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? Unknown mistress de Bellême MP (deceased)

Adelise de Bellème MP (c.1014 - 1043)

Adeline De Domfront Adeline was born in 1025 in Domfront, , Normandy, France. Adeline's father was Warin De Domfront and her mother was Melisende De Chateaudun. She was an only child. She died at t...

Foulques de Bellême MP (c.996 - d.)

Godehildis de Bellême MP (b. - 1035)

Godehildis Wife of Raoul de Beaumont II From Medlands: GODEHILDIS, daughter of ---. "Rodulfus…Cenomannus vicecomes…mee bone coniugis Godehelt…filio Rodulfo" donated property to...

Godehildis d'Alencon (de Belleme) MP (c.930 - 1004)

GODEHILDIS From Medlands: (-after 1005). "Ivo" founded Notre-Dame de Bellême, for the souls of himself "conjugisque mee Godehildis, sive filiis meis vel genitoribus meis", by undated charter, ...

Guillaume I, 'Talvas' de Belleme, seigneur d'Alençon MP (c.970 - 1031)

GUILLAUME [I] de Bellême, son of IVES de Creil Seigneur de Bellême & his wife Godehildis --- (-[1031]). Guillaume de Jumièges records that "Guillaume de Belesme, fils d'Yves, qui...

Guillaume II "Talvas" de Bellême, seigneur d'Alençon MP (985 - c.1055)

Guillaume (William) "Talvas" de Bellême, Sire d'Alençon Spouses: 1. Hildeburg 2. (daughter) de Beaumont LINKS ------------------------------ MEDIEVAL LANDS GUILLAUME [II] ...

Guillaume III "Talvas" de Bellême, comte de Ponthieu et d'Alencon MP (c.1090 - 1171)

FRANCE.htm GUILLAUME [I] "Talvas" de Ponthieu, son of ROBERT de Montgommery "de Bellême" Sire d'Alençon, Comte de Ponthieu, Earl of Shrewsbury & his wife Agnès de Ponthieu (-30 J...

Hildeburge de Bellême MP (c.975 - 1035)

HILDEBURGIS de Bellême From Medlands (-27 Oct ----). Avesgaud Bishop of Le Mans gave the church of Parigné-l'Evèque and Loué to "unam Hildeburgi sorori suæ pr...

Robert I de Bellême MP (b. - 1034)

Warinus de Bellême, seigneur de Domfront MP (c.994 - 1026)

From Medlands- 1. WARINUS [Guérin] de Bellême (-murdered 1026). Guillaume de Jumièges names (in order) "Guérin, Foulques, Robert et Guillaume" as the four sons of "Guillau...

Yves de Bellême (de Bellesme) MP (970 - c.1030)

From Medlands IVES de Bellême (-after [1031]). "Avesgaudus…Cenomannensium presul, meusque frater Ivo" donated property to Saint-Vincent du Mans by charter dated to [995/1032][87]. "Ro...

de Bellême (deceased)

(Guillaume) William Talvas I De Belleme And Alencom (c.995 - c.1048)

William I Talvas From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Map of the lands of Bellême William I Talvas (c. 995 – 1052), seigneur of Alençon. According to Orderic Vitalis his nickn...

(unk) wife of Arnoul de Bellême (deceased)

Adela De Belleme (deceased)

Arabella De Belleme (c.940 - d.)

Arnoul de Bellême (deceased)

ARNOUL de Bellême From MEdlands: (-murdered). Guillaume de Jumièges names "Arnoul et Mabille" as children of Guillaume Talvas and Hildeburge, recording in a later passage his revolt...

Arnoul of Westfriesland ? de Bellême (Arnulf) (c.971 - 993)

Arnulf Talvas De Belleme (deceased)

Avesgaud de Bellême (c.960 - 1035)

Beatrix de Bellème (deceased)

Beatrix de Bellême (deceased)

Beatrix Martel Anjou de Belleme (Gatinais) (c.1035 - d.)

Benoit de Bellême (deceased)

Blanche de Bellême, dame de Ponthieu (1124 - 1180)

Fulk De Belleme (deceased)

Ganna de Belleme (de Château-Ganné) (c.1040 - 1066)

Godchild or Godehaut Comtesse de Bellême (960 - 1035)

Godchild or Godehaut Comtesse de Bellême (960 - 1035)

Godchilde de Cruelly (de Belleme) (c.1005 - d.)

Godebelt de Bellême (c.934 - d.)

Godebelt de Bellême (c.934 - d.)

Godebelt de Belleme (deceased)

Godechilde de Belleme (de Ponthieu) (c.940 - 1005)

Godeheut de Bellême (de Ponthieu) (deceased)

Godehilde De Bellème (b. - 1049)

Godhaut De Belleme (c.971 - 1035)

Guillaume De Belleme (1000 - 1028)

Guillaume I De Belleme (b. - 1028)

Hildeburge de Bellême de Bellême (b. - 1035)

Ives Seigneur de Bellême and Bishop of Sées (deceased)

Mabel De Belleme (c.1026 - 1079)

Mabel de Bellême Dame Shrewsbury (de Bellême) (c.1026 - 1079)

Mabille Talvas dAlençon dame De Belleme (1025 - 1079)

Mathilde De Belleme (b. - 1033)

Mathilde De Belleme (De Ganelon) (b. - 1033)

Mathilde of Condé-sur-Noireau de Belleme (deceased)

Mistress of Warin de Bellême (NN) (deceased)

ozala D'Ivrea of Italy de Belleme (945 - 1003)

Raoul de Bellême (b. - 1053)

RAOUL de Bellême (-after 28 May 1053). Ives Bishop of Sées confirmed the sale of the church of Courgains, with the consent of "fratre episcopi Willelmo, et Oliverio et Warino et Rodulfo e...

Renaud I De Belleme, I (1020 - d.)

Renaud I de Bellême, Sire de Chateaugontier (1000 - c.1061)

La Maison de la Jaille, par le Marquis de Brisay: "RENAUD Ier, seigneur de Châteaugontier — Rainaldus videlicet Yvonis — selon que l'énoncent les moines de St-Aubin, ...

Robert De Belleme (deceased)

SIFRIDUS de Bellême (deceased)

Warin De Belleme (deceased)

William de Bellême (c.965 - 1028)

William De Belleme (deceased)

William de Belleme, Seigneur de Saonnois (c.950 - d.)

Family William married Mathilde of Condé-sur-Noireau, William and Mathilde had six sons: Fulk, died in his father's lifetime.[3] Warin, died in 1026 under mysterious circumstances.[10] He m...

William De Belleme (966 - d.)

William Talvas Talvas De Belleme (998 - 1048)

William de Bellême (b. - 1028)

William (guillaume) Ii Talvas De Belleme (970 - 1048)

Yves au front cruel de Belleme d'Arcis de Ramerupt (952 - 997)

Yves de Bellême (b. - c.1005)

Yves de Belleme de Creil, Unconfirmed (deceased)

Yves de Bellême (c.992 - 1070)