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? Unknown mistress de Bellême MP (deceased)

Adelise de Bellème MP (c.1014 - 1043)

Adeline De Domfront Adeline was born in 1025 in Domfront, , Normandy, France. Adeline's father was Warin De Domfront and her mother was Melisende De Chateaudun. She was an only child. She died at t...

Ela de Bellême MP (c.1110 - 1174)

ID: I30130 Name: Adelia Talvas (Talvace) Marchioness Surname: Talvas (Talvace) Given Name: Adelia Suffix: Marchioness Prefix: Countess Sex: F Birth: ABT 1110 in Alencon, Normandy, France ...

Foulques de Bellême MP (c.996 - d.)

Godehildis de Bellême MP (c.934 - 1035)

Godehildis Wife of Raoul de Beaumont II From Medlands: GODEHILDIS, daughter of ---. "Rodulfus…Cenomannus vicecomes…mee bone coniugis Godehelt…filio Rodulfo" donated property to the abbey of Saint-V...

Guillaume III "Talvas" de Bellême, comte de Ponthieu et d'Alencon MP (c.1090 - 1171)

FRANCE.htm GUILLAUME [I] "Talvas" de Ponthieu, son of ROBERT de Montgommery "de Bellême" Sire d'Alençon, Comte de Ponthieu, Earl of Shrewsbury & his wife Agnès de Ponthieu (-30 Jun 1171). His parenta...

Guillaume I, 'Talvas' de Belleme, seigneur d'Alençon MP (c.970 - 1031)

GUILLAUME [I] de Bellême, son of IVES de Creil Seigneur de Bellême & his wife Godehildis --- (-[1031]). Guillaume de Jumièges records that "Guillaume de Belesme, fils d'Yves, qui tenait le château d'...

Guillaume II "Talvas" de Bellême, seigneur d'Alençon MP (985 - c.1055)

Guillaume (William) "Talvas" de Bellême, Sire d'Alençon Spouses: 1. Hildeburg 2. (daughter) de Beaumont LINKS ------------------------------ MEDIEVAL LANDS GUILLAUME [II] "Talvas" de Be...

Hildeburge de Bellême MP (c.975 - 1035)

HILDEBURGIS de Bellême From Medlands (-27 Oct ----). Avesgaud Bishop of Le Mans gave the church of Parigné-l'Evèque and Loué to "unam Hildeburgi sorori suæ primogenitæ et alteram Godehilde germ...

Robert I de Bellême MP (b. - 1034)

Warinus de Bellême, seigneur de Domfront MP (c.994 - 1026)

From Medlands- 1. WARINUS [Guérin] de Bellême (-murdered 1026). Guillaume de Jumièges names (in order) "Guérin, Foulques, Robert et Guillaume" as the four sons of "Guillaume de Belesme, fils d'Yves",...

Yves de Bellême (de Bellesme) MP (970 - c.1030)

From Medlands IVES de Bellême (-after [1031]). "Avesgaudus…Cenomannensium presul, meusque frater Ivo" donated property to Saint-Vincent du Mans by charter dated to [995/1032][87]. "Rotberti filii W...

? de Bellême (deceased)

Arabella De Belleme (c.940 - d.)

Arnoul de Bellême (deceased)

ARNOUL de Bellême From MEdlands: (-murdered). Guillaume de Jumièges names "Arnoul et Mabille" as children of Guillaume Talvas and Hildeburge, recording in a later passage his revolt against his f...

Arnulf (deceased)

Arnulf Talvas De Belleme (deceased)

Avesgaud de Bellême (b. - 1035)

Beatrix de Bellême (deceased)

Bildeburge de Belleme (de Beaumont) (c.975 - d.)

Ganna de Belleme (de Château-Ganné) (c.1040 - 1066)

Godchilde de Cruelly (de Belleme) (c.1005 - d.)

Godebelt de Belleme (deceased)

Godehilde d'Alencon (de Belleme) (c.930 - d.)

Godehilde De Bellème (b. - 1049)

Godhaut De Belleme (c.971 - 1035)

Godhaut ( Hildeburg ) Comtesse De Belleme (c.960 - 1035)

Guillaume De Belleme (1000 - 1028)

Guillaume I De Belleme (b. - 1028)

Hildeburge de Bellême (Unknown) (c.1002 - 1067)

Ives de Belleme (930 - d.)

Mabile, dame de Bellême et d'Alençon MP (c.1015 - 1079)

Mabile d'Alençon, Countess of Shrewsbury, Dame de Bellême Parents: Guillaume "Talvas" Sire d'Alençon & his first wife Hildeburge Spouse: Roger II de Montgommery (Montgomerie, Montgomery), the first...

Mabille Talvas dAlençon dame De Belleme (1025 - 1079)

Mathilde De Belleme (De Ganelon) (b. - 1033)

Mathilde De Belleme (b. - 1033)

ozala D'Ivrea of Italy de Belleme (945 - 1003)

Renaud I De Belleme (1020 - d.)

Robert (deceased)

Robert (1054 - d.)

SIFRIDUS de Bellême (deceased)

William I de Belleme (c.950 - c.1048)

William de Bellême (b. - 1028)

William De Belleme (deceased)

William Talvas Talvas De Belleme (998 - 1048)

William (guillaume) Ii Talvas De Belleme (970 - 1048)

Yves de Bellême (c.992 - 1070)

Yves (deceased)

Yves De Belleme (deceased)

Yves I de Belleme (927 - 993)