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Capt. Paul Cuffee MP (1759 - 1817)

Paul Cuffee (January 17, 1759 – September 9, 1817) was a Quaker businessman, Sea Captain, patriot, and abolitionist. He was of Aquinnah Wampanoag and African Ashanti descent and helped colonize ...

Abiah Cuffee (1785 - d.)

Abiah Cuffee (Cooper) (1760 - 1790)

Adelle Cuffee (deceased)

Agustus Cuffee (deceased)

Alexander Cuffee (1888 - 1959)

Alice Cuffee (deceased)

Alice Cuffee (1790 - d.)

Anderson Cuffee (deceased)

Annie keeling (Cuffee) (1897 - 1924)

Bethiah Cuffee (1794 - 1797)

Bethiah Cuffee (Gray) (c.1765 - 1797)

Beulah Cuffee (deceased)

Beulah Cuffee (deceased)

Beverly Terrell- Cuffee (deceased)

Bluet Cuffee (deceased)

Bridget Agnes Redington (Cuffee) (1871 - 1951)

Bush Cuffee (c.1860 - d.)

caroline mary cuffee (smith) (deceased)

Cary Cuffee (deceased)

Charles H. Cuffee (1856 - d.)

Charles Wilson Cuffee (deceased)

Charlie Rogers Goodman Cuffee (1886 - 1953)

Charlie Goodman Rogers Cuffee (deceased)

Clarence Cuffee (deceased)

Corine Cuffee (Wilson) (c.1907 - c.1981)

Cornelius Cuffee (deceased)

Cornelius Cuffee (1895 - 1984)

Cornelius Cuffee (deceased)

Cozy Cuffee (deceased)

David Cuffee (deceased)

Dempsey Cuffee (c.1891 - 1928)

Dennis Edward Cuffee (deceased)

Dolly Dulcima, Dulcenna Cuffee (c.1846 - c.1860)

Dorothy Cuffee Cuffee (deceased)

Edith Cuffee (deceased)

Edward Cuffee (deceased)

Eliza Ann Tilghman (Cuffee) (1814 - 1884)

Elizabeth Cuffee (Harris) (deceased)

Elizabeth W. Cuffee (c.1842 - d.)

Emily Reid (Cuffee) (deceased)

Endessie Cuffee (Walker) (deceased)

Ervin Abraham Cuffee (deceased)

Eugene Cuffee (deceased)

Ferdinand Cuffee (1863 - d.)

Filmore Cuffee (deceased)

Florence Cuffee (deceased)

Floyd Cuffee (deceased)

Francis Cuffee (deceased)

Frank Cuffee (deceased)

Freelove Cuffee (Slocum) (c.1765 - 1818)

Gertrude Cuffee (c.1859 - d.)

Greek Wife Cuffee (deceased)

Harriet Cuffee (Michael) (1803 - 1904)

Harriet Cuffee (deceased)

Hattie Lee Cuffee (deceased)

Henry Lesner Cuffee (deceased)

Henry Asbury Cuffee (deceased)

Horatio Cuffee (1803 - d.)

Jacob Cuffee (deceased)

James Cuffee (deceased)

James Cornelius Cuffee (deceased)

Jane Cuffee (White) (1766 - 1856)

Jerome Cuffee (deceased)

jerome cuffee (deceased)

John Cuffee (Slocum) (c.1757 - 1836)

John Henry Cuffee (1851 - 1891)

John Cuffee, Jr. (1799 - d.)

Joseph Cuffee (deceased)

josephius cuffee (deceased)

Joshua Cuffee (deceased)

Josie Cuffee (deceased)

Julius Cuffee (deceased)

Katherine Cuffee (deceased)

Lamb Cuffee (c.1795 - d.)

Leatrice Cuffee (deceased)

lillian mitchell (cuffee) (deceased)

Lillian Cuffee (Walker) (deceased)

Lillian Cuffee (deceased)

Lillie Cuffee (deceased)

Lizzie Cuffee (Bray) (deceased)

Lizzie Cuffee (Bray) (1889 - 1985)

Lucy Jane Cuffee (1837 - d.)

Lydia Cuffee (deceased)

Lydia Johnson (Cuffee) (c.1761 - d.)

Lydia Mae Cuffee (deceased)

Mamie Elizabeth Cuffee (deceased)

Marion Cuffee (deceased)

Mary E Cuffee (Green) (c.1858 - d.)

Mary Cuffee (deceased)

Mary Cuffee (deceased)

Mary J White (Cuffee) (c.1882 - 1923)

Mary Phillips (Cuffee) (1785 - d.)

Mary (Polly) C. Cuffee (Cook) (c.1793 - c.1855)

Mary E Cuffee (deceased)

Mildred Adena Holmes (Cuffee), I (deceased)

Mr. Cuffee (deceased)

Naomi Howard (Cuffee) (1783 - 1810)

She is mentioned as deceased in her father's Will written in 1817.

nathan cuffee (deceased)

Odelia Cuffee (Cooper) (deceased)