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Constance, Duchess of Brittany MP (c.1066 - 1090)

Constance de Normandie CONSTANCE de Normandie (Normandy [1057/1061]-13 Aug 1090, bur Church of St Melans near Rhedon). Listed by Orderic Vitalis after Adelaide and before Adela in his description o...

Olive de Penthievre de Bretagne (De Brittany) MP (1096 - 1154)

<private> De Brittany (825 - d.)

De Brittany (deceased)

Agental De Brittany (deceased)

Aldroenus, (de Brittany) (deceased)

Alianore de Brittany (c.1090 - 1164)

Alinore de Brittany (c.1090 - d.)

Argental de Brittany (deceased)

Emma De Brittany (1034 - 1094)

Emma De Contentin (De Brittany) (c.1206 - d.)

Emma de Brittany (c.1034 - 1094)

Geoffrey De Brittany (deceased)

geoffrey 1 de brittany (deceased)

Geoffroy DE BRITTANY (c.1003 - d.)

<private> de Brittany (c.891 - 1008)

Hawise De Brittany (1130 - d.)

Hedwig De Brittany (De Normandy) (deceased)

Herleve De Brittany (deceased)

judith de brittany (deceased)

judith de brittany (deceased)

King Hoel Ap Fychan Small De Brittany (522 - 577)

<private> De Brittany (820 - 857)

Rantlina de Brittany (deceased)

Rimo Vercy Maelgwyn Princess of Wales De Brittany (Gwynedd) (528 - c.555)