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Anne Dormer (Crispe) MP (deceased)

Benjamin Crispe MP (c.1611 - 1683)

Benjamin Crispe was a mason by trade, a servant of Maj. Edward Gibbons, and a proprietor of Watertown, Massachusetts. Crispe arrived in the colonies in 1629 to serve as a servant to Maj. Gibbons in 1...

Christopher Crispe MP (deceased)

Dorathie Crispe (Thompson) MP (1590 - c.1614)

Daughter of Anthony Thompson and Mary Webb. Anthony Thompson was the son of Henry Thompson and Dorothy Honeywood. Dorothy Honeywood was the daughter of Robert Honeywood and Mary Atwater. They all lived...

Eleanor Crispe (Dormer) MP (deceased)

Given name taken from the Visitation of Oxfordshire of 1619.

Elizabeth Lawrence (Crispe) MP (1636 - 1691)

Married to George Lawrence 25 SEP 1657 in Watertown, MA.

Mary Mosby (Crispe) MP (1662 - 1736)

Supplement to the Curd Family in America ( Henry, Jr.2, d. in Henrico, 1714-15, leaving a wife, Mary (possibly Mary Crispe), and sons John, Benjamin, Joseph, Henry and Stephen....

Crispe (c.1519 - d.)

? Crispe (deceased)

? Crispe (deceased)

? ? Crispe (deceased)

? ? Crispe (deceased)

? ? Crispe (deceased)

? Catherine ? Crispe (deceased)

? ? Crispe (deceased)

Abiel Crispe (1622 - 1678)

Abigail Crispe (c.1607 - d.)

Agnes Fiske (Crispe) (deceased)

Agnes Crispe (deceased)

Alice Cigrand (Crispe) (deceased)

Alice Crispe (Lenthall) (deceased)

Alice Miley Crispe (Barker) (1760 - d.)

Alice Monins (Crispe) (b. - 1602)

6. Thomas Monins, of Barton, in the parish of Canterbury, and of Swanton, in the parish of Lydden, near Dover, Kent, son of John Monins and Margaret/Marjorie Aldy, was b. say 1537, and was still alive ...

Alice Crispe (1567 - d.)

Alice Needham Cigrand (Crispe) (1871 - 1964)

Find a Grave Birth: Aug. 1, 1871 Death: Feb. 19, 1964 Pico Rivera Los Angeles County California, USA Graveside services for Mrs. Alice N. Cigrand, 92, widow of the founder of Flag day, will be ...

Alicia Darknell (Crispe) (deceased)

Amye Crispe (deceased)

Anita Birondo Crispe (Birondo) (c.1932 - c.2012)

Anita Crispe (deceased)

Ann Crispe (deceased)

Ann Crispe (Tuke) (1512 - 1545)

Ann Crispe (1738 - d.)

Ann Crispe (Roberts) (1592 - 1668)

Ann Crispe (Percy) (deceased)

Ann/Elizabeth? Crispe (deceased)

Ann? Crispe (1681 - d.)

Anna Crispe (Buskall) (1687 - d.)

Anne Crispe (c.1521 - d.)

Anne Elizabeth Cockerell (Crispe) (1760 - 1843)

Anne Crispe (deceased)

Anne Crispe (Haselhurst) (1524 - d.)

Anne Crispe (Colepeper) (1557 - c.1594)

Anne Crispe (b. - 1579)

Anne Crispe (deceased)

Anne Crispe (deceased)

Anne Crispe (deceased)

Anne Crispe (1547 - d.)

Anne Crispe (deceased)

Anne Lovett (Crispe) (deceased)

Anne Dormer (Crispe (Cripps)) (deceased)

Antonio Crispe (deceased)

Antonio Arquel Crispe (c.1932 - 1998)

Arthur Crispe (deceased)

Sir Augustine Crispe, Esq (c.1526 - 1615)

Avery Crispe (deceased)

Avice Crispe (Denne) (c.1486 - c.1520)

Avice Eshehurst who married John Crispe, of Queux, in the Isle of Thanet. ________________ Avice Denne F, #94450, b. circa 1488 Father Thomas Denne b. c 1455, d. 1490 Mother Agnes Ashurst b...

Avicia (Margaret) Chute (Crispe) (1510 - d.)

Barbara Crispe (Jarvis) (1616 - 1678)

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Bartholomew Crispe (b. - 1656)

Benjamin Crispe (deceased)

bray crisp (Crispe) (1755 - 1820)

Bridget Crispe (?) (1615 - 1675)

Bridget Crispe's unsourced FindAGrave profile can be found at It is unclear whether she died in Groton, Connecticut or Groton, Massachusetts, since her husband had moved to both places.

Catharine Crispe (c.1715 - 1757)

Catherine Crispe (deceased)

Catherine Crispe (deceased)

Christiana Crispe (1620 - d.)

Cicely Pettie (Crispe) (deceased)

Colin Raymond Russell Crispe (1886 - 1948)

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Daughter Crispe (deceased)

Deliverance Crispe (Mansell) (1640 - 1699)

Deliverance Longley (Crispe) (1650 - 1694)

Deliverance Longley (Crispe) was the 2nd wife of William Longley, Jr, married ca. 1674. William's first wife Lydia (Pease) Longley bore him one child before she died: Children of William Longley Jr -...

Edmund Crispe (deceased)

Edward Crispe (deceased)

Edward Thomas Crispe (1895 - d.)

Edward Crispe (deceased)

Edward Crispe (deceased)

Edward Nicholas Crispe (deceased)

Edward Crispe (1551 - d.)

Edward Crispe (deceased)

Edward Crispe (deceased)

Eleazer Crispe (1641 - d.)

Elias Crispe (1593 - d.)

Elizabeth Crispe (Morgan) (deceased)

Elizabeth Clapham Andros (Crispe) (b. - 1703)

Elizabeth Crispe (b. - 1625)

Elizabeth Crispe (Monins) (deceased)

Elizabeth Crispe (Munn) (1805 - 1885)

Elizabeth Press (Crispe) (1716 - d.)

Elizabeth Betsye Sawyer (Crispe) (1780 - 1812)

Elizabeth Crispe (deceased)

Elizabeth Crispe (1670 - d.)

Elizabeth Bates (Crispe) (deceased)

Elizabeth Crispe (Skyrmeston) (deceased)

Elizabeth Harrington (Crispe) (deceased)

Elizabeth Crispe??? (Crispe) (c.1676 - 1681)

Elizabeth Crispe (Perry) (1719 - 1791)

Elizabeth Lee (Crispe) (c.1530 - 1577)

Elizabeth Crispe (deceased)

Elizabeth Partridge (Crispe) (1614 - d.)

Ella May Crispe (Coates) (1883 - 1922)

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