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Anna Dabney (Harris) MP (1724 - c.1775)

Chiswell Dabney MP (b. - 1865)

Cornelius Dabney MP (1726 - 1792)

Cornelius Dabney MP (1675 - 1765)

Will of Cornelius Dabney February 7, 1765. - In the County Court of Hanover the will of Cornelius Dabney was recorded. He names his wife Sarah. His children, whom he names in his will were: William, ...

Cornelius Dabney Sr. MP (c.1631 - 1694)

Dabney McLean has written ( ): The origin of Cornelius Dabney , ancestor of the Dabneys of Colonial Virginia, never has been proven to my satisfaction. However, keeping in mind the variant spellings ...

Dorothy Trice (Dabney) MP (c.1678 - 1728)

"The William ANDERSON and Dorothy DABNEY you cite certainly seem to be the couple of the same names cited by Rubyann, and that they had among their issue sons named William and Dabney and a daughter na...

Edith Dabney (Morrison) MP (1631 - c.1668)

Sketches of the Dabneys in Virginia by William H. Dabney 1887 " All agree in the statement that soon after Cornelius d'Aubigne came to Virginia, his wife, who had come with him from England, than an in...

Elizabeth Petty (Dabney) MP (deceased)

Capt. George Dabney, Sr. MP (1653 - 1729)

George Dabney was born in England or Wales previous to the emigration of his parents to this country. He married in Virginia soon after coming over and was already married when his father, Cornelius d'...

John Dabney MP (c.1660 - 1734)

Sources Genealogies of Virginia Families II, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1981 links maiden name of Francis Strother's wife was Susanna Dabney and she was his executrix. It...

Mary Ann Winston (Dabney) MP (c.1568 - 1635)

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about Isaac Winston Name: Isaac Winston Gender: Male Spouse Name: Mary Dabney Number Pages: 1 Source Citation: Source number: 361.000; Source type: ...

Nan Cruikshank (Dabney) MP (1889 - 1973)

Birth: Apr. 10, 1889 Death: Jul. 31, 1973 Family links: Spouse: Harrison Cruikshank (1878 - 1925)* Calculated relationship Inscription: hard to discern the 3 names after 'Nan' and b...

Nancy Dabney (Wiatt) MP (1796 - d.)

Sarah Ann Dabney (Jennings) MP (1688 - 1748)

AFter husband's death made her home with the Maupins and is buried at their homestead**, 3 sons 6 daughters

Sarah Elizabeth Langhorne (Dabney) MP (1821 - 1884)

------------ Sources John S. Langhorne Virginia, Marriages, 1785-1940 Marriage: Feb 13 1839 - Lynchburg (independent City), Virginia Wife: Sarah Elizabeth Dabney

Sarah Winston (Dabney) MP (1658 - 1714)

Name: Sarah Dabney Sex: F Birth: 20 MAR 1658/59 in England Death: 1719 in King William Co., Virginia Parents: Cornelius Dabney b: 11 DEC 1630 in England or France & Edith Morrison b: 8 MAY 1631 in ...

Sarah Ann Dabney (Jennings) MP (c.1670 - c.1725)

Sarah Jennings and children were sealed to her first husband, John Dabney, even though the children were born to Isaac Winston. Mary Dabney is Isaac Winston's second wife. Her second husband was Edmu...

Susannah Strother (Dabney) MP (1698 - 1752)


(Male) Dabney (deceased)

<Private> Dabney (deceased)

? Kirkpatrick (Dabney) (deceased)

[Ann?] Pate (Dabney) (deceased)

Abigail Dabney (b. - 1787)

Achilles Calvin Dabney (1834 - 1901)

Agnes Dabney (deceased)

Albert Smith Dabney (deceased)

Albert Dabney (deceased)

Albert Gallatin Dabney (1765 - 1827)

Albert Rush Dabney (1845 - 1913)

Albert Dabney (deceased)

albert rush dabney (1845 - 1913)

Alfred Dabney (1850 - d.)

Alice Dabney (Mosier) (deceased)

Alice Dabney (Mosier) (deceased)

Alice Mary Dabney (1846 - 1932)

Almira R Dabney (deceased)

Alpha Dabney (deceased)

Alveta Marie Phillips (Dabney) (deceased)

Amy Dabney (deceased)

Anderson Dabney (deceased)

Andrew Bailey Dabney (deceased)

angeletta Dabney (deceased)

Ann Key (Dabney) (deceased)

Ann McClain (Dabney) (deceased)

Ann Dabney (Anderson) (1691 - 1767)

Ann Dabney (1803 - d.)

Ann Terrell (Dabney) (c.1733 - 1825)

Ann Anderson (Dabney) (1759 - 1831)

Ann Dabney (Sherwood) (1668 - d.)

Ann Mehitabel Dabney (deceased)

Ann Maria Dabney (deceased)

Ann Dabney (1853 - d.)

Ann Dabney (Robinson) (deceased)

Ann Harris Dabney (deceased)

Ann Jane Starr (Dabney) (1817 - 1877)

Anna Dabney (deceased)

anna dabney (deceased)

Anna Dabney (Harris) (deceased)

Anna Cora Hyde (Dabney) (deceased)

Anne Dabney (c.1782 - d.)

Anne Mae Dabney (1920 - 1994)

Anne Terrell (Dabney) (1732 - d.)

Anstis Pullen (Dabney) (c.1660 - d.)

Archibald Dabney (1804 - 1870)

Archie Dabney (deceased)

Arena Dabney Tharp (1849 - d.)

Armstead Dabney (deceased)

Artimease Dabney (deceased)

Augustus Clay Dabney (1883 - d.)

Barbara Dabney Bates (deceased)

Barbara Dabney (deceased)

Basil Gordon Dabney (deceased)

Beatrice Dabney (deceased)

Ben Dabney (deceased)

Benjamin Dabney (c.1678 - d.)

Benjamin Dabney (1757 - 1806)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A029262

Benjamin Augustine Dabney (c.1822 - 1830)

Benjamin Dabney (deceased)

Bernadin Dabney (deceased)

Bernard Dabney Jr (deceased)

Bernard Dabney (deceased)

Bert Elmer Dabey (1886 - 1968)

Bertha Anderson Dabney (Council) (1894 - 1942)

Bessie Mae Dabney (Adams) (b. - 1993)

Bethenia Smith McLemore (Dabney) (1803 - 1857)

Betty Morris (Dabney) (deceased)

Blanche Dabney (deceased)

Bluford DABNEY (deceased)

Bluford DABNEY (deceased)

Bulah Dabney (deceased)

callie dabney (deceased)

capt. george dabney (deceased)

Carl Dabney (deceased)

carlye dabney (deceased)

Carlyle English Dabney (1926 - 2001)

Carolyn Rees (Dabney) (deceased)

Carrie Bertha Dabney (Trimnal) (b. - 2001)

Carrie Hickman/ Dabney (Gibson) (deceased)

Cary Carrington (Dabney) (c.1900 - d.)

Cassandra Dabney (Walker) (deceased)