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Elizabeth Rocke (Coggan) MP (c.1633 - 1674)

iii   ELIZABETH b. say 1630; m. by 1651 Joseph Rock (eldest child b. Boston 5 February 1651[/2?] [BVR 33]). Mary Jordain Cogan immigrated 1633 to Boston with her husband John Cog...

Frances Whitcomb (Coggan) MP (1605 - 1671)

The couple had 5 sons, perhaps 6, and three daughters. Upon arrival in America, the family located in Scituate, MA, later removing to Lancaster. John set about rapidly acquiring land in the outlying ...

Henry Coggan MP (1566 - 1612)

Occupation : weaver

Joan Coggan (Boridge) MP (1569 - 1612)

JOAN COGGIN married Henry Coggin November 30, 1590 at St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Somerset, England. He was the son of Henry Cogan and Elizabeth Carye. Henry II Cogan Born: 1572 - Taunton, Somerse...

John Coggan MP (c.1591 - 1658)

John Cogan set up the first shop in Boston, on 4 March 1634. ASSOCIATIONS: Mary (Jourdaine) Coggan, first wife of JOHN COGGAN, was sister of Sarah (Jourdaine) Hill, wife of WILLIAM HILL of Dorchester...

John Coggan, Jr. MP (c.1621 - c.1642)

Mary Jordain Cogan immigrated 1633 to Boston with her husband John Cogan as the Primary Immigrant. Family Members: Son John; Daughter Elizabeth; Daughter Mary i   JOHN b. about 1...

Mary Jourdaine MP (c.1595 - 1652)

Mary Cogan immigrated 1633 to Boston with her husband John Cogan as the Primary Immigrant. Family Members: Son John; Daughter Elizabeth; Daughter Mary. Family daughter of Ignatius Jourdaine (1561...

Mary Robinson (Coggan) MP (c.1625 - 1661)

 ii   MARY b. say 1625; admitted to Boston church 3 May 1641 [BChR 34]; m. (1) by 1648 John Woody (eldest child bp. Roxbury 11 March 1648/9 [RChR 118]); m. (2) Boston 10 Jan...

Aaron (Cohn) Coggan (1880 - 1933)

Abigail Coggan (c.1635 - 1662)

Abigail Bond Coggan (1868 - d.)

Alfred Coggan (c.1852 - d.)

Alger Coggan (deceased)

Alice Hannah Coggan (Butt) (deceased)

Alice Jean Vicq (Coggan) (deceased)

Alice Bessie Archer (Coggan) (deceased)

Ann Coggan (deceased)

Anne Coggan (deceased)

Arthur Coggan (deceased)

Arthur Coggan (deceased)

Aubrey (Blue) Robert Coggan (deceased)

Benjamin Coggan (1898 - 1968)

blanche coggan (parfitt) (1884 - d.)

Bridget Coggan (1851 - d.)

Cornish Arthur Coggan (c.1876 - 1942)

Cyril E. Coggan (c.1885 - d.)

Daisy Coggan (Harris) (deceased)

delia victoria adella coggan (wrathall) (1911 - d.)

Denby Coggan (deceased)

denby stanley thomas coggan (1933 - 2003)

Dorothy Coggan (Keegan) (deceased)

Douglas Coggan (b. - 1976)

Edmund Coggan (deceased)

Edmund Coggan (deceased)

Edna Kathleen Egan (Coggan) (1920 - d.)

Elizabeth Coggan (Cogan) (c.1574 - 1588)

Elizabeth Coggan (Cogan) (c.1597 - 1615)

Elizabeth Coggan (Carey) (c.1535 - c.1615)

I give the brides birth place as Chedzoy as the marriage usually took place in the brides home town. The wedding procession began at the brides home and went to the church http:/

Elizabeth Coggan (Clothier) (c.1852 - d.)

Elizabeth Coggan (Ducker) (deceased)

Emma Wheeler Coggan (1861 - d.)

Enid Coggan (Halloran) (deceased)

Ernest L. Coggan (c.1890 - d.)

Esme Alma Coggan (Allen) (1920 - 2004)

Esther Elizabeth Coggan (deceased)

Esther Coggan (Wainger) (1905 - 2001)

Fannie Sarah Coggan (Chubb) (deceased)


Floyd Coggan (deceased)

Frances Coggan (1914 - 1967)

Frances Coggan (deceased)

Frances Whitcomb (Coggan) (1605 - 1671)

Frank coggan (b. - 1939)

frederick coggan (1886 - d.)

Frederick W Coggan (c.1876 - d.)

Frederick Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury (1909 - 2000)

101st Archbishop of Canterbury from 1974 to 1980.

fredrick Coggan (deceased)

George H. Coggan (c.1880 - d.)

George Coggan (deceased)

George Clarence COGGAN (deceased)

Georgina Adela Coggan (1870 - d.)

Gertrude Coggan (deceased)

Gordon William Coggan (deceased)

Harry (Hyman) Coggan (1890 - 1945)

Henry Cogan (Coggan) (1540 - d.)

Henry Coggan (1832 - 1897)

Iris Katherine Lily Coggan (Willmott) (1923 - 2001)

James coggan (b. - 1894)

Jean Braithwaite Coggan (Strain) (c.1909 - 2005)

John Coggan (Cogan) (c.1568 - 1614)

John Coggan (c.1820 - d.)

john coggan (1820 - d.)

John Coggan (1510 - 1572)

John Coggan (deceased)

Joyce Boyce (Coggan) (1618 - d.)

kathleen Coggan (deceased)

Lesley Philip Coggan (deceased)

Lesley Philip Coggan (deceased)

Letitia Wakely Coggan (1863 - d.)

Linda Mary Coggan (deceased)

Linus Child Coggan (deceased)

M Sumner Coggan (1873 - d.)

Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915 for Marcellus S. Coggan name: Marcellus S. Coggan event: Birth event date: 14 Nov 1873 event place: Dudley, Worcester, Massachusetts father: Marcellus Coggan mother: Lue...

Madeline Coggan (deceased)

Margaret Coggan (deceased)

margaret coggan (odwyer) (deceased)

Margaret Coggan (1652 - d.)

Margaret Maw (Coggan) (1545 - 1591)

Maria Coggan (Hudson) (deceased)

Maria Coggan (deceased)

Maria Coggan (1819 - 1894)

Marie Therese Coggan (c.1947 - c.1947)

Mary Asher (Coggan) (deceased)

Mary Turr (Coggan) (deceased)

mary j hill (coggan) (deceased)

Mary Ann Quartermain (Coggan) (1872 - 1942)

Mary Coggan (deceased)

Mary Jane Evans (Coggan) (1881 - 1958)

Mary Coggan (deceased)

Mattie M Coggan (Hanson) (1871 - d.)

United States Census, 1880 for Mattie Hanson name: Mattie Hanson residence: Chelsea, Suffolk, Massachusetts birthdate: 1872 birthplace: New Hampshire, United States relationship to head: Daughter fathe...

maud isabel Coggan (deceased)