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Name unknown possibly Roscille de Blois MP (925 - 977)

THIBAUT [Tetbald] [I] "l'Ancien" son of --- (-[944], bur Tours Saint-Martin). [Comte de Chartres: Guillaume de Jumièges describes how "Tetboldus comes" threatened “Hastingus” int...

Agnes of Champagne MP (c.1138 - c.1207)

Theobald II, Count of Champagne From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1123 he married Matilda of Carinthia, daughter of Engelbert, Duke of Carinthia. Their children were: Henry I of Champagn...

Aubrey II, Count of Blois MP (c.747 - 831)

Aubrey I, count of Blois MP (c.720 - 797)

Aubri I de Blois aka Meaux, Troyes Born about 0710 in Blois, Francemap Son of [father unknown] and Adela Unknown [sibling(s) unknown] [spouse(s) unknown] Father of Aubri II de Blois Died [date unk...

Berthe de Blois MP (c.1015 - 1085)

Berthe de Blois, ou Berthe de Blois-Chartres, morte à Chartres après 1080, est fille du comte Eudes II de Blois et la soeur de Thibaud III de Blois. En 1018, elle épouse le duc d...

Charles de Blois, Duc de Bretagne MP (1319 - 1364)

Charles, Duke of Brittany Charles of Blois (Blois, 1319 – September 29, 1364), claimed the title duke of Brittany, from 1341 to his death. Charles is the son of Guy I of Blois-Châti...

Emma de Blois-Champagne MP (c.1080 - c.1127)

The Hyde Register lists "Herbertus camerarius, Arnulfus filius eius, Emma uxor eius" immediately after the names of King Henry I and his first wife. Secondary sources state that the wife of Herbert Fit...

Emma de Blois MP (947 - 1003)

Emma de Blois, married to Guillaume IV Fier-a-Bras, and NOT Richard I. Emma is the daughter of Thibaud (Theobald) de Blois and Luitgarde (Liègarde) de Vermandois. She is NOT the daughter of ...

Eudes/Odo II, Count of Blois, Champagne and Chartres MP (c.989 - 1037)

Eudes II de Blois Parents: Eudes I Comte de Blois & Berthe de Bourgogne Spouses: 1. Matilde de Normandie (no children) 2. Ermengarde Children: 1. Theobald III, who inherited the county of Blois a...

Eustachie de Champagne (de Blois) MP (c.1110 - 1164)

Gerlotte de Blois MP (913 - 937)

Alternative Death Date From Merge: 1007 Alt Last Name from Merge: Brioquibec ..(Sharon) Gerlotte de Blois b. circa 900 Gerlotte de Blois|b. c 900|p55.htm#i6654|Theobald de Blois|b. c 880\nd. 904|...

Guillaume de Champagne, dit "aux Blanches Mains" MP (1135 - 1202)

Voir Wikipedia... Guillaume aux Blanches Mains Guillaume de Champagne Naissance 1135 Décès 1202 à Laon (France) Cardinal de l’Église catholique Cr&#...

Guillaume de Champagne (de Blois), Count of Chartres, 4th Earl of Surrey MP (1134 - 1159)

'WILLIAM de Blois prétendant au trône d'Angleterre jusqu'au traité de Wallingford MEDLANDS ([1132/37]-11 Oct 1159, bur hospital of Montmorillon, Poitou). The Chronicle of Alber...

Guillaume de Blois, seigneur de Sully MP (c.1080 - 1150)

GUILLAUME de Blois From Medlands: ([1090/93]-[1150]). His parentage is stated by Orderic Vitalis, who names him first in order of the sons which he lists, specifying that his father-in-law was Gi...

Havoise de Blois, dite "de Guingamp" MP (1064 - 1133)

-------------------- Her ancestry is unknown. It is often stated that she was Countess of Guingamp and that her husband became Count of Guingamp in her right. According to Complete Peerage, this re...

Helène De Vere (de Blois) MP (c.900 - 1007)

Henri I de Blois 'le Libéral', count of Champagne & Brie MP (1127 - 1181)

Henry I of Champagne (died March 17, 1181), known as "the Liberal", was count of Champagne from 1152 to 1181. He was the eldest son of Count Thibaut II of Champagne (who was also Count Thibaut IV of Bl...

Henry Eudes de Blois-Champagne (Champagne), Bishop Of Winchester MP (c.1101 - 1171)

Henry of Blois, often known as Henry of Winchester;[1] (1101–1171) was Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey from 1126 and Bishop of Winchester from 1129 to his death. Early life and education Henry ...

Hildegarde de Blois MP (c.940 - 1008)

Héloïse de Blois, dame de Pithiviers MP (c.980 - 1022)

Harold Sandler wrote on 6/9/2013 Re: Heloise de Blois According to my calculations and the various sources I have found, my reconstruction of the genealogy is as follows: Heloise de Blois, dame de ...

Jean I de Blois-Châtillon, comte de Penthièvre MP (1340 - 1403)

Jean I de Blois-Châtillon Comte de Penthièvre et de Goelo. Vicomte de Limoges. Seigneur d´Avaugour, de Landrecies, de Nouvion-en-Thièrache By virtue of the treaty of Br&...

Lithuaise de Blois, vicomtesse de Troyes MP (c.1094 - c.1118)

Daughter - find more info ... -------------------- Lithuise of Blois From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Lithuise of Blois (1094-1118) was born in Blois, Centr...

Louis I, comte de Blois MP (c.1166 - 1205)

Louis de Blois Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Louis de Blois (1172 † 1205), fut comte de Blois, de Chartres, de Châteaudun et de de Clermont de 1191 &#...

Lucia-Mahaut (Matilda) (Maud) of Blois-Champagne (de Blois), Countess of Chester MP (1097 - 1120)

-------------------- Lucia-Mahaut From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article may not meet the general notability guideline. Please help to establish not...

Magdalen Cecily de Blois MP (1054 - 1100)

Mathilde de Blois-Champagne MP (c.1141 - 1184)

MATHILDE de Blois From Medlands (-1 Jan [1184]). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "comitis Mathildis Pertici" as the fourth of the six daughters of "comes Campanie Theobaldus"[29...

Marguerite de Blois , comtesse de Blois et de Chartres MP (c.1170 - 1230)

Margaret, Countess of Blois From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Margaret of Blois (died 1230) (French: Marguerite d'Avesnes), was countess of Blois from 1218 to 1230. She was daughter of Theo...

Marguerite de Blois (de Blois-Champagne) MP (deceased)

MARGUERITE de Blois From Medlands: (-6 Nov ----). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines refers to, but does not name, the fifth of the six daughters of "comes Campanie Theobaldus" as "monia...

Marie de Blois-Châtillon MP (1343 - 1404)

Louis I of Naples From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Family and issue In 1360, he married Marie of Blois (d. 1404), Lady of Guise. They had the following children: Marie (1370–aft. 13...

Mathilde de Blois MP (c.1133 - c.1141)

MATHILDE de Blois From Medlands: ([1133/34]-before 1141, bur Priory of Holy Trinity, Aldgate Without, London). Daughter of King Stephen, Orderic Vitalis records her betrothal when she was "two ye...

Theidlindis de Blois MP (c.770 - 795)

From Theidlindis descends from the Merovingian Kings of France (Clovis I the Great and his wife St. Clothilda), etc. - her ancestry reaches back to Clodion, King of the Salic Franks (ca. 380-448).---...

Thibault III de Blois, comte de Champagne MP (1179 - 1201)

Theobald III (French: Thibaut; 13 May 1179 – 24 May 1201) was Count of Champagne from 1197 to his death. Theobald was the younger son of Henry I of Champagne and Marie, a daughter of Louis VII...

Thibaud V "the Good", count of Blois MP (c.1130 - 1191)

Thibaut V de Blois Theobald V of Blois (1130 – 20 January 1191), also known as Theobald the Good (French: Thibaut le Bon), was Count of Blois from 1151 to 1191. He was son of Theobald II of Ch...

Thibault IV de Blois, II de Champagne MP (c.1090 - 1151)

THIBAUT de Blois From Medlands: THIBAUT de Blois , son of ETIENNE Comte de Blois & his wife Adela of England ([1090/95]-10 Jan 1152, bur Lagny). Orderic Vitalis records that “Stephanus Blese...

Thibaut de Blois, comte de Blois et de Champagne MP (1012 - 1089)

Theobald III, Count of Blois Parents: Eudes II de Blois & Ermengarde d'Auvergne Spouses: 1. Gersende du Maine Child: Etienne Henri de Blois 2. Gundrada 3. Adela/Alix de Valois Children: ...

Thibaud l'Ancien, comte de Blois MP (c.890 - c.943)

Thibaud dit l'Ancien (né en 890 - mort en 943), vicomte de Blois en 906, vicomte de Tours en 908, puis comte de Tours et comte de Blois vers 940. Il serait de haute extraction franco-bourg...

Theobald ll "le Tricheur" de Blois Count of Champagne MP (c.913 - 976)

Thibaut II 'le Tricheur' (the Trickster) 910-977. Parents: Thibaut l'Ancien & Wife: Luitgarde de Vermandois Children: 1. Thibaud III († 962) 2. Hugues, archevêque de Bourges (&#...

Élisabeth de Champagne (Isabelle de Blois) MP (1130 - 1180)

ISABELLE de Blois Elizabeth de Champagne From Medlands: (1130-13 Aug after 1168). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines refers to, but does not name, the third of the six daughters of "...

Étienne Ier de Blois-Champagne, comte de Sancerre MP (c.1133 - 1191)

Étienne Ier de Sancerre Armoiries de la Maison de Sancerre : D'azur, à la bande d'argent, cotoyée de deux cotices d'or, potencées et contre-potencées, au lambel...

... de Blois (c.904 - d.)

Adela, Countess of Blois de Blois (Plantagenet) (1067 - 1137)

Adele De Blois (1140 - 1206)

Adrian de Blois Olivier (deceased)

Adriana Leena de Blois (Wagemaker) (1852 - 1894)

Adrien de Blois, seigneur de Jumigny (deceased)

Adrien de Blois, seigneur de Warelles (deceased)

Adélaide de Blois, Abbesse de Fontevraud (1172 - 1190)

Adélaïde Nicole de Blois (deceased)

Agnes de Blois (deceased)

Agnes de Blois (c.1137 - c.1207)

Agnes de Blois (b. - 1195)

Agnès Alix du Puiset (de Blois-Champagne) (c.1080 - c.1129)

Agnès (Aénor, Aldéarde) de Blois (996 - 1060)

Albert Henry de Blois (deceased)

Albert Henry de Blois (deceased)

Alexander De'Blois (deceased)

Alix (Alice) de Blois-Champagne (1091 - c.1145)

Alix (Adela) de Blois (de Valois (de Crépy)) (c.1035 - c.1093)

From the Geni profile ... - Added by: "Skip" Bremer on June 10, 2007 - Managed by: Flemming Allan Funch and 30 others - Curated by: Pam Wilson NOTE: she is not the same as Adelais de Valois who m...

Almaric de Blois (deceased)

Almodie de Blois (c.1020 - c.1097)

Almodie de Blois (c.1020 - c.1097)

Almodis ou Almodie de Blois (1020 - 1087)

angelique de blois (dumont) (deceased)

Anne de Blois (1498 - 1558)

Anne Antoinette Françoise de Blois (1715 - 1800)

Anthony Eugene de Blois Carreño (deceased)

Arthur J.R. de Blois (deceased)

Aubri I De Blois (700 - 797)

Aubri II Comte de Blois (deceased)

Aubri I Comte de Blois (deceased)

Aubri I Comte de Blois (deceased)

Aubri II Comte de Blois (deceased)

Audri II de Blois (deceased)

Audri II de Blois, Comte de Blois (b. - 700)

Baldwin De Blois (1087 - 1120)

Baldwin De Blois (deceased)

Baldwin De Blois (1087 - 1120)

Baldwin II de Blois (c.900 - d.)

Baldwin De Blois (1087 - 1120)

Baldwin de Blois (c.850 - d.)

Baldwin de Blois (c.850 - d.)

Baldwin De Blois (1087 - 1120)

Baldwin De Blois (c.850 - d.)

Baldwin II de Blois (c.900 - d.)

Baldwin de Blois (c.850 - d.)

Baldwin II de Blois (c.900 - d.)

Baldwin De Blois, II (890 - d.)

Baldwin I de Blois (De Tonsburgh) (c.880 - 930)

lineally descended from Charles, Duke of Ingeheim, the fifth son of Charlemagne.

Beatrice De'Blois (deceased)

Bertha de Blois (c.1020 - 1085)

Bertha de Falaise (de Blois) (deceased)

Bertha de Chartres de Blois (1018 - 1085)

Bertha de Blois (deceased)

Bertha de Blois (deceased)

Bertha de Blois (1013 - c.1085)

Bertha de Blois (1013 - c.1085)

Bertha De Blois (deceased)

Bertha de Bretagne (de Blois) (1015 - 1085)

Berthe de Blois (deceased)

Berthe de Blois (de Bourgogne), Reine consort de France (c.964 - c.1010)

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