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Adelaida de Barcelona, comtessa consort d'Urgell MP (928 - 955)

Adelaide de Barcelone MP (deceased)

ADELAIDA [Papia] de Barcelona, daughter of RAMÓN BORELL I Conde de Barcelona & his wife Ermesinde de Carcassonne. married Roger I de Tosny "d'Espagne" de Conches Children: Helbert Helinant Vuasco...

Almodis de Barcelona, vescomtessa de Bas MP (1114 - 1171)

Almodis de Barcelona, vescomtessa consort de Cardona MP (1078 - 1140)

Arnau de Barcelona MP (c.1041 - c.1045)

Berenguela de Barcelona, reina consorte de León y Castilla MP (c.1116 - 1149)

Berenguela de Barcelona De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Doña Berenguela de Barcelona (1105 - 1149) era una dama catalana. Hija de Ramón Berenguer III, conde de Barcelona, y doña Dulce de Provenza...

Berenguer de Barcelona MP (c.1040 - c.1045)

Bérenger-Raimond I, comte de Provence MP (1115 - 1144)

Berenguer Ramon I el Corbat, XVII comte de Barcelona MP (c.1000 - 1035)

Berenguer Ramón I conde de Barcelona (1005-1035). Era hijo de Ramón Borrell y de Ermesenda de Carcasona. En el año 1021 se casó con Sancha, hija de Sancho García, conde de Castilla, con la que tuvo d...

Berenguer Ramon II el Fratricida, comte de Barcelona MP (c.1053 - 1097)

Comte de Barcelona (1076-97), fill de Ramon Berenguer I i d'Almodis de la marca, i germà, probablement bessó, del comte Ramon Berenguer II dit Cap d'Estopes. Ambdós germans succeïren llur pare a la m...

Bernat, Infant de Barcelona MP (c.1116 - 1117)

Bernat Berenguer de Barcelona MP (c.1035 - 1058)

BERNAT BERENGUER ([1035]-after 6 Mar 1058). The codicil of "domna Ermesindis comitissa", dated 6 Mar 1057 (O.S.), names "Guillermo Berengarii suo nepoti…Sancio suo nepoti…Bernardo Berengarii suo nepo...

Borrell II, XIV comte de Barcelona MP (c.927 - 993)

NOBILITY.htm BORRELL [II] de Barcelona, son of SUNYER [I] Comte de Barcelona & his wife Richilde --- (-30 Sep 993). The Gesta Comitum Barcinonensium names (in order) "Borellus, Ermengaudus et Miro"...

Ermengarda, vescomtessa consort de Barcelona MP (b. - c.1029)

Ermengol I, comte d'Osona MP (925 - c.943)

Ermengol I el de Còrdova, comte d'Urgell MP (c.973 - 1010)

Comte d'Urgell (992-1010). Fill segon del comte Borrell II de Barcelona, Girona, Osona i Urgell, el qual succeí en aquest darrer comtat. Benvist i considerat a Roma, on anà dues vegades (el 998 i el ...

Estefania de Barcelona, vescomte consort de Dacs MP (1118 - 1131)

Gudinilda, Infanta de Barcelona MP (c.915 - 960)

Guifré I el Pilós, XI comte de Barcelona MP (c.840 - c.897)

Count of Cerdanya and of Urgell (870(?) - 897) and of Barcelona, of Girona as Wilfred II, and of Besalú (878-897), he also held the title of Marquis. Son of Sunifred I and Ermessenda. His most importan...

Guillem, Infant de Barcelona MP (929 - 986)

Guillem I, comte d'Osona MP (c.1029 - 1058)

GUILLEM RAMON ([1029/31]-after 6 Mar 1058). The Gesta Comitum Barcinonensium name "Raimundum Berengarii, et Gillelmum Berengarii et Sancium Berengarii" as children of "Berengarius", stating that "Gui...

Guitard, Vescomte de Barcelona MP (c.966 - c.985)

Viscount of Barcelona (c. 966-c. 985). First definite link in the viscountal lineage of Barcelona. It is thought that he was the son of his forebear Gombau. In 966, he was executor of the will of Count...

Inès de Barcelone, comtesse consort d'Albon MP (1054 - 1100)

m secondly (10 May 1070) INES de Barcelona, daughter of RAMON BERENGUER I "el Viejo" Comte de Barcelona & his third wife Almodis de la Marche ([1055/56]-[before 12 Nov 1076]). “Wigo” (signed “Wigonis c...

Mafalda de Barcelona, vescomtessa consort de Fenollet MP (c.1080 - d.)

Mafalda de Barcelona MP (c.1119 - d.)

Maria de Barcelona, comtessa consort de Besalú MP (b. - 1111)

Mir Geribert 'Príncep d'Olèrdola' de Barcelona MP (b. - 1060)

Mirón I, comte de Barcelona MP (926 - 966)

N.N. de Barcelona MP (deceased)

Adémar de Chabannes records that Roger de Tosny lost his brother-in-law with whom he was fighting the Moors, but does not identify him by name.

N.N. de Barcelona MP (deceased)

N.N. de Barcelona MP (b. - c.969)

Pere Ramon de Barcelona MP (c.1040 - c.1073)

Ramón Berenguer de Barcelona, arzobispo de Narbona MP (1177 - c.1212)

Ramon Berenguer I el Vell, comte de Barcelona MP (1023 - 1076)

Ramon Berenguer I, (1023-1076) llamado el Vell (el viejo, según algunas traducciones) hijo de Berenguer Ramón I, fue Conde de Barcelona y Gerona (1035-1076) y de Osona (1054-1076). Tabla de contenido...

Ramon Berenguer II Cap d'Estopes, comte de Barcelona MP (c.1054 - 1082)

Murdered by his half-brother. -------------------- Ramón Berenguer II, (la Perxa de l'Astor, 1053 - Gualba, 1082), llamado "Cabeza de Estopa", (en catalán Cap d'Estopes), en alusión a su espesa cab...

Ramon Berenguer III el Gran, comte de Barcelona MP (1082 - 1131)

Ramón Berenguer III el Grande (Rodez, Rouergue 1082-Barcelona 1131). Era hijo de Ramón Berenguer II, a quien sucedió como Conde de Barcelona. Después de un periodo de cogobierno con su tío, Berenguer...

Ramon Berenguer IV el Sant, comte de Barcelona MP (1113 - 1162)

Berenguer lV Prince of Aragbon--------------------Ram on «den Hellige» var Greve av Barcelona 1131-1162. Fyrste av Aragon 1137 - 1162. Greve av Provence 1144-1162 (som Raimond Berenguer I). Ramo...

Ramon Borrell I, XVI comte de Barcelona MP (971 - 1017)

NOBILITY.htm RAMON BORRELL [I] de Barcelona ([971/26 May 972]-25 Feb 1017). The Gesta Comitum Barcinonensium names (in order) "Raimundum Borrelli et Ermengaudum" as the two sons of "Borrellus comes"[...

Riquilda, vescomte consort de Barcelona MP (b. - c.1041)

Riquilda de Barcelona, vescomtessa de Narbona MP (906 - c.962)

Sanç, Comte d'Olèrdola MP (1005 - 1058)

SANCHO BERENGUER (-after 6 Mar 1058). The Gesta Comitum Barcinonensium name "Raimundum Berengarii, et Gillelmum Berengarii et Sancium Berengarii" as children of "Berengarius", stating that "Sancius B...

Sança de Barcelona, Comtessa consort de Cerdanya MP (1076 - 1095)

Sibylle de Barcelone, duchesse consort de Bourgogne MP (b. - 1074)

Note: According to FMG Projects MedLands there appears to be nothing to support the suggestion that her first name was Sibylla. Sibila de Barcelona Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Ir par...

Quixiló, comtessa consort d'Empúries MP (deceased)

Sunifred I, IV comte d'Urgell MP (c.810 - c.848)

Count of Urgell and La Cerdanya (834-848), of Barcelona, Girona, Narbonne and other counties in Septimania (844-848). According to Abadal's research, he was the son of Count Bello of Carcassonne and br...

Udalardo I de Barcelona, Vizconde de Barcelona MP (b. - c.1114)

Viscount of Barcelona (circa 985 - circa 1014), son of Viscount Guitard i de Geriberga. In 985, Count Borrell II commissioned him for the defence of Barcelona, together with the archdeacon, Arnulf, dur...

Ximena de Barcelona, comtesse d'Osona MP (c.1105 - 1169)

Ximena de Barcelona i de Díaz -------------------- Ramon Berenguer III, Count of Barcelona From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ramon Berenguer's marriages and descendants First wife, Marí...

Bernard de Gothia, de Barcelona, de Septimania, de Girona (deceased)

[ ] =Bernard of Gothia= (? - 880 ), Count of Barcelona , Marquis of Gothia and Septimania ( 865 - 878 ) and Count of Girona ( 870 - 878 Family Origins Son of Count Bernard de Poitiers (d. 844 ), ...

Bello, comte de Carcassonne MP (755 - c.812)

Count of Carcassona in the time of Charlemagne. Father of Guiscafred, the count of Carcassona, Sunifred, the count of Urgell-Sardinia (the father of Wilfred the Hairy) and very probably also that of Ol...

Dama de Barcelona (deceased)

Urraca de Castela, rainha consorte de Portugal MP (c.1187 - c.1220)

Urraca, princess of Castile From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Urraca of Castile (1186 – 1220) was a daughter of Alfonso VIII of Castile and Leonora of England. Her maternal grandparents were He...

Enrique Folch de Cardona, Obispo de Barcelona y Monreal (1485 - 1530)

Ermengarde de Barcelona (1003 - d.)

Ermesinda de Barcelona (deceased)

Estefania de Barcelona (c.992 - d.)

Guillem II de Castellvell de Barcelona (b. - 1178)

Inés de Barcelona (1056 - 1071)

Lucia de Barcelona (deceased)

Mafalda de Barcelona (deceased)

Maria Vicenta teresa de Borbón y Freitas Freites de Barcelona (deceased)

Rangearde de La Marche (c.1017 - 1071)

Rangearde de La Marche... ; Rangearde de La Marche...

Rosalinde de Barcelona (c.842 - d.)

Riquilda de Polonia, reina consorte de León y Castilla MP (c.1135 - 1185)

Richeza of Poland (c. 1140 – June 16, 1185), was the daughter of King Wladislaus II the Exile of Poland, and Agnes of Babenberg. She accompanied her father into exile in 1146. Her name is also spelled ...

Sança de Castella, comtessa consort de Barcelona MP (1006 - 1026)

Berenguer Ramon I, Count of Barcelona From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1021, he married Sancha Sánchez, daughter of Sancho I Garcés, count of Castile, with whom he had two sons: his success...

Stephanie De Barcelona (c.1010 - d.)

vizconde junifredo de barcelona (deceased)