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Adam d'Avranches, Lord of Yealand and Silverdale in Cumberland MP (c.1115 - d.)

Mike Hutchinson's Readman Family History Greenwood 1905[ii] builds a family history from the Norman Vicomte Adam d’Avranches who was granted lands at Yealand and Silverdale in Cumberland by Wi...

Albreda (Emma) d'Avranches MP (c.1032 - d.)

According to Medlands the wife of Baudouin, Albreda was of unknown parentage. The following notes don't seem to relate directly to this profile: In 1080, Gilbert de Corbeil, grandson of Werlac, m...

Geva d'Avranches MP (1076 - 1145)

Ridel married Geva, who is often stated to have been an illegitimate daughter of Hugh, Earl of Chester.[1] However, there is no contemporary evidence stating that she was, and her illegitimacy is infer...

Hawise Avis d´Avranches or de Courcy, Heiress of Okehampton MP (1135 - 1209)

Rénaud (Reginald) I Seigneur de Courtenay m secondly HAWISE d´Avranches, daughter of ROBERT d´Avranches & his wife Mathilde Avenill (-1 Aug 1209). The Fundationis et Fundator...

Hugh "Lupus" d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester MP (1047 - 1101)

Hugh "Lupus" d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester, Vicomte d'Avranches Grandson of William the Conqueror. B: abt 1047 Normandy, France D: 27 Jul 1101 St. Werburg's Abbey, Cheshire, England Many membe...

Jean d'Avranches (d'Ivry), Bishop of Avranches, Archbishop of Rouen MP (b. - 1079)

John of Avranches From Wikipedia, John of Avranches[1] was bishop of Avranches from 1060 to 1067, and archbishop of Rouen from 1067 to 1079. He was a Norman churchman, son of Rodulf of Ivry, and br...

Judith "le Goz" d'Avranches MP (1054 - 1100)

Maud d'Avranches (d'Avenel), Dame du Sap MP (1097 - 1173)

Maud/Matilda d'Avranches There is much debate about whether she was the daughter of Robert d'Avranches or whether he was her first husband. The latter theory was presented by the monastic history of ...

Maud (Margaret) d'Avranches, Le Goz MP (c.1054 - c.1089)

Margaret d' AVRANCHES [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 1054 in Avranches, Manche, Basse-Normandie, France. She married Ranulph II de BAYEUX Vicomte de Bayeux on 1074 in Bayeux, Calvados, France. They ha...

Maud de Buckland (D Avranches) MP (1235 - 1258)

Oddona Peverel (d'Avranches) MP (c.1060 - 1120)

notes from The extant pedigrees identify a wife of "William Peverel" as Oddona, daughter of Earl Hugh Avranches[9]; she is usually cited as a second wife of William the Younger but such a lady woul...

Renouf / Ranulf le Goz d'Avranches (le Goz) MP (b. - c.1090)

In "Les Barons du Cotentin", Alan Davies lists four sons as the children of Turtain Gotz (Thurstan le Goz) and Judith de Monterolier: Renouf (mort avant 1090) Turstin (Turtain) Haldup, ancestre d...

Richard le Goz, Viscount of Avranches MP (1025 - 1066)

Richard 'le Goz', Vicomte d'Avranches Parents: Toustain le Goz and Judith Montanolier (or Monteroulier) Spouse: Emma (perhaps de Conteville, parentage unknown) Children: Hugues d'Avranches 'L...

Richard d'Avranches (Viscount), 2nd Earl Of Chester MP (1094 - 1120)

Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester (1094–25 November 1120), was the son of Hugh, 1st Earl of Chester an...

Robert (Rualon) d'Abrincis d'Avranches, Lord of Okehampton, Sheriff of Kent and Devonshire MP (c.1070 - 1130)

Viscount of Devonshire, Hereditary Sheriff of Devonshire, Castalan of Exeter Sources variably position Maud d'Avranches as his wife or as his daughter. If his wife, she was the daughter of Ranulph d'...

Tanglust illegitimate daughter of Hugh (d'Avranches) MP (1170 - 1247)

Tanghurst DE CHESTER * Born: Abt 1125, Chester, Cheshire, England Marriage Information: Tanghurst married William "Le Belward" DE MALPAS, son of William "Le Belward" DE MALPAS and Mabel D' AVRANC...

William II d'Avranches, Lord of Folkestone MP (c.1120 - 1177)

William d'Avranches MP (b. - 1230)

Albred Fitz Gilbert (de Goz D' Avranches) (deceased)

Arbella (Isabella) de Corbeil (Loup D'Avranches) (1055 - d.)

Denise d' d'Avranches (c.1110 - d.)

Dionysia d'Avranches (c.1098 - d.)

Emina d'Ávranches (862 - c.896)

7 II. HROLLAGER RAGNVALDSSON (HALFDAN 1, EYSTEIN 2, HALFDAN 3, IVAR 4, EYSTEIN 5, RAGNVALD 6) See NORMANDY for earlier generations. b.c.865 m. EMINA d'AVRANCHES (b.c.865, d. 935), d. of Baldwin I, Co...

Emma Conteville d' Avranches (Conteville) (c.1029 - d.)

Emma d'Avranches (Fitz Baldwin) (c.1078 - d.)

Ermentrude D' Avranches (deceased)

Ermentrude d'Avranches (de Claremont) (deceased)

Geoffrey d'Avranches (b. - 1236)

Gilbert d'Avranches (c.1065 - d.)

Godhilda Adela Helen de Saint Sauveur (d'Avranches) (c.1030 - d.)

Guitmond d'Avranches (c.1007 - 1040)

Listed as Wimund de Avranches in Domesday People. p. 162.

Guitmonde / Wymund d' Avranches (D Avranches), Vicomte (1007 - 1109)

Guitmund (Wimund) From Medlands: GUITMUND [Wimund] . Vicomte. "…Vuitmundus vicecomes…" witnessed the charter dated Aug 1027 under which Richard II Duke of Normandy donated property ...

Helloe Le Coz d'Avranches (c.942 - d.)

Hugh d'Avranches (c.1040 - 1101)

Hugh D'Avranches (c.1048 - 1101)

Hugh "Lupus" II FitzHugh d'Avranches (d'Avranches), Earl of Chester (c.1073 - d.)

note: not listed at Medlands * Born: 1073, Malpas, Cheshire, England Spouses/Children: Matilda * Robert I FITZ HUGH Baron de Malpas+ * Hugh D' AVRANCHES Earl of Chester+ * Mabel D' AVRANCHE...

Hugh 'Lupus' de Chester (d'Avranches) (1047 - d.)

Hugh 'Lupus' d'Avranches (deceased)

Humphrey D'AVRANCHES (deceased)

Isabel Fitzgilbert de Corbeil (D'Avranches) (deceased)

Jenare (Elesende, Helissende) d'Avranches (1050 - d.)

Jenare (Elesende, Helissende) d'Avranches (c.1045 - d.)

Judith d'Avranches (1040 - d.)

Judith Le Goz, Viscount D'Avranches, D'Hiemes (Montalonier) (deceased)

Juliana d'Avranches, Unconfirmed (c.1025 - c.1085)

Mabel De Malpas (D'Avranches) (1095 - d.)

Margaret Maud d'Avranches (1054 - d.)

Matilda FitzHugh d'Avranches (1075 - c.1101)

Did not marry and wasn't concubine to Henry I King of England. This may be her: MARGUERITE [Maud] d'Avranches . She is named "Mathilda soror Hugonis comitis" by Orderic Vitalis, who also names her ...

Maud d' Avranches (1097 - 1173)

Maud d' Avranches (1097 - 1173)

Maud d' Avranches (1097 - 1173)

Maud d'Avranches (c.1097 - 1173)

Maud d'Avranches (c.1054 - d.)

Maud D'Avranches (1054 - d.)

Maud D'Avranches (deceased)

Maude d'Avranches (1068 - d.)

Nn. Le Coz d'Avranches (c.880 - d.)

Nn. Le Coz d'Avranches (850 - d.)

Ralph Avenal D'Avranches (1069 - 1129)

Richard d'Avranches (c.1025 - 1066)

Robert Hougham (d'Avranches), I (c.1160 - c.1256)

This is where the tree really starts. Coming forward in time the data is supported by Parish records, Bishops transcripts, wills, Hasted and other published works (not all of them correct) Dering Rolls...

Robert d'Avranches (deceased)

Robert d'Avranches (c.1067 - 1130)

Robert d'Avranches (deceased)

Robert D'Avranches, I (1000 - 1035)

Robert Fitz Ivo d'Avranches (c.1050 - 1086)

Simon d'Avranches (deceased)

Simon d'Avranches (c.1160 - 1203)

Simon d'Avranches (deceased)

Turgis d'Avranches (deceased)

unknown mistress of Richard d’Avranches d'Avranches (981 - d.)

Unknown mistresses of Hugh d'Avranches (deceased)

Viscount Richard d' Avranches (c.1022 - 1082)

Wife of Guitmond (Wymond) d'Avranches (1020 - d.)

William fitzWimond d' Avranches (c.1037 - 1087)

William came to England with William the Conquerer taking the Name of the Town he left - Avranches. When William settled down, Willaim d' Avranches was made Lord of the manor of Hougham (an Anglo Saxon...

William d'Avranches (c.1186 - 1263)

William d'Avranches (c.1037 - c.1087)

William d'Avranches (b. - c.1087)

William d'Avranches (c.1037 - c.1087)

William the Conquerer (c.1027 - d.)

William d'Avranches (c.1037 - c.1087)

William Abrincis d'Avranches, of Okehampton (c.1037 - c.1087)

William fitzWimund d'Avranches From Medlands: WILLIAM FitzWimund d'Avranches (-[1087]). m ---. William & his wife had one child:

Wymond I D'Avranches (c.941 - d.)

Wymond II Abrincis D'Avranches (c.972 - d.)