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"Mary" Bluesky Cornstalk MP (c.1750 - c.1775)

Elinipsico Cornstalk MP (1752 - 1777)

On November 11, 1777 James Hall and a number of Virginia militia members attacked and killed the Shawnee Chief Cornstalk and two of his sons who, at the time, were being held prisoner. This reignited t...

Elinipsico Cornstalk MP (c.1752 - 1777)

curator note: This is a hypothetical research profile based on good research but not referenced according to Western standards. It may well be solid fact. Do not merge or link with Thomas Christian:

Chief Hokoleskwa Cornstalk MP (1709 - 1777)

Hokoleskwa (ca. 1720 – November 10, 1777) — known as Cornstalk — was an important 18th century leader of the Shawnee people. In the Shawnee language, his name meant "blade of corn"...

Chief Opechan Stream Cornstalk MP (1548 - c.1645)

Rachel (Indian) Whitt (Cornstalk) MP (c.1761 - c.1846)

Notes   "You will find no birth record nor a baptismal record, not a christening, nor any other for this Rachel Skaggs as a daughter of or other blood relation to any Skaggs family. Be aware...

(Cornstalk) (deceased)

(Chalakatha Woman) Cornstalk (c.1750 - d.)

unknown proper Shawnee name; unknown death; could have had children during the 5 years with Ellinipsico . These were the years just prior to his murder at age 25. see: Shawnee Heritage I Writte...

(possible muliple sons) Cornstalk (deceased)

"When Chief Cornstalk and his son, Elinipsico , were murdered (1777), Thomas Mastin, and his wife Agnes, are said to have taken in Four orphans one renamed Thomas Bailey Christian, Low Hawk (renamed He...

(possible multiple daughters) Cornstalk (deceased)

"When Chief Cornstalk and his son, Elinipsico , were murdered (1777), Thomas Mastin, and his wife Agnes, are said to have taken in Four orphans one renamed Thomas Bailey Christian, Low Hawk (renamed He...

(unk) Cornstalk (III) (deceased)

(unknown if any) Cornstalk (deceased)

(White Woman) Cornstalk (c.1755 - d.)

Abraham A. Cornstalk (1750 - 1855)

Absalom A. Cornstalk (1748 - 1858)

Aracoma Sky Cornstalk (1743 - 1780)

Aracoma Corn Cornstalk (1724 - 1780)

one of America's most romatic legends, the story of Princess Aracoma and British Soldier, Boling Baker. The story grew in Logan County, West Virginia around the authentic details of an incident in the ...

Black Wolf Cornstalk (1740 - 1796)

Chenusaw T. J. Cornstalk (1740 - 1778)

chief hokoleskwa cornstalk (1720 - 1777)

Chief WKTQ Cornstalk (deceased)

Clara E Wyland (Cornstalk) (c.1872 - d.)

Cornstalk A C Cornstalk (deceased)

elinipsico christian (cornstalk) (1742 - 1777)

Elizabeth Cornstalk (Bird) (deceased)

Elizabeth Cornstalk (1743 - d.)

Esther Cornstalk (1748 - 1777)

Esther Cornstalk (deceased)

Greenbrier Cornstalk (1732 - d.)

Heliikinopo Cornstalk (deceased)

Helizikinopo Cornstalk (deceased)

helizikinopo cornstalk (1715 - 1756)

Heluizikinopo Ounaconoa Cornstalk (Moytoy) (deceased)

Hezezekiah Whitt (Low Hawk) (deceased)

Hokelesqua Opecham Stream Cornstalk (deceased)

Hokolesqua Cornstalk (deceased)

Hokolesqua Opechan "Stream" Cornstalk (1628 - 1695)

Links Powhatan Vann-Jernigan connection - southern-style

Holoesqua Cornstalk (c.1710 - 1771)

Ionoco Cornstalk (deceased)

Ionoco Shawnee shawnee (cornstalk) (deceased)

John Wolfe Cornstalk (1750 - 1834)

Keigh Tugh Qua Cornstalk (deceased)

Keigh tugh quah Cornstalk (deceased)

keigh-tugh-quah (c.1709 - c.1777)

kouisa cornstalk (harman) (1772 - 1828)

Kumskaka Thomas Christian (Cornstalk) (1770 - 1853)

Kumskaka Cornstalk (1770 - 1853)

Kumskaka Cornstalk (deceased)

kumskaka cornstalk (1770 - 1852)

Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk (1748 - 1790)

Mary Caroline Cornstalk (Altizer) (deceased)

Mary Caroline Polly Cornstalk (Altizer) (1814 - 1894)

Mary Petro (Cornstalk) (1764 - 1823)

I believe that Mary Petro See is not the daughter of Frederick Michael See but of Cornstalk (born 1710) (note by curator Mike van Beuren)

Mary (Bluesky) Cornstalk (c.1768 - d.)

Mary Francis Cornstalk (Avery) (1764 - d.)

Michael A. Cornstalk (1752 - 1755)

Misahpelewa "Big Turkey" Hop Cornstalk (c.1660 - d.)


Mountain Raven "Cornstalk" (deceased)

N. Cornstalk (1742 - d.)

Nancy Wabennike (Cornstalk) (deceased)

Nancy Cornstalk (deceased)

Nern Pe Nes Quah Cornstalk (1734 - d.)

Oceana Cornstalk (b. - 1774)


Oceano Cornstalk (1743 - d.)

Okewellos Cornstalk (deceased)

Okowellos W. (Okowellos)Cornstalk Kispokotho Cornstalk (c.1680 - d.)

Ouconoa Muskrat Cornstalk (Moytoy) (deceased)

Outhowwa Shokka (1777 - d.)

Paxinosa Cornstalk (Sunfish) (deceased)

Peter Cornstalk, II (1755 - 1828)

Peter Cornstalk (1710 - 1777)

Peter I Cornstalk (1744 - d.)

Piaserka T.W. Cornstalk (1747 - d.)

Poxinosa Okowellas H Cornstalk (deceased)

Rachel Cornstalk (deceased)

Robert W P Cornstalk (deceased)

S. Cornstalk (1757 - 1820)

Sarah Cornstalk (1886 - 1949)

Sarah Sally Charles (Cornstalk) (deceased)

Sarah Cornstalk (deceased)

Shawnee Chief Hokolesqua Wynepuechsika "Keigh-tugh-quah" Cornstalk (1709 - 1777)

standing deer bailey (cornstalk) (1755 - 1775)

Standing Turkey(Old Hop) Cornstalk (deceased)

Susannah (Cornstalk) (1757 - d.)

thomas bailey kumskaka christian (cornstalk) (1770 - 1854)

Unknown Cornstalk (deceased)

Vherokee womam Cornstalk (deceased)

Wabeleganequa Puckeshinwa (Shawnee Indian) (Cornstalk (White Wing)) (1770 - 1843)

White Fish Cornstalk (1760 - d.)

White Wing (Cornstalk) (deceased)

Whitefish Cornstalk (Sunfish) (deceased)

Wissecapoway Cornstalk (1753 - d.)

Young Peter Cornstalk, I (1744 - d.)