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Ann Daux (Rogers) MP (c.1603 - 1625)

Ann Witt (Daux) MP (c.1647 - c.1676)

Parents: Father: Walter DAUX b: Abt 1620 & Mother: Mary UNKNOWN, widow of Plaine. (1)(2) The father of Ann Daux and her sister Susanna, his name Walter Daux, son of Richard Daux, merchant of London...

Henry Daux (Dykes) MP (1575 - 1637)

Mildred Elizabeth Daux MP (1671 - 1741)

"Faulty rationale begets faulty Tradition. And that's what happened here. However sincere, the faulty Witt tradition can be traced back to "Year Book No. 1," dated 1924, of the Huguenot Society of the ...

Richard Daux MP (c.1600 - c.1658)

Alternate Birth Year(s): 1590, 1600

Walter Daux MP (1625 - c.1658)

Walter Daux had perhaps lived on the property of the his wife’s first husband, as there are several later records of a dispute between John Flower and a ship’s captain regarding two hogsh...

Andréa de Daux (deceased)

Ann Whytt (Daux) (deceased)

Ann Whitt (Daux) (deceased)

Ann Daux (deceased)

Ann Daux (deceased)

ANN WITT (DAUX) (1700 - d.)

Ann Witt Archer (Daux) (1650 - 1742)

Anne deWitt (Daux) (deceased)

Anne Witt (Daux) (deceased)

Christiana Daux (Salkeld) (1480 - 1550)

Elizabeth Mary Witt (Daux) (1704 - 1779)

Elizabeth Mildred deWitt (Daux) (1684 - d.)

Elizabeth M. Mildred Daux (1684 - 1741)

elizabeth mildred daux (deceased)

Isabell Daux (Pennington) (1520 - 1550)

Died after childbirth.

Jean DAUX (deceased)

Jean Chaudron (Daux) (1662 - 1701)

Jeanne Chaudron (Daux) (deceased)

John Walter Daux (1650 - 1677)

John Walter Daux (c.1660 - c.1677)

Mary Daux (deceased)

Mary Prob Daux (deceased)

Mary Mildred Witt (Daux) (1679 - 1741)

Mary Daux (Douglas) (deceased)

Mary Daux (Plaine) (1627 - 1678)

Mary Daux (Douglas) (deceased)

Mary Plaine Flowers Daux (deceased)

Mildred Elizabeth Mary Daux (deceased)

Omer DAUX (deceased)

Pierre DAUX (deceased)

Péronne DAUX (deceased)

Richard Daux (deceased)

Susan Turbyfield (Daux) (deceased)

Susan Turbeville (Daux) (1647 - 1694)

Susanna Rawlins (Daux) (1648 - 1694)

Unknown Daux (deceased)

Walter Daux (deceased)