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???? Corntassel MP (1750 - 1800)

Daughter Corntassel MP (1775 - 1805)

Eughioote Corntassel MP (1700 - d.)

Old Tassel MP (1738 - 1788)

1. info from Old Tassel Born after 1730 in Toqua of the Overhills. It has been suggested that he may have been born much earlier, yet there is no evidence....

Utsvtiselu Kai-Ya-Tah-Hee 'Onitositah' Kaallaha Corntassel, Uku of Chota MP (1702 - 1788)

??? Corntassel (Watts) (deceased)

Adam (Old Man Corntassel) Corntassel, Sr. (deceased)

Bertha Scraper (Corntassel) (deceased)

Beryle (A.D.) Corntassel (1924 - 1987)

Cherokee Corntassel (deceased)

CHIEF Kai-Yah-Tah-Hee (Old Tassel) Corntassel (Utsi'dsata) (Corntassel) (b. - 1788)

Chief Tassel Corntassel (c.1620 - d.)

The Cherokee sometimes refer to themselves as Ani-Kituhwagi, "the people of Kituhwa". Kituhwa was the name of an ancient city, located near present Bryson City, NC which was the nucleus of the Cherokee...

Diane Bradley (Corntassel) (c.1740 - 1800)

DIANE daughter of CHIEF CORNTASSEL (daughter of Chief Dutch Tauchee CORNTASSEL and Nancy Full Blood Paint CLAN)163 was born Abt. 1740 in Cherokee Nation, Western N.C., died in North Carolina. She marri...

Diane Corntassel (deceased)

Dortha Corntassel (deceased)

Elizabeth Eughioote or Gouedy Corntassel (Coody), Long Hair Clan (c.1696 - 1731)

English name "Elizabeth Tassel Coody" -------------------- Anita Gilbreth wrote: From my research it appears a very likely probability the traditionally shared history of U-Gi-oote (Eughioote) El...

Elizabeth Eughioote CornTassel Gouedy (CornTassel) (deceased)

Elizabeth (Lizzie Tickaneesky) Corntassel (Ketcher) (deceased)

Ferris Dean Corntassel (1925 - 1928)

Herbert (E.P) Corntassel (1918 - 1996)

James Corntassel (deceased)

Jennie Corntassel (deceased)

John Corntassel (deceased)

Kahyantehee Corntassel (Clan Blue Holly) (1652 - d.)

Kai-Yah-Tah-Hee (First to Kill) Corntassel (1670 - d.)

Martin Corntassel (1929 - 2003)

Nancy Corntassel (deceased)

Robert Leon Corntassel (1917 - 2002)

Susan Corntassel (Robbins) (deceased)

Susannah Sanders (Corntassel) (deceased)

Thomas Corntassel (c.1861 - 1928)

Thomas Corntassel (c.1859 - 1906)

Thomas (Tommie) Corntassel, Jr (deceased)

Tommie Corntassel (1895 - 1932)