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Adelais d'Amboise MP (c.844 - c.890)

Ben M. Angel notes: Names and sources: Adelais: The Medieval Lands Project authors (from the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy), Wikipedia, Bernhard Bachrach (author of "Fulk Nerra, the Neo-Roman C...

Agnes / Hue (Huga) de Harcourt (d'Amboise) MP (c.1102 - 1153)

They the following children: 1. Robert II. de Harcourt, Seigneur and Baron of Harcourt, etc., ancestor of the Dukes of Harcourt, peers of France and the Counts of Aumale, Counts of Tankerville, Visco...

Hugues II, seigneur d'Amboise MP (c.1075 - 1129)

Son of Sulpice I d'Amboise and Denise de Fougères. ______________ 'Hugues I, Seigneur de Chaumont-sur-Loire1,2 'M, #30824, d. between 24 July 1129 and 1130 Father Sulpice I d' Amboise3 d. c 1...

Ingelger I, seigneur d'Amboise MP (b. - 1373)

N.N. d'Amboise MP (c.835 - 893)

Perronnelle Jacqueline d'Amboise MP (1400 - 1441)

Sulpice II, seigneur d'Amboise MP (c.1106 - 1153)

'Sulpice II, Sire d'Amboise1,2,3 'M, #30822, b. before 1106, d. 24 August 1153 Father Hugues I, Seigneur de Chaumont-sur-Loire4 d. bt 24 Jul 1129 - 1130 Mother Elisabeth de Jaligny4 d. 12 Oct 115...

Ne de de BRETAGNE, de NANTES (c.820 - d.)

Catherine de Chauvigny (1450 - 1485)

Aelendis d'Amboise (848 - d.)


Alix d'Amboise (1198 - d.)

Aliénor d'Amboise (deceased)

Anne d'Amboise (deceased)

Annette d'Amboise (c.1355 - d.)

Antoine de CLERMONT d'AMBOISE (deceased)

Antoinette d'Amboise (1495 - 1552)

Barbe d'Amboise (deceased)

Barthelemy Bergeron Dit D'Amboise (deceased)

Catherine d'AMBOISE (deceased)

Catherine d'AMBOISE (deceased)

Catherine d'Amboise (deceased)

Catherine d'Amboise (b. - 1517)

Catherine d'Amboise (deceased)

Catherine d'Amboise (deceased)

Charles II d'Amboise, seigneur de Chaumont (1473 - 1511) ; -------------------- Charles d'Amboise, Seigneur de Chaumont (1473 – 11 February 1511) was a French politician and military figure, who was the French governor of M...

Charles I d'Amboise (1430 - 1481)

Charlotte d'AMBOISE (deceased)

Denise (Dionise) d'Amboise (c.1135 - 1160)

Diane Jacqueline Louise Josèphe Henriette de Clermont d'Amboise (1733 - 1804)

Elizabeth d'Amboise (c.1153 - 1208)

Ermesende d'Amboise (deceased)

Françoise d'Amboise, marquise du Resnel (c.1500 - c.1560)

George d'Amboise (b. - 1525)

George d'Amboise was killed in the Battle of Pavia.

Georges de CLERMONT d'AMBOISE (deceased)

Cardinal Georges d'Amboise (1460 - 1510)

Georges d'Amboise (1460 – May 25, 1510) was a French Roman Catholic cardinal and minister of state. He belonged to the house of Amboise, a noble family possessed of considerable influence: of his nin...

Guy d'Amboise, seigneur de Ravel (1475 - 1508)

Herbert D'Amboise (deceased)

Hugh d'Amboise (c.1075 - d.)

Hugues IV d'Amboise, seigneur de Jaligny (c.1170 - 1218)

Hugues d'Amboise, seigneur d'Aubijoux (b. - 1515)

Hugues d'Amboise, seigneur de La Maisonfort (c.1330 - 1388)

Hugues d'Amboise, seigneur de Chaumont et de Saint Vérain (c.1345 - 1415)

Hugues III d'Amboise, seigneur de Chaumont (c.1385 - 1415)

killed at the Battle of Agincourt

Hugues I d'Amboise-Chaumont, seigneur de Chaumont (c.1270 - 1331)

Hugues III, seigneur d'Amboise (c.1135 - 1190)

Ingelger II d'Amboise, seigneur de Rochecorbon (b. - 1410)

Isabeau d'Amboise (deceased)

Jacqueline d'Amboise (deceased)

Jacques d'Amboise, seigneur de Bussy (deceased)

Jacques d'Amboise, seigneur d'Aubijoux (b. - 1536)

Jacques II d'Amboise d'Aubijoux (deceased)

Jean IV d'Amboise, seigneur de Bussy (c.1440 - 1516)

Jean I, seigneur d'Amboise (1201 - 1274)

Jean III d'Amboise-Chaumont, seigneur de Chaumont et de Saint Vérain (c.1325 - 1346)

Jean II, seigneur d'Amboise (c.1235 - c.1303)

Jeanne d'Amboise (deceased)

Jeanne d'Amboise (deceased)

Jeanne d'Amboise (c.1320 - d.)

Jeanne d'Amboise (deceased)

Louis de Clermont d' Amboise (deceased)

Louis de Clermont d' Amboise (deceased)

Louis d'Amboise, comte d'Aubijoux (1536 - 1614)

Jean Baptiste Louis de Clermont d'Amboise, marquis de Reynel et de Montglas (1702 - 1761)

Louise d'Amboise (deceased)

Louise d'Amboise (deceased)

Isabelle de Clermont d'Amboise, dame de Gallerande (deceased)

Madeleine d'Amboise (deceased)

Madeleine d'Amboise (deceased)

Marguerite d'Amboise (b. - c.1495)

Marguerite d'Amboise (deceased)

Marguerite d'Amboise (deceased)

Marguerite d'Amboise (1438 - 1475)

Marie d'Amboise (deceased)

Marie d'Amboise (deceased)

Marie d'Amboise Chaumont (c.1470 - 1519)

Mathilde d'Amboise (de Beaumont) (deceased)

Mahaut (Mathilde) de Vendôme (de Preuilly) MP (c.1138 - 1201)

Mathilde d'Amboise (deceased)

Mathilde d'Amboise (c.1200 - 1256)

Michel Bergeron dit de Nantes, Sr. MP (c.1702 - c.1766)

Moved to Louisiana from St. Anne, New Brunswick. -------------------- AKAN: Michel Damboise Stephen White semble croire (P. 26) que Jeanne Hébert, qui épousa Michel Bergeron, était la veuve de Jean...

N.N. d'Amboise (c.810 - d.)

N.N. d'Amboise (deceased)