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Abigail Phebe Birdseye (Dayton) MP (c.1601 - 1687)

Alice Baker (Dayton) MP (c.1620 - 1709)

Children Hannah Baker F 26 Jun 1650 in East Hampton, Long Island, New York, USA Thomas Baker M 26 Jul 1654 in East Hampton, Suffolk, New York, USA Nathaniel Baker M 22 Dec 1655 in Eas...

Alice Dayton (Goldhatch) MP (1587 - 1614)

There seems to be confusion here. Alice was born a Goldhatch. Her mother married a mister Triton who had a son from a prior marriage. They were married to each other before she married to Mr. Dayton,...

Benedict Dayton MP (1751 - 1804)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for RHODE ISLAND with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor # A030958 Private to Captain, Newport troop of Horse. Justice of the peace, North Kingston Rhode Island, 1...

Charity Johnson (Dayton) MP (c.1705 - 1756)

Deborah Walden (Dayton) MP (c.1792 - 1877)

Daughter, Mary Gardner Walden 1826-1868

Dorothy Dayton (Brewster) MP (b. - 1649)

Brig. General Elias Dayton MP (1737 - 1807)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW JERSEY with the rank of BRIGADIER GENERAL. DAR Ancestor # A030963 Elias Dayton (May 1, 1737 – October 22, 1807), father of Jonathan Dayton, was b...

Elizabeth Dayton (Todd) MP (1690 - 1752)

The Tuttle story is one of my qualifying stories for Rootsweb's International Black Sheep Society After checking out the citations that people sent me, as much as I could get ahold of them, mostly ...

Isaac Dayton MP (1664 - 1715)

The descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle, who came from old to New England in 1635, and settled in New Haven in 1639, with numerous biographical notes and sketches : also, some account of the de...

Col. Isaac Dayton MP (1720 - 1804)

The Tuttle story is one of my qualifying stories for Rootsweb's International Black Sheep Society After checking out the citations that people sent me, as much as I could get ahold of them, mostly ...

Isaac Dayton, II MP (c.1684 - 1756)

On Easter Monday, 21 March 1741, at the home of Thomas Ives, a group of citizens of Wallingford, Cheshire, and North Haven held a crucial meeting. Thomas Ives and North Ingham were chosen as wardens an...

Jonathan Dayton, Signer of the US Constitution, 4th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives MP (1760 - 1824)

Jonathan Dayton (October 16, 1760 – October 9, 1824) was an American politician from the U.S. state of New Jersey. He was the youngest person to sign the United States Constitution and a membe...

Mark Dayton, Governor, U.S. Senator MP

Mark Brandt Dayton (born January 26, 1947) is an American politician, the 40th and current Governor of the state of Minnesota.[1] Dayton previously served as United States Senator from Minnesota from...

Mary Elizabeth Mead (Dayton) MP (1836 - 1897)

Medlin Wilhelmina Dayton (Montauk) MP (c.1624 - c.1666)

Medlin was a Montauk Indian of Eastern Long Island. The Montauk's continue to exist today as they intermarried with the Daytons and several other prominent New England families. The land was four acr...

Rachel Buck (Dayton) MP (1666 - 1726)

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Ralph Dayton MP (c.1588 - 1658)

Ralph was a shoemaker. Ralph, was of Ashford, Kent, England, when he married Alice, and remained there for at least twenty years before coming to New England. He was probably not in New Haven in 1639...

Rebecca Dayton MP (1713 - 1801)

Rebecca Dayton MP (1709 - 1711)

Samuel Parsons Dayton MP (1624 - 1690)

Thomas Dayton MP (c.1585 - d.)

William Dayton MP (c.1585 - d.)

Dayton (deceased)

Dayton (deceased)

Dayton (deceased)

(unknown) Dayton (de Deighton) (.) (deceased)

--- DAYTON (1856 - d.)

--- DAYTON (1776 - d.)

? Dayton (Ales) (deceased)

A. Homer Dayton (1866 - d.)


Aaron Ogden Dayton (1796 - d.)

Abagail Dayton (Norton) (deceased)

Abel Dayton (deceased)

Abiah Dayton (Beardsley) (1725 - d.)

Abiah Dayton (Matthews) (1771 - 1845)

Abiah Dayton (Houd) (deceased)

Abigail Dayton (Wyman) (deceased)

Abigail Phoebe Beardsley (Dayton) (c.1639 - 1712)

Abigail Birdsey (Dayton) (1601 - 1687)

Abigail B Dayton (deceased)

Abigail Birdsey (Dayton) (deceased)

Abraham Dayton (1719 - 1780)

Abraham Dayton (deceased)

Abraham Dayton (1656 - 1726)

Abraham Dayton (1794 - 1851)

Abraham Dayton (1772 - 1848)

Abraham C. Dayton (deceased)

Acel Dayton (1902 - 1971)

Social Security Number 373-09-8334

Ada I Dayton (1885 - d.)

Ada Cochran Whatley (Dayton) (1851 - d.)

Adam Clay DAYTON (1910 - 1995)

Adda Dayton (Husted) (deceased)

Adda Dayton (Irwin) (deceased)

Adelia Dayton (Trowbridge) (deceased)

Adelia McCoy (Dayton) (c.1841 - d.)

Adeline Jerusha Dayton (1830 - 1910)

Adolphus Dayton (deceased)

Adon Wescott Dayton* (Dayton) (1909 - 1982)

Adon Wescott Dayton, 73, lifelong Adams County South Dakota farmer and rancher died suddenly Monday morning December 20, 1982 enroute to Five Counties Hospital in Lemmon, SD. Adon W. Dayton was born to...

Agnes Louise Dayton (1923 - 1985)

Agnes Muir Dayton (Fatkin) (1866 - 1943)

Alan Dayton (deceased)

Alanson Dayton (1817 - 1883)

Albert C Dayton (1912 - 1974)

Albert Percy Dayton (deceased)

Albert C. Dayton (deceased)

albert dayton (deceased)

Albert P Dayton (1865 - 1919)

Alberta Dayton (Goodman) (deceased)

Alfred James Dayton (deceased)

Alfred Dayton (deceased)

Alfred Dayton (deceased)

Alfred B Dayton (1814 - 1905)


Algernon Dayton (deceased)

Alice Tinat-Forni (Dayton) (1906 - 1997)

Alice Dayton (Multer) (1846 - 1932)

Alice Edwards (Dayton) (deceased)

Alice Amanda Dayton (deceased)

Alice Dayton (deceased)

Alice Kiesner (Dayton) (c.1879 - d.)

PROS/CURATORS - Please contact profile manager before any mergers or alterations. 125 - 1901 Miller Roll. All descendants of this person are entitled to membership within the Brothertown Indian...

Alice Dayton (1853 - 1854)


Allan Shea Dayton Jr. (1928 - 1990)

Alletie Dayton (Meeker) (1866 - d.)

Allie May Turner (Dayton) (1886 - 1955)

Alma Dayton (deceased)

Almira Dayton (c.1815 - 1897)

Almon B Dayton (deceased)

Alpha Virginia Hathaway (Dayton) (1921 - 1992)

Alston Gordon Dayton, US Congress (1857 - 1920)

US Congressman. Elected to represent West Virginia's 2nd District in the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1895 to 1905. Also served as a State Court Judge.

Althea Smith (Dayton) (1682 - 1714)

Alvin Dayton (deceased)

Alvira Millie Dayton (1864 - d.)

Amanda Stiffey (Dayton) (1861 - 1900)

Amarilla Borror (Dayton) (1812 - 1887)

Amelia E Dayton (1858 - d.)

Amelia Dayton (Shindel) (deceased)

America A DAYTON (1864 - d.)