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Wife of John Cowper MP (deceased)

Agnes Dormer (Cowper) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Cowper MP (c.1558 - 1578)

Marriage 1 John I COWPER b: ABT 1554 in Hingham,Norfolk,Eng Children Robert COWPER b: ABT 1578 in Hingham,Norfolk,Eng Thomas I COOPER (COWPER) b: ABT 1579/1580 in Hingham,Norfolk,Eng Henry CO...

Elizabeth Cowper (Ironside) MP (c.1550 - 1626)

Elizabeth Ironside died circa 24 November 1626.2 Parents: daughter of John Ironside married John Cowper, son of William Cowper and Margaret Spencer.1 Children of Elizabeth Ironside and ...

Emily Caroline, Countess of Shaftesbury MP (b. - 1872)

Lord Shaftesbury, then Lord Ashley, married Lady Emily Caroline Catherine Frances Cowper (d. 15 October 1872), daughter of Peter Cowper, 5th Earl Cowper and more likely natural daughter of Lord Palmers...

Florence Amabel Herbert (Cowper) MP (c.1837 - 1886)

George Clavering-Cowper, 3rd Earl Cowper MP (1738 - 1789)

George Nassau Clavering-Cowper, 3rd Earl Cowper (1738–1789) was an English peer who went on the grand tour as a young man, but actually emigrated. Despite becoming a Member of Parliament and i...

Georgiana Caroline Cowper (Spencer) (Carteret), Countess Cowper MP (1716 - 1780)

Lady Georgiana Caroline Carteret was born in 1716. She was the daughter of John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville and Frances Worsley.4 She married, firstly, Hon. John Spencer, son of Charles Spencer, 3...

Joan Cowper (Cooper) MP (1455 - 1501)

Joan Lincoln (Cowper) MP (1503 - 1555)

Joan (Cowper) Lincoln MP (deceased)

John Cowper of Strode in Sussex MP (c.1468 - 1501)

John Cowper lived at Strode, Sussex, England.

John Cowper MP (1601 - 1613)

John Cowper MP (c.1446 - 1467)

John Cowper lived at Strode, Sussex, England. -------------------- Descendants of John Cowper b 1446 --------------------------------- 1-John Cowper b. 1446, Sinfold, Sussex, d. 1470 +Joan St...

John 'Yeoman' Cowper MP (c.1554 - 1620)

parents: Mr COWPER b: ABT 1528 in Hingham,Norfolk,Eng Mary Mrs COWPER b: ABT 1528 in Hingham,Norfolk,Eng Married Elizabeth Mrs COWPER b: ABT 1558 in Hingham,Norfolk,Eng Children Robert ...

John Cowper, Jr. MP (1483 - d.)

John Cowper of St. Michael's in Cornhill MP (c.1540 - c.1609)

John Cowper Links John Cowper - The "John Cowper was born in 1555 . He was the son of William Cowper and Margaret Spencer . He married Elizabeth Ironside , daughter of John Ironsi...

John Cowper, III MP (1494 - d.)

He died, unmarried.

John Cowper (Cooper), 1st MP (1450 - c.1501)

Died between 21 Jul 1501 and 6 Feb 1501/02.

Judith Hill (Cowper) MP (1578 - 1664)

Judith Cowper Birth: 1578 - St. Michael, Cornhill, London, England Death: 1660 Parents: John Cowper, Elizabeth Ironsides Husband: Richard Bourne, Thomas Hill Judith Cowper was born in 157...

Judith Margaret Cowper (Stanton) MP (1578 - 1617)

Judith Stanton Judith Stanton birth - ca. 1558, Hingham, Norfolk, England married - Thomas Cowper , 1610, Hingham, Norfolk, England children - Judith Cooper - b. 1611, Hingham, Norfolk, England

Margaret Cowper (Spencer) MP (1518 - 1544)

Margaret Spencer was born in 1518.2 Parents: daughter of Thomas Spencer.1 married William Cowper, son of John Cowper and Mary Chaloner.1    Child of Margaret Spencer and W...

Mary Cowper (Chaloner) MP (c.1470 - d.)

Michael Cowper (Cooper) MP (1480 - 1539)

Sources 62. Ward, Robert Leigh, The Baronial Ancestry of Henry Sampson, Humility Cooper, and Ann (Cooper) Tilley, Genealogist, 6, (1985), pp. 166-186, available in the Newberry Library. Links

Robert Cowper of Strode in Sussex MP (1492 - d.)

He was ancestor of the Cowpers of Strode.

Sir Edward Cowper MP (1614 - 1685)

Sir Edward Cowper was born on 5 August 1614.1 He was the son of Sir William Cowper, 1st Bt. and Martha Master.1 He died on 10 November 1685 at age 71, unmarried.1 Citations [S21] L. G. Pine, The ...

Thomas 'Grocer' Cowper MP (1579 - 1611)

Our Cooper lineage starts with one Thomas Cowper(Cooper) who was born ca 157x in Hingham, Norfolk, England. Little is known of this Thomas. As his son, Thomas, was a grocer, we can assume he was a trad...

William Cowper MP (1514 - 1543)

William Cowper, born 1514 The son of - John Cowper and Mary Chaloner married - Margaret Spencer, daughter of Thomas Spencer lived at - London, England child - John Cowper, born 1555...

William Cowpers (Cowper) MP (c.1546 - 1571)

William Cowper MP (1731 - 1800)

Wikipedia contributors. " William Cowper ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. If you are interested in his works, download The works of William Cowper; his life, letters, and poems (1864)

William Cowper, 1st Baronet Cowper of Ratlin Court MP (1582 - 1664)

imprisoned for his loyalty to King Charles I. from thePeerage Sir William Cowper, 1st Bt. was born on 7 March 1582.1 He was the son of John Cowper and Elizabeth Ironside.2 He married Martha Mas...

<unknown> Cowper (c.1528 - d.)

? Cowper (Brown) (deceased)

? Cowper (deceased)

Aaron Cowper (b. - 1771)

Aaron Cooper England, Cheshire Parish Registers Name: Aaron Cooper Event Type: Burial Event Date: 24 Nov 1771 Event Place: , Daresbury, Cheshire, England Gender: Male Father's Name: Moses C...

Ada Rose Cowper (b. - 1928)

Ada Greentree (Cowper) (1863 - 1928)

Ada Rose Cowper was born in 1863, the fourth child of Eliza and Thomas Cowper. She married Alfred George Greentree who was a shipwright by trade, although whether he worked at his trade is unknown. Ada...

Ada Medora Cowper (1859 - 1934)

ada cowper (deceased)

Lady Adine Eliza Anne Cowper (1843 - 1868)

Agnes Carney (Cowper) (deceased)

Agnes Knewstubb (Cowper) (deceased)

Agnes Cowper (deceased)

agnes de bacheton (1522 - 1570)

AGNES COWPER (DEBACHETON) (c.1522 - c.1570)

Agnes Cawston (Cowper) (c.1530 - d.)

Agnes Carney (Cowper) (1601 - d.)

Aileen Estelle Brown (Cowper) (1904 - d.)

Aileen Estella Cowper (1904 - d.)

Aitken Couper or Cowper (c.1832 - d.)

Aitken Cooper or Cowper (1821 - d.)

Ales Lockwood (Cowper Cooper) (1569 - d.)

Alfred Glen Cowper (1887 - d.)

Alfred Cowper (deceased)

Alfred Glen COWPER (deceased)

Alice Mary Cowper (Dodd) (deceased)


Alice Lockwood (Cowper) (1569 - 1600)

Alice Maud Cowper (James) (deceased)

Alice Maude Cowper (James) (b. - 1930)

Alice Cowper (Ludbrook) (c.1548 - d.)


Alice Maud Cowper (James) (1894 - 1932)

Alice Cowper (c.1489 - d.)

Alice Cowper (1569 - 1600)

Alice Cowper (deceased)

Alice Cowper (1574 - d.)

Alice / Ales Lockwood (Cowper / Cooper) (c.1569 - d.)

Alice Teresa COWPER (COWPER ) (1895 - d.)

Alma Maud Jones (Cowper) (1916 - d.)

Alwyn Harold COWPER (1904 - 1905)

Lady Amabel Frederica Henrietta Cowper (1846 - 1906)

Amelia Cowper (c.1838 - 1910)

Andrew Cowper (deceased)

Andrew Gilbert COWPER (1973 - 1991)

Andrew King Cowper (1898 - d.)

Ann Hailey (Cowper) (1603 - d.)

Ann Cowper (Riddell) (1829 - d.)

Ann COWPER (deceased)

Ann Cowper (1807 - 1873)

Ann Cowper (1576 - 1680)

Ann Cowper (c.1791 - c.1833)

Ann Hawson (Cowper) (1665 - d.)

Ann Pierce Cowper (Parker) (c.1775 - 1849)

Ann Cowper (b. - 1737)

Ann (Anne) Cruden (Cowper or Cooper) (deceased)

Lady Anne Cowper (b. - 1750)

Lady Anne Cowper1 F, #232331, d. 26 March 1750 Lady Anne Cowper was the daughter of William Cowper, 1st Earl Cowper and Mary Clavering.1 She married James Edward Colleton in 1731.1 She died on 26 Mar...

Lady Anne Florence Cowper, Countess Cowper (1806 - 1880)

Anne Cowper (deceased)

Anne Cowper (deceased)

Anne Richmond (Cowper) (deceased)

Anne Aldersey (Cowper (or Cooper)) (deceased)

Annie Cowper (1859 - 1920)

Annie Cowper (deceased)

Annie Eliza Cowper (Kelly) (c.1838 - c.1917)

Annie Elizabeth Woodham (Cowper) (c.1855 - 1936)

Anthony Cowper (c.1558 - d.)

Anthony Cowper (c.1584 - d.)

Anthony Cowper (1684 - d.)

Anthony Cowper (Cooper) (1582 - d.)