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Elizabeth Carew (Croker) MP (deceased)

Jane Croker (Pole) MP (deceased)

John Croker MP (1620 - 1684)

+ Pole (Croker) (deceased)

+ Croker Poole (Graves) (deceased)

? Croker (deceased)

? Croker (deceased)

? CROKER (deceased)

A. Thornburgh (Croker) (deceased)

(Miss) Croker1 F, #34913 Father Sir John Croker (Miss) Croker married William de Thornburghe. (Miss) Croker was born at of London, Middlesex, England. Family William de Thornburghe Child S...

Abby Crocker Cobb (Croker) (c.1802 - 1887)

Ada Croker (1878 - 1939)

Ada Beven (Croker) (deceased)

Ada Lucy Smith (Croker) (1834 - 1923)

Adelaide Louisa Bayly (Croker) (deceased)

Adelaide Rolleston (Croker) (deceased)

Adeline Ruth Duncan (Croker) (c.1861 - 1939)

Agnes Servington Croker (deceased)

Alfred Croker (c.1861 - d.)

Alfredo Toriello y Croker (deceased)

Alice Croker (Dormer) (c.1478 - d.)

Many sites indicate that this person is the daughter of William Dormer. I cannot agree with that. His will can be seen online, and he had a daughter Agnes who married William Baldwin, but no other daug...

Alice Croker (Taylor) (deceased)

Alice Croker (Cobb) (deceased)

A genealogical and heraldic history of the extinct and dormant baronetcies ... By John Burke, John Bernard Burke (sir.).  Page 120.  "Cobb, of Adderbury." 

Amanda Croker (deceased)

Amelia Reynolds (Croker) (deceased)

Amelia Croker (1873 - 1905)

Amelia Bedford Croker (1872 - d.)

Ann Crocker (Croker) (deceased)

Ann Jones (Croker) (1831 - 1880)

Ann Jones (Croker) (deceased)

Ann Baker (Croker) (deceased)

Ann Chamerlin Hokin (Croker) (deceased)

Ann Croker (1878 - 1927)

Ann Croker (deceased)

Anna Carew (Croker) (1436 - 1462)

Anne Croker (Richards) (deceased)

Anne Croker Poole (Fudge) (deceased)

Anne Croker (deceased)

Anne Croker (Arundell) (deceased)

Anne Croker (c.1558 - d.)

Anne Croker, 1st Baroness Crofton (1751 - 1817)

Annie Croker (Rowe) (1852 - d.)

Annie Croker (Evans) (deceased)

Annie Pollard (Croker) (1891 - 1960)

Etta Grace (Croker) (1896 - 1990)

Annie J. Croker (deceased)

Arabella Croker (Browne) (deceased)

armida Crofton (Croker) (deceased)

Arthur Croker (deceased)

Arthur Croker (c.1888 - d.)

Arthur Edward Croker Poole (1900 - 1980)

Barbara Steinberger (Croker) (deceased)

Barbara Croker (1572 - 1655)

Barbara Croker (deceased)

Barney Croker (deceased)

Bertie Croker (1893 - d.)

Beulah Croker (Edmondson) (1884 - 1957)

Billie Croker (deceased)

Billy Croker (1928 - 2007)

bruce croker (deceased)

Carol Croker (Steffan) (deceased)

Carolina Fuller Croker (deceased)

Catharine Waltho (Croker) (deceased)

Catharine Waltho (Croker) (deceased)

Catherine Croker (deceased)

Catherine Croker (c.1907 - d.)

Catherine Croker (Downing) (deceased)

Catherine Croker Poole (Fenton) (c.1794 - 1847)

Catherine McGonigle (Croker) (deceased)

Cecil Lewis Croker (1900 - 1969)

Cecilia Croker (1901 - d.)

Celia Croker (c.1912 - d.)

Charles Croker (1899 - d.)

Charles Croker (1916 - d.)

Charles Wesley Croker (1908 - 1983)

Charlotte Croker (deceased)

clifford croker (deceased)

Cora Belle Croker (Standridge) (c.1851 - 1940)

Courtenay Croker, MP (1660 - 1740)

ConstituencyDatesPLYMPTON ERLE1695 - 1702Family and Education bap. 13 June 1660, 1st s. of John Croker of Lyneham by Jane, da. of Sir John Pole, 1st Bt.†, of Shute, Devon. educ. M. Temple 1680. ...

Della Croker (Unknown) (c.1878 - d.)

Denis Croker (1901 - d.)

Doug Croker (deceased)

Edgar Alfred 'Ted' Croker (Chairman of FA) (1924 - 1992)

Source: Wikipedia Edgar Alfred (Ted) Croker (born 13 February 1924; died 25 December 1992) was an RAF pilot and a footballer for Charlton Athletic. Career In 1974, as the then Football Associatio...

Edith Jane Croker (1879 - d.)

Edith Croker (deceased)

Edith Mabel Croker (deceased)

Editih Ann Croker (1890 - d.)

Edna Verity (Croker) (1914 - 1996)

Edna Irene Croker (b. - 1972)

Edward Croker (deceased)

Edward Croker (deceased)

Edward Croker (c.1878 - d.)

Edward Croker, of Ballinagarde (deceased)

Edward Croker, of Rawlinston (c.1653 - 1732)

Edward Croker, of Rawlinston (b. - 1641)

Edward Croker (c.1804 - d.)

Edward Ussher Croker (deceased)

Edwin Croker (b. - 1990)

Edwin Croker (1917 - 1989)

Elisabeth Croker (deceased)

Eliza Eglinton (Croker) (deceased)