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? various Concubines #1, #2. & #3 of Geoffroy d'Anjou (one pos called Ida) MP (c.1112 - d.)

Adele de Dreux (d'Anjou) MP (909 - 1017)

Adele d'Anjou, Comtesse d'Amiens MP (924 - 948)

Unattributed basic information (at least it has sources): Adèle d'Anjou[1] b. circa 924 Father, Foulques I "le Roux", comte d'Anjou b. 870, d. 942 Mother, Roscille, dame de Loches ...

Adeline Ade d'Anjou MP (1015 - 1060)

Adèle d'Anjou, VI. comtesse de Vendôme MP (c.990 - 1034)

Adélaïde la Blanche d'Anjou, Reine consort d'Aquitaine MP (c.946 - 1026)

Adélaïde 'Blanche' d'Anjou : Parents: Foulques II d'Anjou and Gerberge Spouses: 1. Etienne de Brioude 2. Raymond IV, Comte de Toulouse 3. Louis, Roi d'Aquitaine 4. Guillaume '...

Agnes d'Anjou MP (920 - c.987)

Alice-Isabel / Mathilde d'Anjou (Abbess of Fontevrault), Duchesse de Normandie MP (c.1104 - c.1154)

Matilda of Anjou From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Matilda of Anjou, also known as Isabella d'Anjou and Alice, (c.1101-07 – 1154) was married in 1119 to William Adelin, son and heir of H...

Amalric I of Jerusalem MP (1136 - 1174)

Amalric I of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Amalric I of Jerusalem (also Amaury or Aimery) (1136 – July 11, 1174) was King of Jerusalem 1162–1174, and Count of Jaffa ...

Baldwin III of Jerusalem MP (1130 - 1162)

Baldwin III of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Baldwin III of Jerusalem (1130 – February 10, 1162) was king of Jerusalem from 1143–1162. He was the eldest son of Melis...

Beatrix d'Anjou MP (c.1130 - 1190)

BEATRIX du Maine From Medlands: Robert of Torigny records the marriage of "Guillermus Talavercius comes Pontivi…Johannes comes filius eius" and "filiam comitis Heliæ fratris comitis...

Béatrice d'Anjou MP (1295 - 1330)

Béatrice (1295 † 1321), fille de Charles II le Boiteux d'Anjou, Re di Napoli et Maria Árpád de Hongrie, mariée en 1305 à Azzo VIII d'Este († 1308), puis...

Charles IV d'Anjou, comte du Maine MP (1414 - 1472)

geneagraphie... ; ; fr.wikipedia... ; Charles IV d'Anjou, né le 14 octobre 1414 à Montils-lès-Tours, mort le 10 avril 1472 à Neuvy-le-Roi, com...

Charles V, duc d'Anjou MP (1446 - 1481)

Voir Wikipedia...

Charles I Martel d'Anjou MP (1271 - 1295)

Charles I of Hungary From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charles I King of Hungary[1] Reign 12 July 1312 – 16 July 1342 Born 1288 Birthplace Naples, Kingdom of Naples Died 16...

Charles II "the Lame", King of Naples MP (1254 - 1309)

Charles II, known as "the Lame" (French le Boiteux, Italian lo Zoppo) (1254 – 5 May 1309) was; King of Naples (7 Jan 1285 - 5 May 1309); King of Albania (1285 - 1294); Prince of Salerno, Prince ...

Emma d'Anjou MP (c.1140 - d.)

Ermengarde of Anjou MP (1018 - 1076)

Ermengarde of Anjou (c. 1018 – 18 March 1076), daughter of Count Fulk III of Anjou and Hildegarde was born in Angers, and was murdered at the Church of Fleurey-sur-Ouche, Côte-d'Or[1]. ...

Ermengarde d'Anjou, Duchess of Aquitaine Fergant MP (1068 - 1147)

CURATOR's NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT MERGE HER WITH HER GRANDMOTHER, ERMENGARDE d'ANJOU 1018-1076l Ermengarde of Anjou (d. 1146) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ermengarde of Anjou (ca. 1068 –...

Ermangarde d'Anjou, Duchess of Bretagne MP (958 - 1022)

Conan married Ermengarde of Anjou, daughter of Geoffrey I of Anjou and Adele of Vermandois and had the following issue: Judith (982-1017), married Richard II, Duke of Normandy Judicael, count of ...

Foulques II, comte d'Anjou MP (c.909 - 958)

Foulques II 'le Bon' Comte d'Anjou Parents: Foulques I 'le Roux' & Roscille Spouse: 1. Gerberge 2. (unknown) de Blois LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS FOULQUES d'Anjou, son of FOULQUES I "le Roux" Comte d'...

Foulques III "Nerra", comte d'Anjou, V. comte de Vendôme MP (987 - 1040)

Fulk III “the Black”, born circa 966, was the son of Geoffrey Grisegonelle "Greymantle" or "Grey Tunic". He one of the most remarkable figures of his period and the most powerful member o...

Foulques I "the Red", count of Anjou MP (c.870 - c.938)

Foulques I "Le Anjou-3067 [Parents] was born about 870 in Of, , Anjou, France. He died in 938 in Anjou, France. He married Roscille De Loches [Countess Of Anj-4148 before 5 Jul 905 in Anjou, France. ...

Foulques V le Jeune, comte de Anjou et roi de Jérusalem MP (1089 - 1143)

Foulques V "le Jeune" de Anjou Knight Templar, King of Jerusalem 1131 - 1142/3 9th Count of Anjou 1109 - 1129 b 1089 to 1092 d 13 Nov 1142/3, Plains of Acre, Holy Land (died from riding accident)...

Geoffrey "Grisgonelle", comte d'Anjou MP (940 - 987)

GEOFFROY I 958-987 --- GEOFFROY d'Anjou , son of FOULQUES II "le Bon" Comte d'Anjou & his first wife Gerberge --- ([938/40]-Marso 21 Jul 987, bur Châteauneuf, église Saint-Martin). Th...

Geoffroy III d'Anjou, comte de Gâtinais et d'Anjou MP (c.1040 - 1096)

GEOFFROY de Château-Landon From Medlands ([1040]-[1096/97]). The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum records that "Gosfridus Martellus filius Fulconis", being childless, appointed "nepotibus suis G...

Geoffroy V, comte d'Anjou et Maine MP (1113 - 1151)

Geoffroy V Plantagenet, Comte d'Anjou et Maine, or Geoffrey 'the Fair' d'Anjou, was born on 24 August 1113. He was the son of Fulk V d'Anjou, 9th Comte d'Anjou and Aremburga de la Fleche, Comtesse de M...

Geoffroy III Martel, comte d'Anjou MP (1006 - 1061)

Geoffrey II, Count of Anjou From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Geoffrey II of Anjou, called Martel ("the Hammer"), was Count of Anjou from 1040 to 1060. He was the son of Fulk the Black. He was ...

Geoffroy IV d'Anjou, Comte d'Anjou (1103) MP (c.1073 - 1106)

Gerberge D' d'Anjou MP (c.962 - c.1041)

Ingelger, count of Anjou MP (c.850 - c.899)

Ingelger (Ingelerus) was the first Count d'Anjou, the title granted to him in 9th Century. It is generally believed his parents were Tertullus and Petronilla. He was born in Renne. He inherited his fat...

Ingelger d'Anjou MP (898 - c.928)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Anjou: INGELGER d'Anjou (-killed in battle [927]). The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum records that "Fulco Rufus alium [filium] …Ingelgerium" ...

Jean d'Anjou, Duc de Durazzo MP (1294 - 1335)

Jean de Durazzo Jean d'Anjou dit Jean de Durazzo, (né en 1294, mort à Naples le 5 avril 1336), duc de Durazzo de 1309 à 1336 et prince d'Achaïe de 1318 à 1333, es...

Jeanne d'Anjou MP (deceased)

Ladislas d'Anjou, re di Napoli MP (1377 - 1414)

Royal House Anjou-Durazzo

Louis d'Anjou, Évêque de Toulouse MP (1274 - 1297)

Louis d'Anjou Louis d'Anjou, connu sous le nom de saint Louis d'Anjou ou saint Louis de Toulouse, est né à Brignoles le 9 février 1274 et décédé dans cette...

Louis II d'Anjou, King of Naples MP (1377 - 1417)

Louis II of Naples From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis II of Anjou (1377–April 29, 1417), was the rival of Ladislas as King of Naples. He was a member of the House of Anjou. Biogra...

Louis III d'Anjou, titular King of Naples MP (1403 - 1434)

Titular King of Naples 1417–1426, Count of Provence, Forcalquier, Piedmont, and Maine and Duke of Anjou 1417–1434 Duke of Calabria 1426–1434. Links: Geneall Wikipedia...

Marguerite d'Anjou, comtesse d'Anjou et du Maine MP (1273 - 1299)

Marguerite d'Anjou (1273-1299) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. ) Marguerite d'Anjou, née en 1273, morte le 31 décembre 1299, comtesse d'Anjou et du Main...

Marguerite d'Anjou, Queen consort of England and France MP (1430 - 1482)

another possible birth year is 1429 Margaret Valois-Anjou Princess of Neapels By marriage Queen Consort Margaret of England on 30 May 1445. To Henry VI King of England and France. Wikipedia Links...

Marie of Shaftsbury d'Anjou (Plantagenet), Abbess of Shaftesbury MP (1140 - 1216)

Marie Plantagenet Abbess of Shaftesbury From Medlands: Comte Geoffroy had three illegitimate children by Mistresses (1) to (3): 4. HAMELIN d'Anjou (1130-7 May 1202, bur Chapter House, Lewes). Ben...

Marie d'Anjou, reine de France MP (1404 - 1463)

Marie of Anjou From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marie of Anjou (October 14, 1404–1463) was the daughter of Louis II of Anjou, King of Naples, titular King of Sicily, and Yolande of Arag...

Maurice d'Anjou, Comte d'Anjou MP (c.980 - 1012)

Son of Geoffrey "Grisegonelle" d'Anjou and his second wife Adelais (widow of Lambert d'Autun): MAURICE d'Anjou ([980]-1012, bur Châteauneuf, église Saint-Martin). The cartulary of Paray...

NN d'Anjou MP (c.875 - d.)

Philippe I d'Anjou, Prince de Tarente MP (1278 - 1332)

Philippe Ier de Tarente Philippe Ier d'Anjou, né le 10 novembre 1278, mort à Naples le 26 décembre 1332, prince de Tarente et d'Achaïe, «despote de Romanie»...

René I d'Anjou, titular King of Naples MP (1409 - 1480)

René 'the Good', Duc d'Anjou Duc de Lorraine in 1431. Comte de Provence in 1434. Duc d'Anjou in 1434. King of Naples and Sicily. Duc de Bar. Links: Thepeerage: Geneall: Wikip...

Renée d'Anjou, marquise de Mézières MP (1550 - 1597)

Voir Wikipedia...

Robert I le Sage, re di Napoli MP (1277 - 1343)

-------------------- Robert of Naples From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert of Anjou, known as Robert the Wise (Italian: Roberto il Saggio, 1277 – 20 January 1343) was King of Nap...

Rocille d'Anjou MP (906 - 948)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Anjou: ROSCILLE d'Anjou (-[943/51]). A document, allegedly from a "Registre conservé à la Tour de Londres, composé par ordr...

Sibylla d'Anjou, Countess of Flanders MP (1112 - 1165)

Sibylla of Anjou (c. 1112-1165) was a daughter of Fulk V of Anjou and Ermengarde of Maine, and wife of William Clito and Thierry, Count of Flanders. In 1123 Sibylla married William Clito, son of the ...

Sibylla Queen of Jerusalem MP (c.1160 - c.1190)

Sibylla of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sibylla of Jerusalem (c. 1160 – 1190) was the Countess of Jaffa and Ascalon from 1176 and Queen of Jerusalem from 1186 to 1190. She...

Élie II d'Anjou, comte du Maine MP (c.1111 - 1151)

Élie II d'Anjou Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Aller à : Navigation, rechercher Élie II d'Anjou né vers 1115, mort le 15 janvier 1151 &...

Éléonore d'Anjou, regina consorte di Trinacria MP (1289 - 1341)

Eleanor of Anjou From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eleanor of Anjou (August, 1289 - 9 August 1341) was the Queen consort of Frederick III of Sicily. Family She was the third daughter of Cha...

d'Anjou (Schutte) (deceased)

d'Anjou (deceased)

d'Anjou (deceased)

Adela d'Anjou (960 - 1029)

Adela d'Anjou (de Vermandois) (950 - 974)

Adela d'Anjou (960 - 1029)

Adela Blanca D' ANJOU, COUNTESS OF PROVENCE (c.960 - d.)

Adelaide d'Anjou (de Vermandois), Countesse (c.945 - c.975)

Adelaide (or Blanche) d'Anjou (c.942 - 1026)

Adelaide d'Anjou (947 - 1026)

Adelaide d'Anjou (c.938 - c.1026)

Adelaide d'Anjou (948 - 1029)

Adelaide (Countess of Gevaf) de Provence (d'Anjou) (947 - 1026)

Adelais d'Anjou (c.947 - 1026)

Adele D' ANJOU (c.925 - d.)

Adele d'Anjou (Troyes) (945 - 974)

Adele d'Anjou (de Meaux), Countess (920 - d.)

Adele d'Anjou (990 - d.)

Adele d'Anjou (990 - d.)

Adelheid d'Anjou (b. - 1026)

Adèle D'Anjou (deceased)

Adélaide Adelise d' Anjou (946 - 1047)

Adélaïde d'Anjou (deceased)

Adélaïde D'Anjou (deceased)

Agnes Durazzo (d'Anjou) (1345 - 1388)

Agnes d'Anjou (c.938 - 987)

Agnes du Bellay (d'Anjou) (deceased)

Agnes d'Anjou (c.938 - 987)

Agnes d'Anjou (c.938 - 987)

Albert D'anjou (1898 - 1966)

Alice D'Anjou (deceased)

Amanda d'Anjou (1874 - 1911)

André D'Anjou (deceased)

Angélique D'Anjou (1747 - 1825)

Anne d'Anjou (deceased)

Antoinette d'Anjou (deceased)

Antoinia d'Anjou (Lavoie) (c.1886 - d.)

Arside d'Anjou (945 - 1029)

Arsinda d'Anjou (deceased)

Arsinde d'Anjou (c.945 - d.)

Arthur D'Anjou (deceased)

Azalais d'Anjou (deceased)

Bertrade d'Anjou (de Montford) (1059 - 1117)

Bilichilde d'Anjou (c.817 - d.)

Blanche d`Anjou (b. - 1310)

Blanche d'Anjou (deceased)

Blanche d'Anjou (deceased)