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Adam Cuninghame, Laird of Caprington MP (c.1410 - c.1460)

Adam Cunninghame of Caprington, Laird of Caprington MP (c.1455 - 1506)

Alexander Cuninghame, 4th of Corsehill MP (c.1557 - c.1646)

Father*: Cuthbert Cuninghame , Laird of Corsehill1,3,4 d. 1575 Mother*: Matilda Cuninghame1,4 Anecdote*: He was a minor in 1575. Marriage*: Sir Alexander Cuninghame , Laird of Corsehill marrie...

Alisoun Wilson (Cunninghame) MP (deceased)

Eleanor Cunninghame (de Bruce) MP (c.1333 - 1368)

Thomas Cunninghame of Capringtoun, of Caprington MP (c.1365 - 1407)

...... Boswell (Cunninghame) (deceased)

Agnes Cunninghame (deceased)

Agnes Annes (deceased)

Alexander Cunningham, Laird of Montgreen, Commendator of Kilwinning (c.1547 - 1586)

Alexander Cuninghame, 5th of Corsehill (c.1584 - 1668)

mother is Anne Crauford

Alexander Cunninghame, 5th of Craigends (b. - c.1615)

Alexander Cunninghame of Craigends (Cuninghame / Cunninghame) (b. - 1690)

allisoun cunninghame (deceased)

Ana Adair (Cunninghame) (c.1650 - d.)

Andrew Cunninghame (deceased)

Angus Edward Malise Bontine Cunninghame Graham (1893 - 1981)

Anna Cunninghame Graham (deceased)

Anna Cunninghame (1761 - 1843)

Audrey Dawn Scotla Cunninghame (1928 - 1983)

Barbara Bogle (Cunninghame) (c.1632 - d.)

Caroline Bontine Cunninghame Graham (Stansfield Horsfall) (1858 - 1906)

Caroline better known as Gabriella Chidiock de la Balmondiere was an artist, an authoress, a poet and a good business woman - in fact, she struggled to save the Gartmore estate and came very close to d...

Charles Elphinstone Fleming Cunninghame Graham (1854 - 1917)

Cuthbert (deceased)

Cuthbert Cuninghame, 2nd of Corsehill (b. - 1575)

Father*: Andrew Cuninghame d. 1545 Mother*: Margaret Cuningham of Polonaise Cuthbert Cuninghame , Laird of Corsehill was the son of Andrew Cuninghame and Margaret Cuningham of Polonaise. Marri...

Edward Cunningham (Cunninghame) (deceased)

Elizabeth Dunlop (Cunningham) (c.1620 - c.1674)

Father*: Alexander Cuninghame , Laird of Corsehill1 Mother*: Mary Houston1 Elizabeth Cuninghame is the daughter of Alexander Cuninghame , Laird of Corsehill and Mary Houston. Married Name: Her m...

Elizabeth Cunninghame (deceased)

Elizabeth Cuninghame (Cunninghame) (deceased)

Elizabeth A'Hannay (Cunninghame) (deceased)

Frances Laura Cunninghame Graham (Spiers) (deceased)

Hamilton Cunninghame (deceased)

Isabelle Cunninghame (deceased)

Issobelle Loch (Cunninghame) (c.1616 - c.1692)

Jane Cunninghame (1851 - 1918)

Jane Needham (Gun-Cunninghame) (c.1791 - 1867)

Janet Cunninghame (deceased)

Janet Cuninghame / Cunninghame (deceased)

Janet Cunyngham (Cunninghame) (deceased)

Janet Cunninghame (b. - 1591)

Jean (deceased)

Johanne Cunninghame (deceased)

John Cunninghame, Laird of Caprington, Bedlan, and Brothicklee (c.1485 - 1564)

John Cunninghame (deceased)

John (deceased)

Reverend Malise Archibald Cunninghame Graham (1860 - 1885)

Margaret Crawford (Cunninghame) (deceased)

Margaret Cunninghame (deceased)

Margaret Cunninghame (b. - 1906)

Margaret Stanhouse (Cunninghame) (c.1698 - d.)

Marian Cunninghame (c.1640 - d.)

Marjory Stirling (Cunninghame) (deceased)

Mary Houstoun (c.1560 - c.1630)

Father*: Sir Patrick Houston of that Ilk1 d. 1450 Mother*: Agnes Campbell2 d. 1450 Mary Houston is the daughter of Sir Patrick Houston of that Ilk and Agnes Campbell. Married Name: Her married nam...

Mary Patricia Cunninghame Graham (Hanbury) (1901 - 1998)

Lady Mary Cuninghame MP (1580 - 1630)

Mary Cuninghame Parents: James Cunningham , 7th Earl of Glencairn1,2 b. c 1552, d. a Mar 1630, Marion Campbell1,2 b. b 1559, d. Jun 1610 Marriage: Lady Mary Cunningham married John Crawfurd of Ki...

Mathilda (deceased)

Matilda Cuninghame is the daughter of John Cuninghame (of Aiket) and Helen Barclay.1,2,3 Marriage*: Matilda Cuninghame married Cuthbert Cuninghame , Laird of Corsehill, son of Andrew Cuninghame and Ma...

Mildred Emily Barbara Elphinstone Fleming Cunninghame Graham (Bagot) (1856 - 1935)

Olava Barbara Clementina Cunninghame Graham (1884 - d.)

Rebecca Cunninghame (1650 - d.)

Robert de Cunninghame (deceased)

Robert Elphinstone Cunninghame Graham (1925 - 1996)

Robert Cunninghame Grahame, 8th of Gartmore (1799 - 1863)

Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham (1852 - 1936)

Robert Bontine Cunninghame Scottish politician, writer, journalist and adventurer. He was a Liberal Party Member of Parliament (MP); the first-ever socialist member of the Parliament of the United Ki...

Sarah MacPhee (Cunninghame) (deceased)

Sheila Nan Cunninghame Graham (Gilbert) (1933 - 2004)

William Cunninghame Cunninghame Graham, 7th of Gartmore (b. - 1845)

William Cunnyngham (Cuninghame / Cunninghame) (b. - 1637)

William Cunninghame, of Lainshaw (deceased)

William Cunninghame, of Craigends (deceased)

William Cunninghame of Craigends (deceased)

William Cunninghame (1735 - d.)