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Adam de Clifton, of Buckenham MP (c.1306 - 1367)

Amarintha "Amma" Orianna Clifton (Sharpe) MP (1860 - 1946)

Annie Clifton MP (c.1904 - d.)

Gen. Sir Arthur Benjamin Clifton, G.C.B., K.C.H., K.S.A., K.S.W. MP (1771 - 1869)

General Sir Arthur Clifton was born in 1780 and fought at Waterloo in 1815 as Colonel of the 1st Dragoons. He lived to be 99 years old. A picture of him hangs in the Clifton Hall although the picture...

Avelina Stanhope (Clifton) MP (c.1469 - d.)

Benjamin Clifton MP (1711 - c.1772)

Catherine Blount (Clifton) MP (b. - 1455)

Ben M. Angel notes: Despite the long entry detailing her nearby family (mostly her husband's family), Catherine's parents are not sourced by any cited literature. Neither is her birth date. Therefore, ...

Catherine Price (Clifton) MP (1879 - d.)

Charles Hyson Clifton MP (1875 - d.)

Sir Clifford Clifton, MP MP (1626 - 1670)

' Family and Education bap. 22 June 1626, 2nd s. and h. of Sir Gervase Clifton, being o.s. by 2nd w. educ. G. Inn 1647. m. 4 July 1650, Frances, da. of Sir Heneage Finch†, Speaker of the House o...

Constantine de Clifton, of Buckenham MP (1338 - 1372)

Dannie Otto "Ot" Clifton MP (c.1902 - d.)

Dorothy Clifton (Walters) MP (c.1695 - 1770)

Eleanor Cecily Clifton (Lowther) MP (1822 - 1894)

Elizabeth Chambers (Clifton) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Clifton (Roberts) MP (1773 - d.)

Elizabeth Clifton MP (1610 - 1647)

Elizabeth Clifton is the daughter of Sir Cuthbert Clifton.2 She married Sir William Gerard, 3rd Bt., son of Sir Thomas Gerard, 2nd Bt. and Frances Molyneux.1 Elizabeth Clifton lived Lytham and ...

Elizabeth Clifton MP (c.1380 - 1402)

This list William Copledike as son of John's 2nd wife Margaret Constable. 'Lincolnshire pedigrees (1902) CHART Copledike of Harrington [MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. MS. 1550.] ...

Elizabeth Clifton MP (1799 - d.)

Elizabeth Hale / Clifton (Wheeler) MP (1758 - 1826)

Emma J. McSwain (Clifton) MP (1878 - 1929)

Ezekial Clifton, Sr. MP (1773 - d.)

Ezekiel Clifton MP (b. - 1792)

Ezekiel Clifton MP (1846 - d.)

Fields Clifton MP (c.1859 - c.1929)

Flora McBride (Clifton) MP (1844 - 1915)

Florence Clifton MP (1855 - d.)

Florence Ezekiel Sharpe (Clifton) MP (1870 - 1962)

Frances Egerton Clifton MP (b. - 1846)

Frances (d 1846), m 1797 the Venerable Robert Markham (d 1837), Rector of Bolton Percy and Archdeacon of York, and had: Robert Markham (d 1832), Captain in the 58th Regiment, unmarried Rev. Hen...

Franklin Clifton MP (c.1857 - d.)

Sir George Clifton, Knight MP (1567 - 1587)

One of the first Clifton's of note is Sir Gervase Clifton. He has shared his unusual Christian name with eleven other prominent members of the Clifton family. He was very popular in the court of Quee...

Sir Gervase Clifton, "the Gentle", MP MP (1516 - 1588)

Family and Education b. 26 Mar. 1516, 1st s. of Robert Clifton of Clifton by 2nd w. Anne, da. of Henry, 10th Lord Clifford. m. (1) 17 Jan. 1530, Mary (d. 10 Apr. 1564), da. of Sir John Neville II of Ch...

Sir Gervase Clifton, 4th Baronet Clifton MP (b. - 1731)

From the book, "Baronetage of England," printed for John Stockdale, published in 1806: Sir Gervase was the eldest son of Robert Clifton, Esq., son of Sir Gervase, 1st Baronet Clifton, by his sixth wife...

Sir Gervase Clifton, 6th Baronet Clifton MP (1744 - 1815)

Gervase was the only son of Sir Robert Clifton, 5th Baronet, and his second wife Judith. He succeeded his father in 1762. He served as High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire from 1767-1768 and was a Justice...

Sir Gervase Clifton, 1st Baronet MP (1587 - 1666)

Family and Education b. 25 Nov. 1587, o. (posth.) s. of George Clifton (d.1587) of Clifton-on-Trent and Winifred, da. of Sir Anthony Thorold† of Marston, Leics.2 educ. privately (John Rawlinson)...

Sir Gervase Clifton, 2nd Baronet Clifton MP (b. - 1675)

From the book, "Baronetage of England," printed for John Stockdale, published in 1806:" Sir Gervase Clifton succeeded to the title 2nd Baronet Clifton, upon the death of his father on 28 Jun 1666. He m...

Gervase Clifton, 1st Baron Clifton MP (c.1569 - 1618)

Gervase Clifton, 1st Baron Clifton From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gervase Clifton, 1st Baron Clifton (c. 1579–14 October 1618) was an English nobleman. Clifton was a son of Sir Jo...

Sir Gervase Clifton, Kt. MP (1383 - 1453)

'Sir Gervase Clifton1,2,3 'M, b. circa 1396, d. 15 November 1453 Father Sir John Clifton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire4,5 d. 21 Jul 1403 Mother Katherine Cressey4,5 b. b 1378, d. b 142...

Gervase Clifton MP (c.1438 - 1491)

'Sir Gervase Clifton, Treasurer of Calais1 'M, d. 12 May 1491 Father Sir Robert Clifton b. c 1413, d. 9 Apr 1478 Mother Alice Booth b. c 1392, d. 9 Sep 1470 ' Sir Gervase Clifton, Treasurer of ...

Sir Gilbert De Clifton MP (1253 - c.1323)

Gilbert De Clifton b. ca 1253, Lytham, Lancashire, England d. ca 1323 m. ___________ , ca 1278, Clifton, Lancashire, England children: William De Clifton (Sir Knight), b. ca 1279, Clifton, Lancashire...

Hanna "Less" Celestia Clifton MP (1894 - d.)

Hannah Clifton (Lombe) MP (1725 - 1748)

Hannah Lombe was born in 1725.2 She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Lombe and Elizabeth Turner.1 She married Sir Robert Clifton, 5th Bt. in June 1740.1 From June 1740, her married name became Clifto...

Henry Cecil Plantagenet Clifton MP (deceased)

Hetty Clifton (Treves) MP (c.1788 - 1864)

Hill Clifton MP (1860 - 1929)

Hope Holder (Clifton) MP (c.1644 - 1681)

Isabel Clifton (Fraunceys) MP (c.1382 - 1457)

'Isabel Fraunceys1,2,3 'F, b. circa 1382, d. 13 June 1457 Father Sir Robert Franceys, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire2,3 b. c 1360, d. bt 1419 - 1420 Mother Isabel Peshale?2,3 d. a 1436 ...

James Solon Clifton MP (1891 - d.)

James Robert Clifton MP (1866 - 1940)

Jane Fleetwood (Clifton) MP (1544 - 1628)

Jesse Clifton MP (1747 - c.1790)

John E. Clifton MP (1888 - d.)

John Elza Clifton MP (1877 - d.)

John H. Clifton MP (1876 - d.)

John Talbot Clifton MP (1868 - 1928)

John Talbot Clifton was at Preston Guild in 1922

John Hamilton Clifton MP (1852 - d.)

John Clifton, Jr. MP (1756 - 1781)

John Talbot Clifton (MP) MP (1819 - 1882)

John William Clifton, Sr. MP (c.1716 - c.1770)

John de Clifton, 1st Baron de Clifton, of Buckenham MP (1353 - 1388)

Do not confuse with Sir John Clifton, MP (House of Commons), who died c. 1403. Strictly speaking, the Cliftons weren't officially "Barons" at this point in time, but were recognized as "lords" of the...

John Thomas Clifton MP (1833 - 1912)

The following is taken from . John Thomas Clifton (son of Clement Floyd Clifton and Nancy L Jackson)10 was born January 29, 1833 in Newnan, Coweta, GA11, and died June 23, 1912 in Wedowee, Randolph C...

Julia Ann Sharpe (Clifton) MP (1879 - 1958)

Hon Katherine Clifton, Baroness Clifton of Leighton Bromswold MP (1592 - 1637)

Katherine Clifton, 2nd Baroness Clifton (c. 1592 – buried 17 September 1637) was an English-born Scottish peeress (later known as the Countess of March, then Duchess of Lennox and then Countes...

Katherine Peyton (Clifton) MP (c.1602 - 1656)

Katherine Felbrigge (Clifton) MP (c.1384 - 1460)

According to the History of Parliament Online and other scrupulously documented sources, this is the Katherine who married first Ralph de Greene (and ordered an elaborate alabaster tomb for him when he...

Laura Clifton MP (c.1907 - d.)

Leander Clifton MP (1851 - 1913)

Levin Clifton, Jr. MP (1869 - d.)

Levin Clifton, Sr. MP (1847 - 1916)

Levin Clifton MP (deceased)

Lizia Clifton MP (1885 - d.)

Lula Clifton (Bryant) MP (1899 - d.)

Lula V. Clifton MP (1890 - d.)

Margaret "Maggie" E. Clifton (Graham) MP (1847 - 1885)

Margaret Clifton (Philpot) MP (1803 - 1885)

Martha Ann Clifton / McDonald (Ganey) MP (1850 - d.)

Martha Sharpe / Clarke (Clifton) MP (1860 - 1930)

Martha Burlong (Clifton) MP (1823 - d.)

Mary Ann Burlong (Clifton) MP (deceased)

Mary Clifton (McGill) MP (1820 - 1860)

Mary Ann Clifton (Strickland) MP (1835 - 1910)


Mary Bowen (Clifton) MP (c.1628 - 1697)

Some sources say the Mary Clifton Bowen was a daughter of hers, but Mary was born in 1628 (well before the marriage of Thomas Clifton and Mary), and she may have been a daughter of Thomas Clifton by a ...

Mary Julia Ganey (Clifton) MP (1867 - 1963)

Mary Eula Clifton MP (1909 - 1999)

Mary Jane Clifton MP (1868 - d.)

Mary E. Clifton MP (1856 - d.)

Mary Wharton (Clifton) MP (b. - 1813)

Mary Clifton (unknown) MP (c.1600 - 1687)

___________________________________________________ She married, first, on Feb 2,1626/7 at Halifax, Yorkshire, Henry Butterworth. She married, second, shortly after Jan 28,1640/1, Thomas Clifton. ...

Milton Onan Clifton MP (1897 - d.)

Nathan Clifton MP (1854 - 1925)

Penelope Clifton / Cocke (Ward) MP (c.1761 - c.1802)

Peter Clifton MP (1851 - 1909)

Peter Clifton MP (b. - 1788)

Rebecca Ann Clifton / Sharpe (Sharpe) MP (1836 - 1903)

Richard Clifton MP (c.1402 - 1490)

'A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great ..., Volume 2 By John Burke A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great ..., Volume 2 By John Burke

Richard Clifton MP (1798 - 1873)

Richard Clifton MP (deceased)

Sir Robert Clifton 7th Baronet Clifton MP (1767 - 1837)

Robert was the eldest son of Sir Gervase Clifton, 6th Baronet, and his wife Frances. He succeeded his father in 1815. He was educated at Rugby School. He served as High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire in ...

Sir Robert Clifton, KB, MP, 5th Baronet MP (1690 - 1762)

Family and Education b. 1690, 1st s. of Sir Gervase Clifton, 4th Bt., by Anne, da. of Dudley Bagnall of Newry, Ireland. m. (1) 28 June 1723, Lady Frances Coote (d. 14 Apr. 1733), da. and h. of Nanfan, ...

Ruth Clifton (Bennett) MP (1930 - 2005)

Ruth was the daughter of the late Charles Leroy and Adele Etheridge Bennett. She was an elementary school teacher at Jerger School, and a member of Pineland Baptist Church where she was involved in W.M...