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Berthe, comtesse d'Arles MP (c.912 - c.965)

Pedigree Resource File Ver a la persona en el modo de cuadro genealógico name: Berthe /d'Arles/ sexo: female nacimiento: defunción: matrimonio: Padres Padre: Boson /...

Boso (Boson) I d'Arles (Count of Italy), Count of Italy MP (c.725 - 780)

Note from Curator: I have found absolutely no information about this person, so if anyone has any sources or documentation, please add them. I removed him as son of Aribert (Aripert) II of the Lombard ...

Boson III "the Old", count of Arles MP (c.800 - c.855)

Boso the Elder From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Boso the Elder was a Frank from the Bosonid-dynasty. He was married to Engeltrude and died around 855. His family, the Bosonids, were a dynasty of...

Boson d'Arles, margrave of Tuscany MP (c.885 - c.936)

-------------------- Wikipedia: Boso, Margrave of Tuscany From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Boso of Tuscany) Boso (885–936) was the count of Arles (895–911 and 92...

Boson II, comte d'Arles MP (b. - c.965)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Provence: BOSON, son of ROTBALD [I] & his wife --- (-after Oct [965/67]). "Bosoni comitis, filii Rothboldi quondam" restored property to Saint-Vic...

Firminus d'Arles, Vir Illustris MP (c.455 - c.503)

Guillaume I, II. vicomte de Marseille MP (c.945 - c.1004)

Occupation: Count of Marseille House Of Baux

Guillem III d'Arlès MP (deceased)

Hucbert, duke of Transjurane Burgundy MP (c.824 - 866)

HUBERT, son of BOSO Comte d'Arles, Count in Italy & his wife --- (-killed in battle Orbe 866). Duke of Transjurania. Abbot of St Maurice. The Annalium Laubacensium record Lothar King of Italy leadi...

Hugues I, II. seigneur des Baux MP (c.981 - 1059)

Voir Wikipedia...

Hugues I d'Arles, King of Italy, Regent of Lower Burgundy MP (c.880 - 947)

Hugh of Italy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh of Arles or Hugh of Provence (before 887 – 10 April 948[1]) was King of Italy from 924 until his death. He was a Bosonid. During his re...

Ison d'Arles MP (c.910 - 942)

Pons II "l'Ancien", vicomte d'Arles et de Marseille MP (c.910 - 979)

Voir Wikipedia...

Pons I, vicomte d'Arles MP (c.880 - 955)

Pons III "le jeune" d'Arles, I. seigneur des Baux MP (c.938 - 1028)

Richilde d'Arles MP (c.830 - 883)

Richilde (?) (c825-893), possible daughter of Boso and Engeltrude , married (1) Bouin, King of Provence; and (2) Eckhard, seigneur de Perracy. She held Jully-les-Buxy in the Chaunois after the death of...

Rotbald d'Arles, Comte de Provença MP (deceased)

Rudolph III, King of Burgundy MP (993 - 1032)

Rudolf or Rudolph ------------------------- Rudolph III of Burgundy Rudolf III of Burgundy (called Rudolf der Faule in German, and Rodolphe le Fainéant meaning sluggard or do-nothing or ...

Teutberga de Troyes (d'Arles) MP (c.881 - 948)

Theutberga d'Arles MP (c.836 - c.875)

Teutberga From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Teutberga was a Frank and daughter of Boso the Elder. Therefore she was a Bosonid. She married Lothair II, a prince of the Carolingian dynasty, the imp...

Théobald, comte d'Arles MP (b. - 887)

Theobald, count of Arles, was a Frank from the Bosonid-family. He was son of Hucbert and he married Bertha - an illegitimate daughter of Lothair II, King of Lotharingia - that was renowned for her beau...

Willa d'Arles MP (b. - c.963)

Willa var i tysk fangenskap, og ble nonne etter Berengars død. 1) 1). Erich Brandenburg: Die Nachkommen Karls des Grossen, Leipzig 1935. Mogens Bugge: Våre forfedre, nr. 304. Bent og Vi...

Constance d'Arles (973 - 1032)

Accelena d'Arles (c.963 - d.)

Accelena d'Arles (c.963 - d.)

Accelena d'Arles (c.963 - d.)

Aillon d'Arles (deceased)

Andaberta d'Arles (c.835 - d.)

Was not the wife of Disconnected Jan 2014

Balde d'Arles (deceased)

Berlion d'Arles (deceased)

Berthe d'Arles (de LotHaringie) (deceased)

Boniface I, seigneur de Reillane (c.960 - c.1031)

Boso I d'Arles (725 - 750)

Boso II d'Arles (750 - 826)

Boso III d'Arles (805 - 855)

Boson I d'Arles (b. - 948)

Boson II d'Arles Toscane (deceased)

Boson II d'Arles (c.928 - 968)

Boson Medici d'Arles (deceased)

Boson, comte d' Arles et d' Avignon (b. - c.966)

Constance d'Arles de Toulouse (986 - d.)

Constance d'Arles (931 - 1013)

Constance d'Arles (deceased)

Constance d'Arles (of Viennois) (deceased)

Constance D'arles (deceased)

Costanza d'Arles (986 - 1034)

Ema d'Arles (deceased)

Engelbert d'Arles (deceased)

Ermengarde d'Arles (deceased)

Ermengarde d'Arles (de Marseille) (c.982 - c.1049)

Garnier d'Arles (deceased)

Geoffroy I Comte d'Arles (1031 - 1063)

Geoffroy I Comte d'Arles (1031 - 1063)

Geoffroy I Comte d'Arles (1031 - 1063)

Gerberge Comtesse d'Arles (deceased)

Gisele of Tuscany (d'Arles) (deceased)

Grimoald II d'Arles (680 - d.)

Guillaume I d'Arles (c.955 - 993)

Guillaume II Comte d'Arles et Provence (deceased)

Guillaume ll d'Arles (deceased)

Hedwiga D'arles (deceased)

Hermengarde d'Arles (943 - d.)

Hermengarde d'Arles (943 - d.)

Hermengarde d'Arles (c.936 - 1000)

Hermengarde d'Arles (943 - d.)

Honoré d'Arles, évêque de Marseille (c.930 - 976)

Honoratus de Marseille est né vers 930 certainement dans la Vicomté de Marseille et mort probablement le 6 février 976, certainement dans la Vicomté de Marseille. Honoratu...

Hugues d'Arles (735 - 810)

Hugues I d'Arles (885 - 947)

Humbert d'Arles (941 - 1009)

Humbert d'Arles, évêque de Vaison (deceased)

Hélène d'Arles (deceased)

Ison d'Arles (910 - 942)

account deleted (deceased)

Ison d'Arles (deceased)

Lambert d'Arles, seigneur de Reillanes(Ursus) (936 - 1005)

Lambert Ursus d'Arles (936 - 1005)

Laugier d'Arles (deceased)

Leibulfe d'Arles (deceased)

N. d'Arles (de Provence) (deceased)

Odile D'arles (deceased)

Pons d'Arles (885 - d.)

Pons d'Arles (c.970 - 1025)

Richilda D Arles (820 - 883)

Richilde Berengar de Bourgogne (d'ARLES) (c.874 - c.929)

Richilde d'Arles (c.810 - d.)

Rotbald II Count d'Arles (895 - d.)

Rotbold II d Arles (deceased)

Rotbold I Count D'Arles (c.872 - 928)

Rotbold I Rotbold d'Arles (b. - 923)

Roubaud I ou Rotbold l'Ancien d'Arles (c.907 - 936)

Sunifred d'Arles (deceased)

Teutberge d'Arles (c.835 - c.875)

Theobald d'Arles (c.850 - c.895)

Theobald (or Thibaud) Comte d'Arles (b. - 895)

Theodebald d'Arles (705 - 741)

Theodebald "le Vieux" d'Arles (770 - 820)

Theutberge d'Arles (887 - 948)

Theutberge de Sens (d'Arles) (887 - 948)

Thibaud d'Arles (860 - 887)

Théobald d'Arles (deceased)