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Francis Ford Coppola MP

Schooled in low-budget filmmaking, Francis Ford Coppola has gone on to direct some of the most financially successful and critically praised movies in U.S. cinematic history, including The Godfather an...

Nicolas Cage MP

Born Nicolas Kim Coppola, he changed his name early in his career to Nicholas Cage to avoid the appearance of nepotism as the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. A peripheral member of the early Eighties' ...

Andres Cóppola Stern (1940 - 1965)

Angela Pesce Coppola (1890 - d.)

Angelina Coppola (Iaizzi) (1913 - 2008)

Anna Coppola (deceased)

Anthony C Coppola (1962 - 1999)

Antonio Coppola (deceased)

Antonio Coppola (deceased)

Archimedes Coppola (1909 - 1926)

August Coppola (1934 - 2009)

August Floyd Coppola was an American academic, author, film executive and advocate for the arts. He is also known as the father of actor Nicolas Cage. Coppola was the son of Carmine (a flutist and co...

August Coppola (1883 - d.)

Carmine Coppola (1910 - 1991)

Carmine Coppola was best known as the creator of musical scores for movies, including The Godfather and Apocalypse Now. A 1933 graduate of the Juilliard School of Music, he later playedflute and compos...

Chocha Etchepareborda Coppola (deceased)

Clarence Coppola (1919 - 1987)

Crescenza Coppola (Di Gregorio) (1853 - d.)

Don Antonio Coppola (1651 - 1716)

Don Bernardo Coppola (1697 - 1776)

Don Andrea Antonio Carmelo Giovanni Battista Coppola (1720 - d.)

Don Orazio Bernardo Coppola (1742 - d.)

Donna Lucrezia dei baroni Coppola (1770 - d.)

Edward E Coppola (1919 - 1999)

Filippo Coppola (c.1700 - d.)


Geraldo Coppola (deceased)

Geraldo Coppola (deceased)

Gian-Carlo Coppola (1963 - 1986)

He was an American film producer. Coppola was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of set decorator/artist Eleanor Coppola (née Neil) and famed film director Francis Ford Coppola. As the eldest C...

Girard "Rod" Coppola (b. - 2001)

Horacio Cóppola (1906 - 2012)

Wikipedia Horacio Coppola (31 de julio de 1906 – 18 de junio de 2012),1 2 fue un fotógrafo y cineasta argentino que fue marido de la fotógrafa alemana Grete Stern. Y padre de dos hijos: Silvia y Andr...

Ignazio Coppola (c.1731 - 1791)

Italia Coppola (Pennino) (1912 - 2004)

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Italia Pennino was the daughter of a popular Italian song composer, an importer of Italian films and a movie theater owner. She married Oscar winner Carmine Coppola and ...

Jane Coppola (Monteleone) (deceased)

John Coppola (deceased)

Jorge Antonio Tarabal Coppola (b. - 2008)

Josefina Lumaconi Coppola (1919 - 2005)

Lauretta Coppola di Canazano (Graf) (deceased)

Leopoldo Néstor Lumaconi Coppola (1922 - 2005)

Louise Coppola (deceased)

LOUISE COPPOLA (1875 - d.)

Madre Coppola (deceased)

Marco Coppola (c.1899 - d.)

Maria Amatrude (Coppola) (deceased)

Maria Coppola (c.1728 - d.)

Maria Coppola (Quattrocchi) (c.1731 - d.)

Maria Coppola (Zasa) (1887 - d.)

Mario Coppola (deceased)

Marion 'Nina' MILLER (b. - 2008)

Mary Ann Coppola (deceased)

MICHEL COPPOLA (1831 - 1881)

Pasquale Coppola (1854 - d.)

Peter F. Coppola, Sr. (1903 - 1995)

Raffaele Coppola (deceased)


Ralph Coppola (deceased)

Rosa Coppola (c.1747 - d.)

Rosa Bova (Coppola) (deceased)

Rosa Coppola (Geraci) (1847 - d.)

Salvadore Coppola (1837 - d.)

Serefina Garzillo (Coppola) (b. - c.1976)

Silvia Coppola Stern (1936 - 2012)

****************************** ****** La exposición tenía reservada un sorpresa más: estaba dedicada a la "Memoria de Silvia Coppola", la hija de Grete Stern y conocida médica feminista que particip...

Susan Marion Coppola (1943 - 2008)

Vincenzo Coppola (1869 - d.)