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Agatha de Bruce MP (c.1105 - 1142)

AGATHA de Brus . A charter dated to [1145/54] records the dowry granted by “Robertus de Brus” to “Agathe filie sue” on her marriage to “Radulfo Ribaldi filio”,...

Eleanor de Bruce MP (c.1333 - 1368)

NO CHILDREN by marriage to Sir William Cunningham. She was apparently his second wife (assuming she really did exist, which has been questioned). Lady Eleanor Bruce1 F, #639924 Last Edited=2 Ju...

Elizabeth de Bruce MP (c.1317 - c.1364)

Date of marriage might be circa 1339. From an unidentified source: "Walter Oliphant, who, with his spouse, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert the Bruce, has a charter of the lands of Gask in 1364, and in ...

Elizabeth de Bruce (de Brus) MP (c.1286 - d.)

> Please don't change the parents from Robert de Bruce 6th Lord Annandale and Marjory of Carrick, Countess of Carrick ! From "ORCADIAN FAMILIES" : DISCHINGTON William de Dischington received fr...

Isobail de Bruce (a Brus), dronning av Norge MP (1272 - 1358)

It appears that Marjorie of Carrick had two daughters named Isabel by two husbands. Isabel Bruce married Erik II of Norway while her elder half sister Isabel du Kilconquhar (often mistakenly labeled as...

Matilda Maud Le Chaundeler (De Bruce), Princess of Scotland MP (1310 - 1353)

Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale MP (1243 - 1304)

ALL his children were by his first wife, and possibly mistresses. Sir Robert de Brus (b July 1243 - d March 1304, 6th Lord of Annandale (dominus vallis Anandie), jure uxoris Earl of Carrick, Lord of ...

(unk) de bruce (deceased)

(unk) de bruce (deceased)

Adam de Bruce (c.1075 - d.)

Adam de Bruce (c.1075 - c.1143)

AGATHA DE BRUCE (c.1079 - d.)

Agatha Basset (de Bruce) (1070 - d.)

Agatha de Bruce (1079 - d.)

Agatha de Bruce (1079 - d.)

Agnes De Bruce (Paynell) (deceased)

Agnes de Bruce (de Saint Clare) (1054 - 1080)

Alexander Bruce, Earl of Carrick (c.1310 - 1333)

Alexander de Bruce, 1st and last Earl of Carrick [of the 3rd? creation] was born illegitimately before 1317.2 He was the son of Edward de Bruce, 1st Earl and last of Carrick and Isabella of Strathbogie...

Alivia de Bruce (b. - 1331)

Anders de Bruce (1723 - 1787)

Tavastehus 1784-89

Charlotta Christina de Bruce (1753 - 1806)

Christian Seton (de Bruce) (deceased)

Christina de Bruce (de Seton/ Desposyni) (deceased)

Elizabeth De Bruce (1308 - d.)

Emma de Bruce (de Brittany) (b. - 1094)

Erik de Bruce (1720 - 1784)

Eufemia De Bruce (Umn) (deceased)

Euphemia de Bruce (deceased)

Felicia de Bruce (Brus) (1017 - d.)

Guillaume de Bruce (deceased)

Hedvig Elisabet de Bruce (1747 - 1817)

Isabel De Bruce (DeClare) (1226 - 1264)

isabella wallace (de bruce) (deceased)

Isabella de Bruce (c.1249 - c.1284)

Stirnet lists this as a daughter, but not

Isabelle De Bruce (Huntingdon) (c.1199 - c.1252)

Isobel Randolph (de Bruce) (b. - 1296)

Ivetta de Flamville (Arques (de Bruce)) (c.1116 - c.1206)

Jeanne de Bruce (1378 - c.1432)

John de Bruce (Brus) (c.1252 - d.)

Stirnet lists this as a son, but not

John de Bruce (1168 - d.)

john de bruce (deceased)

Lena De BRUCE (1298 - d.)

Luce de Bruce (c.1135 - c.1190)

See this discussion: [] Robert de Brus, 2nd Lord of Annandale It is probable that Lucy was not the daughter of Robert de Brus

Margaret de Bruce (3rd Countess of Carrick) (deceased)

Marget De Bruce (De Carlyle) (deceased)

Maria Dorotea de Bruce (de Beuce) (1749 - 1806)

Martha De Bruce (1207 - d.)

Martha De Bruce (1207 - d.)

Martha De Bruce (1207 - d.)

Mary Clarissa de Bruce (1260 - 1283)

Matilda Mac Isaac (de Bruce) (1310 - 1353)

Mercedes Bonilla de Bruce (1852 - d.)

nn Macallan (De Bruce) (deceased)

Peter de Bruce (1220 - 1222)

Richard de Bruce/de Brus (1350 - 1409)

documentation needed

Robert de Bruce (1066 - 1094)

Robert de Bruce (c.1053 - 1094)

Robert IV de Bruce, of Annandale (b. - 1194)

Robert II de Bruce, seigneur de Brix (1075 - 1143)

Robert De Bruce, III (c.1103 - d.)

Robert de Bruce (1144 - 1189)

Robert De Bruce, II (c.1141 - d.)

Robert 4th Lord of Annadale De Bruce (c.1164 - c.1245)

Robert Edward Oscar de Bruce (1830 - c.1857)

Robert 5th Lord of Annandale De Bruce (c.1216 - 1295)

Robert de Bruce (1020 - 1098)

Robert de Bruce (1000 - 1081)

Robert de Bruce (deceased)

Robert Lord Annandale de Bruce (deceased)

Robert de Bruce (deceased)

Robert de Bruce (1117 - 1194)

Robert de Bruce (1164 - 1245)

Robert de Bruce (1017 - 1141)

Robert de Bruce (c.1138 - c.1189)

Robert II de Bruce (1210 - 1295)

Rosselina de Bruce (de Brus) (c.1075 - d.)

Sir Robert Bruce, Earl of Ross, Lord of Liddesdale (c.1300 - 1332)

Some accounts state that Sir Robert de Bruce, Earl of Ross, Lord of Liddesdale was an illegitimate son (having been termed 'Bastard') of Robert de Bruce, King of Scots with an unknown mistress. He ob...

William de Bruce (c.1092 - d.)

William de Bruce (1166 - d.)

William de Bruce (1142 - 1215)

William de Bruce (c.1248 - d.)

Stirnet lists this as a son, but not

William de Bruce (c.1142 - 1215)