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Agnes Daniel MP (c.1278 - c.1341)

Amarriah Daniel MP (1770 - 1841)

Anan ben Daniel ben Saul, Rabbinic Ananite MP (c.790 - d.)

The Muslim historian al-Bīrūnī (d. after 1050) states that Daniel ben Saul’s son, whose name was Anan, was the person who founded the Ananite movement in about 890. Accordin...

Ann Daniel MP (c.1646 - 1687)

Anne Shawe (Daniel), SM/PROG MP (c.1797 - 1862)

1820 British Settler Ann Daniel 23, together with her husband Samuel Edward Shawe 32, Gentleman, and their son, were members of Parker's Party of Settlers on the East Indian . Party originated fr...

Annie Ruth Daniel (Fulghum) MP (1916 - 1991)

Birth: Mar. 4, 1916 Death: Aug. 2, 1991 Burial: Forest Hills Memorial Park Elberton Elbert County Georgia, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Suellen Browning Dennis Record ad...

António Carvalho Daniel MP

Azariah ben Daniel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen MP (c.1190 - d.)

Azariah (mentioned by Eleazar ben Jacob; see van Bekkum, p. 46, l. 24) Bibliography van Bekkum, Wout Jac (ed.). The Secular Poetry of El‘azar ben Ya‘aqov ha-Bavli (Leiden: Brill, 2007).

Carla Daniel MP

É uma atriz e cantora brasileira, filha do diretor e ator Daniel Filho e da atriz Dorinha Duval. Atuação na televisão 2012 - As Brasileiras .... Jupiára / Cloti...

Catherine Daniel (Greenway) MP (c.1626 - 1680)

KATHERINE, 7th & last known child of John & Mary Greenway, was born say 1626. She married by 1646 William Daniel (eldest child bp. Dorchester 18 October 1646 [James Harrison Daniels Jr., The Daniels Fa...

Clare Lindsay (Daniel) MP (1664 - 1724)

David ben Daniel MP (b. - c.1288)

David ben Daniel David ben Daniel was Babylonian exilarch after the Mongol conquest. Little is known about him other than that he was a fifth-generation descendant of Zakkai ben Azariah, brother of D...

David 'ben Zakkai II" ben Daniel ben Azariah, Gaon of Palestine Yeshiva of Fustat MP (c.1048 - c.1099)

David, the only son of the gaon of the Palestinian yeshiva Daniel ben Azariah was born around 1058. Only four when his father died, he was evidently raised by family members in Damascus. When the Selju...

Edith Faye Daniel (Taunton) MP (1955 - 2005)

Birth: Sep. 1, 1955 Death: Jun. 16, 2005 Burial: Rest Haven Memorial Gardens Norphlet Union County Arkansas, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Iris Meshell Record added: Dec ...

Elizabeth Comstock (Daniel) MP (1608 - 1659)

Elizabeth Daniel (Pebite) MP (c.1564 - 1582)

Elizabeth Daniel MP (1586 - 1611)

Emma Louise Gilmour Daniel (Purvis) MP

Ezekiel 1750 Daniel MP (c.1750 - c.1822)

Henry Daniel MP (1582 - 1608)

Isabel Hardisty (Daniel) MP (deceased)

Isabel Daniel & William Hardisty Marriage: Nov 15 1707 Ripley, York, England Wife: Isabel Daniel Husband: William Hardisty Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M01424-1 System Origin: England-O...

Capt. James Daniel MP (1707 - c.1761)

After re-entry into research on the various Daniel families and a number of "aha's" from the records, I was very satisfied and convinced that James is the son of James Daniel and Jane Hicks of Albemarl...

Japheth Daniel MP (1738 - 1805)

Jeremiah Daniell (DANIEL), Sr. MP (1744 - 1784)

From the Daughters of the American Revolution citation: Jeremiah Daniell - Needham - Corporal in Cat. Aaron Smith's Co, Col William Heath's Regiment with marched on the Alarm of April 19, 1775 Servic...

Juan Daniel MP (1907 - 2008)

Foi um ator e cantor hispano-brasileiro. Sua família emigrou para a Argentina quando ainda era criança. Mais tarde, em 1929, estabeleceu-se no Brasil, onde se casou com a també...

John Daniel, Sr. MP (1626 - 1668)

John Daniel (Daniels) MP (c.1610 - 1688)

John Daniel MP (1561 - 1582)

João de Faria Daniel MP

Daniel Filho MP

É ator, diretor, produtor de televisão e de cinema brasileiro. Biografia Filho único do ator e cantor catalão Joan Daniel Ferrer e da atriz argentina María Irma...

João Paulo Carvalho Daniel MP

Julia Daniel, SM/PROG MP (1781 - 1837)

1820 British Settler Julia Daniel 39, together with her husband Edward Ford Turvey 39, Drawing master and Party Leader and 7 children, were members of his Party of 61 Settlers on the Sir George Osb...

Lily Morris (Daniel) MP (1908 - 1997)

Lys Daniel Miranda MP

Manerva Daniel (Hooks) MP (c.1852 - d.)

Manerva's family lived with white Rawlings: 3 brothers and one sister during 1900 census. There were six of her children there, 5 girls and one boy, including Rosa. It says there were 10 out of 11 chil...

Maranda Daniel (Stapleton) MP (1846 - 1917)

Margaret Daniel (Price) MP (1670 - 1734)

Robert Daniel married Margaret Price 07 FEB 1686/87 in Middlesex Co., VA. - Christ Church, daughter of Robert Price and Jane Smith. She was born 14 AUG 1670 in Middlesex Co., VA., was christened 12 S...

Margaretha Kemmerer (Daniel) MP (1731 - 1768)

Marie-Françoise Daniel MP (deceased)

Mary Susan Arnold (Daniel) MP (1872 - 1945)

Mary Daniel (Williams) MP (1650 - 1745)

Mary Isbell (Daniel) MP (c.1755 - 1817)

Mary "Polly" Daniel (Borders) MP (1790 - 1898)

Notes for MARY BORDERS: Per Steve Priest, a relative of Isom and Mary, family "tradition" said that Mary died when she was 114 years old. Wiley's Big Sandy Valley had her listed as 85 in 1876. Marr...

Mary Dillard (Daniel) MP (deceased)

George4 DILLARD (Edward3, John2, John Carbonne1 D'ILLARD)5,6,7 was born 1634 in Wiltshire, England8, and died Bet. 1694 - 1704. He married (1) Mary DANIEL. He married (2) Martha WILLIAMS Bef. 1658.

Meletiah Daniel (Hayward) MP (1745 - 1797)

Milonis Daniel MP (1539 - d.)

Nancy Tharp (Daniel) MP (c.1789 - d.)

Nancy Ann Carlton (Daniel) MP (1772 - 1850)

Olin Gibson Daniel MP (1912 - 1985)

Birth: Nov. 11, 1912 Death: Jan. 13, 1985 Burial: Forest Hills Memorial Park Elberton Elbert County Georgia, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Suellen Browning Dennis Record ...

Olive Daniel (Rider) MP (1777 - 1860)

Rebecca Thompson (Daniel) MP (1659 - 1713)

Richard Daniel MP (1290 - 1311)

Robert Daniel, Jr. MP (c.1691 - d.)

. Robert Daniel (Robert Daniel6, William Daniel5, Peter Daniels4, Anna Mainwaring3, Henry Mainwaring2, Randall Mainwaring1) was born 21 SEP 1691 in Middlesex Co., VA., and died 08 JUL 1742 in Middlesex...

Robert Daniel, Sr. MP (c.1666 - 1720)

Robert Daniel (William Daniel5, Peter Daniels4, Anna Mainwaring3, Henry Mainwaring2, Randall Mainwaring1) was born 1666 in Middlesex Co., VA., and died 27 DEC 1720 in Middlesex Co., VA.. He was buri...

Robert Daniel MP (c.1838 - c.1891)

Robert Williams Daniel MP (1884 - 1940)

Name: Mr Robert Williams Daniel Born: Thursday 11th September 1884 Age: 27 years Last Residence: in Montreal Québéc Canada 1st Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on...

Roger Daniel (Daniels), Jr. MP (c.1547 - d.)

Roger Daniel, Jr. MP (c.1595 - c.1680)

Before 1645, ROGER DANIEL left England & came to the Virginia Colony with a MILES CARY. In the Will of MILES CAREY, he left ROGER DANIEL a tract of land that a Goodman Haskins was living on at the time...

Roger Daniel (Daniels), Sr. MP (c.1520 - 1570)

Roger Daniel MP (1625 - 1680)

Rosa Rawlings (Daniel) MP (c.1881 - 1962)

Rusa bat Daniel Palache MP (c.1747 - d.)

Ruth Antoinette Stallings Daniel (Veasey) MP (1914 - 2000)

Birth: May 5, 1914 Granville County North Carolina, USA Death: Feb. 12, 2000 Mecklenburg County North Carolina, USA North Carolina Death Collection, 1908-2004 Name: Antoinette Veasey Stallings [Ant...

Sarah Cheney (Daniel) MP (c.1638 - 1718)

Sarah Daniel (Rothschild) MP

Sarah Lucy Lindsay (Daniel) MP (c.1703 - 1764)

Sources Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol I, Tylers Quaterly, 1981. Text: p. 482. Virginia State Records, Civil Registry Links

Shmuel ben Daniel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen, Gaon of Yeshiva Geʾon Yaʿaqov MP (c.1195 - d.)

Thomas James Daniel (?) MP

Valentina Carvalho Daniel MP

Capt. William Daniel MP (c.1625 - c.1696)

William Daniel (Peter Daniels4, Anna Mainwaring3, Henry Mainwaring2, Randall Mainwaring1) was born 08 APR 1625 in Over Tabley, Cheshire, England, and died BET 1695 AND 03 OCT 1698 in Middlesex Co., V...

Daniel (1749 - d.)

Daniel (deceased)

Daniel (c.1850 - d.)

Daniel (deceased)

Daniel (deceased)

Jan Daniel Hendrik Assies (1902 - d.)

Daniel (1775 - d.)

Aniankunju (deceased)

Daniel (deceased)

O'Daniel (deceased)

DANIEL (1835 - d.)

Daniel (deceased)

Daniel (deceased)

Shanthaparaj Daniel (deceased)

"Dr" William Daniel (deceased)

(3856) Joyce Bond (Daniel) (1936 - d.)

(?) Daniel (Spencer) (deceased)

(?)John Daniel (c.1670 - d.)

FROM THOMAS DANIEL, ESSEX,ENGLAND-AUGUST, 2014 Have I researched it ?. Well, together with the history of the “famous” Daniell’s of Over Tabley and Daresbury , both in Cheshire, an...

(Infant) Daniel (1921 - d.)

(Infant) Daniel (1917 - c.1917)

(Jakob?) Daniel (deceased)

(Unknown) Daniel (1899 - 1899)

(unknown) Shahrabany Daniel (deceased)

- Daniel (deceased)

- Daniel (deceased)

- Daniel (deceased)

. Daniel (deceased)

/Karla/ Daniel (deceased)

2 Daniel (deceased)

<private> Stein (Daniel) (deceased)