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Joseph Louis Crockett MP (1676 - 1749)

Joseph Louis CROCKETT Sr. 1 was born on 9 Jan 1676 in Kenmore Parish, Bantry Bay, Cork, Ireland. He died in 1749 in South Branch, Roanoke, , VA. He married Sarah STUART STEWART on 6 May 1702 in , Don...

Antoine Desaure Crocketagne (1643 - 1735)

France to England to Ireland By tradition he was one of the handsomest men in southern France. He drew the personal attention of the King, Louis, by his fine personal appearance and love of duty. The...

Antoine Desasure Peerronette De Crockett (Crocketagne) (1643 - 1735)

Antoine Desasure Peronnette CROCKETAGNE (1643 - d.)

Antoine Desasure Perronnette Crocketagne Sex: M Birth: 10 JUL 1643 in Montauban, France Note: Supposed ancestor of David Crockett, of Alamo fame. The letter "K" is not used in the French languag...

Gabriel Gustave De Crocketagne (Crockett), II (1672 - 1741)

first child, Gabriel Gustave de Crocketagne' II, was born at Bordeaux, France, Oct. 12, 1672. In that same year, the Bishop of Lyons, through the King, issued the edict ordering all heretics (Hugueno...

Gabriel Gust de Crocketagne (1602 - 1638)

Gabriel Gust CROCKETQUE Surname: Crocketque Given Name: Gabriel Gust Sex: M Birth: 1602 in Montauban, Gironde, France, France Death: 1638 in Montauban, Gironde, France, France Ancestral File #: 1M68-G9...

Gabriel Gustauve de Crocketagne (1622 - d.)

Gabriel De CrocketagneGiven Name: Gabriel Gustauve Surname: De Crocketagne Sex: M Birth: 1622 in France Change Date: 4 May 2003 Note: Source: Gibson County Past and Present, by Frederich Culp and Mrs. ...

Gustave Gabriel de Crocketagne (c.1592 - d.)

James Crockett (de Crocketagne) (1674 - 1767)

ancestors.weebly... ; James, b. Nov. 20, 1674, at Bantry Bay, Ireland; m. Martha Montgomery, dau. of Thomas Montgomery of the Naval service of England. We find no records of James as an emigrant to...

Jason Spotswood Crockett (de Crocketagne) (1713 - d.)

John B Crockett (de Crocketagne) (1709 - 1770)

<private> de Crocketagne (1680 - d.)

Louise Dessaix Crockett (De Crocketagne) (1679 - 1780)

<private> de Crocketagne (1682 - 1754)

Robert Watkins Crockett (de Crocketagne), Sr (1678 - 1746)

Sarah Elizabeth de Crocketagne (1685 - 1736)