

Marianna Szymanek (Chmura) (deceased)

Mary Stephanie Chmura (1912 - 1992)

Mary Chmura (Pasternak) (c.1908 - 2007)

Listed on the 1910 census as age on Schinders Rd, Sayreville, Middlesex, NJ with parents Adam, age 37, & Jospehine, age 36, sister Benslova, age 10; brother Joseph, age 8; and brother Peter, a...

Mary "Cookie" Helen Chmura (Malinowski) (1944 - 1979)

Mary Danielecki Chmura (deceased)

Mateusz Chmura (deceased)

Małgorzata Głuszek (Chmura) (1968 - 2009)

Michael Chmura (deceased)

Mitchell Chmura (deceased)

Mordecai Chmura (b. - 1942)

Mordecai Chmura, a leading Zionist in the town, although his children were not in the transport, and being older, left his family and went over to the small group of children all under ten years old ab...

Petronela Korwin (Chmura) (deceased)

Regina Kwaśny (Chmura) (deceased)

Regina (?) Chmura (deceased)

Richard Chmura (deceased)

Rose Chmura (deceased)

Sandy Chmura (?) (deceased)

Shirley Chmura (deceased)

Sophia Chmura (Pastircik or Palircik) (deceased)

Sophie Chmura (c.1898 - d.)

Stanley John Chmura (1909 - 1985)

Stanley Chmura (deceased)

Stanley Chmura (deceased)

Stefan Chmura (deceased)

Susana Chmura (1764 - d.)

Sylvester Chmura (deceased)

Tadeusz (Chmura) (deceased)

Teddy Chmura (deceased)

Tekla Chmura (deceased)

Thaddeus S. Chmura (1916 - 1994)

Tomasz Chmura (b. - 2007)

Tony Chmura (deceased)