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Abigail Crosby (Sparrow) MP (1727 - 1815)

Abijah Crosby MP (1754 - d.)

Benjamin Crosby MP (1782 - 1822)

Bethia Crosby (Hopkins) MP (1736 - 1827)

Bethiah Crosby (Vickery) MP (1811 - 1842)

Betsey Crosby (Gross) MP (c.1838 - d.)

Beulay Ayres (Crosby) MP (deceased)

Blake Crosby MP

From Brigham Young University : Personal Born in Los Alamitos, Calif., ... parents are Ed Crosby and Kathy Staley ... father, a second round draft and former Oakland A's scout, played for the St. L...

Catherine Elizabeth Crosby (Halstead) MP (1847 - 1920)

Catherine Elizabeth Halstead was born 26 October 1847 in Waterloo, New York, the daughter of J. Y. Halstead and his wife (née Cook). In 1912 Catherine Crosby lived at 474 Marshall Street, Milw...

Cathy Lee Crosby MP

From Wikipedia (English) : Cathy Lee Crosby (born December 2, 1944) is an American actress. She achieved TV and film success in the 1980s and was a co-host of the television series That's Incredible!...

Charles F. Crosby MP (1847 - 1889)

From Wikipedia (English) : Charles F. Crosby (December 12, 1847 – December 1, 1889) was an American politician and lawyer from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Born in the town of Waterloo, in Jeffe...

Charles Huckins Crosby MP (1814 - 1901)

Charles Noel Crosby MP (1876 - 1951)

From Wikipedia (English) : Charles Noel Crosby (September 29, 1876 – January 26, 1951) was a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania and an American football c...

Clarkson Floyd Crosby MP (1817 - 1858)

From Wikipedia (English) : Clarkson Floyd Crosby (November 3, 1817 – February 22, 1858 New York City) was an American politician from New York. Life He was the son of William Bedlow Cros...

Cornilia "Fly Rod" Thurza Crosby MP (1854 - 1946)

From Wikipedia (English) : Cornelia Thurza Crosby, or "Fly Rod", as she was popularly known, was born in Phillips, Maine, on Nov. 10, 1854. She died one day after her 92nd birthday on Nov. 11, 1946. ...

Dalmatia Hall (Crosby) MP (1806 - 1883)

Daniel Crosby MP (1780 - 1832)

Darius Crosby MP (c.1768 - 1818)

From Wikipedia (English) : Darius Crosby (ca. 1768 - November 18, 1818 Somers, Westchester County, New York) was an American politician from New York. Life Crosby was a member of the New York Sta...

David Crosby MP

Los Angeles, CA, United States

David Van Cortlandt Crosby (born August 14, 1941) is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. In addition to his solo career, he was a founding member of three bands: The Byrds, Crosby, Stills ...

Denise Crosby MP

Denise Michelle Crosby (born November 24, 1957) is an American actress best known for portraying Security Chief Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation . She is also known for her numerous film and...

Dennis Michael Crosby MP (1934 - 1991)

Dennis Michael Crosby (July 13, 1934–May 4, 1991) was an occasional American actor, the son of singer and actor Bing Crosby, and twin brother of Phillip Crosby. He was the father of actress De...

Desire Berry (Crosby) MP (1772 - 1858)

Dorcas Crosby MP (deceased)

Dorcus T. Wixon (Crosby) MP (1844 - d.)

Ebenezer Crosby MP (1747 - 1826)

Ebenezer H. Crosby MP (1831 - c.1906)

Edmund H. Crosby MP (1804 - d.)

Edmund Crosby MP (1833 - 1864)

Edmund Crosby enlisted in Company A, Massachusetts 40th Infantry Regiment on 23 Aug 1862. He was captures on 1 March 1864 in Cedar Run, Florida. Edmund Crosby was sent to the Andersonville Prison Camp ...

Captain Edward Gifford Crosby MP (1842 - 1912)

Captain Edward Gifford Crosby Crosby married Catherine Elizabeth Halstead and they lived in Muskegon, Michigan before moving to Milwaukee in 1897. In 1903 Crosby founded the Crosby Transportation Com...

Ed Crosby MP

From Wikipedia (English) : Edward Carlton Crosby (born May 26, 1949 in Long Beach, California) is a former utility infielder in Major League Baseball who played for the St. Louis Cardinals (1970, 197...

Eleanor Elizabeth Rule (Crosby) MP (1844 - d.)

First name based on oral history. Baptismal record serves as confirmation. Death registration shows son Hubert Rule as informant at time of death. Search is ongoing for marriage record. Source for ac...

Eleazer Crosby, Jr. MP (1711 - 1784)

Eleazer Crosby MP (1769 - 1828)

Eleazer Crosby MP (1680 - 1760)

Elizabeth Hopkins (Crosby) MP (1741 - 1804)

Elizabeth Crosby (Sears) MP (1697 - 1729)

Elizabeth Crosby (Robinson) MP (c.1750 - 1837)

Elizabeth Rogers (Crosby) MP (1693 - c.1720)

From her Thomas Rogers Society page: Elizabeth Crosby [1] F, b. 15 September 1693, d. circa 1720 Elizabeth Crosby was born on 15 September 1693 at Eastham. She was the daughter of Simon...

Ellen Crosby (Veazey) MP (deceased)

Enoch Crosby, Continental Soldier and Spy MP (1749 - 1835)

Enoch Crosby (1750–1835) was an American soldier and spy during the Revolutionary War. His life may have been the basis for the character Harvey Birch in James Fenimore Cooper's novel The Spy....

Enoch Crosby MP (c.1811 - d.)

Added by E. C. Nickerson- NOTE Inscription on Mothers Grave Stone (Mother Of Enoch Crosby). /ECN/

Ernest Howard Crosby MP (1856 - 1907)

From Wikipedia (English) : Ernest Howard Crosby (1856–1907) was an American reformer and author, born in New York City, the son of Presbyterian minister Howard Crosby, and a relative of prolif...

Esther Crosby (Young) MP (1706 - d.)

Ethan Crosby MP (1937 - 1997)

Floyd Delafield Crosby MP (1899 - 1985)

From Wikipedia (English) : Floyd Delafield Crosby, A.S.C. (December 12, 1899 – September 30, 1985) was an American cinematographer. Crosby won an Academy Award for cinematography at the fourth...

Frances J. "Fanny" Crosby MP (1820 - 1915)

From Wikipedia (English) : Frances Jane van Alstyne née Crosby (March 24, 1820 – February 12, 1915), more commonly known as Fanny Crosby, was an American mission worker, poet, lyricist,...

Gary Crosby MP (1933 - 1995)

Gary Evan Crosby (June 27, 1933 – August 24, 1995) was an American singer and actor. He wrote a "kiss and tell" memoir of his father, Bing Crosby. His mother was singer/actress Dixie Lee, Bing C...

Bob Crosby MP (1913 - 1993)

American dixieland bandleader and vocalist Bob Crosby, best known for his group Crosby and the Bob-Cats, enjoyed a long career in music although he couldn’t play an instrument or read a note of ...

Hannah Crosby (Weatherall) MP (deceased)

Groom's Name: John Crosby Bride's Name: Hannah Wetherall Marriage Date: 22 Dec 1850 Marriage Place: Thormanby, York, England Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I04536-0 System Origin: Eng...

Hannah Crosby (Stevens) MP (1737 - 1828)

Hannah Robbins (Crosby) MP (1806 - 1886)

Hannah Durkee (Crosby) MP (1779 - 1866)

Hannah Crosby (Hamblin) MP (1714 - 1791)

Hannah Crosby (Bangs) MP (1676 - 1739)

Harold W Crosby MP (1918 - 1958)

Harriette Rebecca Crosby MP (1872 - 1941)

Miss Harriette R. Crosby , 36, was born in New York, on 8 October 1872 the daughter of Edward Gifford Crosby and Catherine Elizabeth Halstead. Harriette was married, around 1892, to Marvin Giles. The...

Harrison Woodhull Crosby MP (1814 - d.)

From Wikipedia (English) : Harrison Woodhull Crosby of Jamesburg, New Jersey was the first to can tomatoes commercially in 1847. He worked as the chief gardener at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, ...

Harry Lillis Crosby, III MP

) Harry Lillis Crosby III (born August 8, 1958) is an American actor, singer, and investment banker. Crosby was born in Hollywood, California, at Queen of Angels Hospital. He is the fifth son of ...

Bing Crosby MP (1903 - 1977)

Bing Crosby was one of the biggest music and movie stars of the mid-20th century. His career stretched more than half a century from 1926 until his death in 1977. Crosby's unique bass-baritone voice ma...

Hester Crosby (Hall) MP (1672 - 1745)

Rev. Dr. Howard Crosby MP (1826 - 1891)

From Wikipedia (English) : Howard Crosby (27 February 1826 – 1891) was an American Presbyterian preacher, scholar and professor, great-grandson of Judge Joseph Crosby of Massachusetts and of G...

Hulda Crosby (Gibbs) MP (1765 - 1829)

Gibbs, Huldah b. 15 Sep 1765 in Litchfield, CT. Parents were Eliakim Gibbs and Ruth Hall Gibbs. She married Simon Crosby (1760 - 1837) on January 27, 1783 in Plymouth, CT. Erastus (1784 - ) Orris...

Irena Crosby (Jerauld) MP (c.1816 - c.1841)

Isaac Crosby, Sr. MP (1744 - 1812)

J. Bertram Crosby MP (c.1870 - 1912)

Name: Mr J. Bertram Crosby Age: 42 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: in London London England Occupation: Turkish Bath Attendant Victualling crew First Embarked: Southampton ...

Jane Pickard (Crosby) MP (1627 - 1716)

Janet Curwen (Crosby) MP (c.1545 - 1631)

Janet CROSBY Birth: in Camerton, Cumberland, England. Death: PST 1595 Father: son CROSBY Marriage 1 Henry CURWEN b: MAY 1528 in Cumberland Children George CURWEN Thomas CURWEN b: 1590 in the ...

Joel Crosby MP (1739 - 1775)

Was taken captive by Indians at Half Way Brook near Lake George June 20,1758. Joel and Hannah had the following children Ruth Wright born 20 Apr 1764 New Ipswich marr 1779 Thomas Smiley Hannah ...

John Crosby MP (1775 - 1843)

John Crosby MP (1838 - d.)

John Crosby MP (c.1765 - c.1842)

John Crawford Crosby MP (1859 - 1943)

From Wikipedia (English) : John Crawford Crosby (June 15, 1859–October 14, 1943) was an American politician from the U.S. state of Massachusetts. Crosby was born in Sheffield, Massachusetts....

John Crosby MP (1701 - 1755)

John O'Hea Crosby MP (1926 - 2002)

From Wikipedia (English) : John O’Hea Crosby (12 July 1926, Bronxville, New York – 15 December 2002, Rancho Mirage, California) was an American musician, conductor and arts administrato...

John C. Crosby MP (1912 - 1991)

From Wikipedia (English) : John Crosby (May 18, 1912 – September 7, 1991) was a newspaper columnist, radio-television critic, novelist and TV host. During the 1950s, he was generally regarded ...

John Crosby MP (deceased)

Groom's Name: John Crosby Bride's Name: Hannah Wetherall Marriage Date: 22 Dec 1850 Marriage Place: Thormanby, York, England Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I04536-0 System Origin: Eng...

John Crosby MP (1670 - 1717)

links FamilySearch AFN: 9JKV-T2

Capt. John S. Crosby (USA), 5th Gov. of Montana Territory MP (1839 - 1914)

From Wikipedia (English) : John Schuyler Crosby (September 19, 1839 – August 8, 1914) was an American military officer who served as United States Consul in Florence, Italy and as the fifth Go...

Jon Crosby MP

From Wikipedia (English) : Jon Crosby (born July 25, 1976) is an American musician and founder of the musical outfit, VAST. Biography Crosby was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in Hu...

Jonah Crosby MP (1736 - 1814)

On 12 March 1766 the Kennebec Proprietors gave 50 settlers 50 acre lots at a new settlement at Fort Halifax. They also granted Ebenezer Heald a choice 300 acre lot with water rights on the north border...

Jonathan Crosby MP (b. - 1782)

Joseph Crosby MP (1669 - 1759)

Joseph Crosby MP (1669 - 1725)

links FamilySearch AFN: P1H2-MV

Joseph Crosby MP (c.1647 - 1695)

Josephine Crosby (Bremond) MP (1841 - 1920)

From the Lazy J Family Register for the Bremond Family: Josephine Bremond, b. 1841 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,[663],[664] d. After Jun 1920,[665] resided 1912 in New York, NY,[666] res...

Josiah Frazier Crosby MP (1829 - 1904)

Keziah Davis (Crosby) MP (deceased)

Knowles Crosby MP (1789 - 1876)

Lavon K Crosby (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Larry Crosby MP (1895 - 1975)

From Wikipedia (English) : Larry Crosby (January 3, 1895 – February 7, 1975) was the long-time publicity director of the singer Bing Crosby. He was the eldest of Bing's six siblings. Born Lawr...

Levi Crosby MP (1729 - 1804)

Linda Lou Crosby MP

From : Linda Lou Crosby is an award-winning humor columnist and an Emmy nominated documentary producer. Her last project, "The Gypsy Cowman - a Vanishing Breed," was a semi-finalist in the...

Lindsay Harry Crosby MP (1938 - 1989)

From Wikipedia (English) : Lindsay Harry Chip Crosby, Sr. (January 5, 1938 – December 11, 1989) was an American actor and singer. Early life Lindsay Crosby, son of Bing Crosby and Dixie Le...

Lydia Crosby (Chandler) MP (1735 - 1814)

Lydia Chandler born 10 Dec 1735 in Andover Mass. Daughter of William and Susannah (Burge) Chandler. She married 22 Dec 1757 in Townsend Mass. to Jonah Crosby of New Ipswich N.H. They lived in New Ipswi...

Lydia E. Crosby (Hilton) MP (1815 - d.)

Lydia Crosby (Godfrey) MP (1709 - d.)

Lydia Crosby (Atkins) MP (c.1831 - d.)

Margaret Crosby (Toby) MP (1773 - 1824)

Margaret Crosby (Green) MP (b. - 1825)

Mary Crosby / Holt (Manning) MP (1679 - 1716)