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Mary Polly Lowry (Cumbo) MP (1802 - 1890)

Find a Grave Birth: 1802 North Carolina, USA Death: Aug. 28, 1890 Robeson County North Carolina, USA Mary Cumbo was the second wife of Allen Lowry. **NOTE: She shares a headstone with her h...

Abby Cumbo (1800 - 1878)

Find a Grave Birth: 1800 North Carolina, USA Death: Apr. 16, 1878 Abby was the daughter of John Cumbo and Mary Cumbo. Abby Cumbo had a daughter named Elizabeth Cumbo, born 1831, who married Cha...

Albert Vincenti Cumbo (deceased)

Ally Cumbo (deceased)

Ally Cumbo (MNU) (c.1773 - c.1808)

Ally Cumbo (deceased)

Ally Cumbo (deceased)


Alonza Cumbo (c.1710 - d.)

Alta Va. Cumbo (deceased)

Andrea Cumbo (deceased)

Ann Elizabeth Cumbo (deceased)

Ann Cumbo (c.1670 - d.)

Ann (Cumbo) (c.1832 - d.)

Anna Maria Cumbo (1714 - d.)

Annie M Hart-Cumbo (deceased)

Antonia Cumbo (Colonna Romano) (deceased)

Arthur Cumbo (deceased)

Beatrice Cumbo (Ciancio) (deceased)

Betsey (Cumbo) (c.1832 - d.)

Betty (Cumbo) (c.1843 - d.)

Beulah Irene woodard-Cumbo (Woodard) (deceased)

Calvin Cumbo (deceased)

Cannon Cumbo (deceased)

Cannon Cumbo (deceased)

Cannon Cumbo (c.1773 - c.1817)

Cannon Cumbo (deceased)

Carmel cumbo (deceased)

Catherine Cumbo-Scott (deceased)

Christiane Oxendine (Cumbo) (deceased)

Clarinda Jane Cumbo (deceased)

Dale Cumbo (deceased)

Dale Cumbo (1933 - 2010)

Edward Cumbo (deceased)

Eli Cumbo (deceased)

Eli Cumbo (deceased)

Eli Cumbo (deceased)

Elizabeth Barton (Cumbo) (1831 - 1915)

Find a Grave Birth: 1831 Death: Jun. 23, 1915 Robeson County North Carolina, USA Family links: Parents: Abby Cumbo (1800 - 1878) Spouse: Charle E. Barton (1818 - 1899) Chi...

Elizabeth Evaline Cumbo (deceased)

Elizebeth Cumbo (c.1700 - c.1745)

Ella Cumbo (deceased)

Emily J. Cumbo (c.1843 - d.)

Eunice Cumbo (deceased)

Fabrizio Cumbo (deceased)

FANNIE CUMBO (deceased)

Floyd Cumbo (1932 - 2008)

Frances Jane Cumbo (Gobble) (deceased)

Francis J Cumbo (Goble) (1850 - d.)

Freddie cumbo (deceased)

George W. Cumbo (deceased)

Gertrude Cumbo (deceased)

gesua cumbo (deceased)

Giovanna Cumbo (d'Anastasio) (deceased)

Giovanni Cumbo (deceased)

Giovanni Cumbo (deceased)

Grace Vincenti Cumbo (Azzopardi) (deceased)

Grandville George Moody Cumbo (deceased)

Helena Vassallo (Mifsud Cumbo) (deceased)

Henry Cumbo (deceased)

Howard Cumbo (1930 - 2012)

Isaiah Cumbo (deceased)

James Cumbo (deceased)

James Eddie Cumbo (deceased)

Jeremiah Cumbo (deceased)

Joanna Vassallo (Cumbo) (deceased)

John F Cumbo (1813 - 1899)

John F Cumbo (deceased)

John Cumbo (deceased)

John Cumbo (deceased)

John Cumbo, Sr. (c.1700 - d.)

John Earl Cumbo (deceased)

Joseph Cumbo (b. - 1832)

Joseph Cumbo (deceased)

julia cumbo (deceased)

Juzeppi cumbo (deceased)

Lavatie Cumbo (1881 - 1968)

Lazzara Cumbo (c.1716 - d.)

Lazzaro Cumbo (c.1712 - d.)

Leila Liberty Cumbo (deceased)

Leslie Adrian Cumbo (1904 - 1982)

Margaret Cumbo (deceased)

Margarita Camenzuli (Cumbo) (deceased)

Margharita Cumbo (deceased)

Margie Cumbo (deceased)

Maria Cumbo (Galea) (c.1687 - d.)

Marietta Vassallo (Mifsud Cumbo) (deceased)

Martha Elizabeth Cumbo (deceased)

Mary Cumbo (deceased)

Mary Cumbo (MNU) (deceased)

Mary Cumbo (deceased)

Mary "Polly" Lowry (Cumbo) (deceased)

Melissa Velma Velma Cumbo (1903 - 1954)

Patherina Cumbo-Melton (deceased)

Paulina cumbo (caruana) (deceased)

Pauline Cambal Goble (Cumbo) (deceased)

Petar Cumbo (deceased)

Petar Cumbo (deceased)

Pietro Cumbo (deceased)

Rebecca Cumbo (Cannady) (deceased)

Richard Cumbo (c.1667 - d.)