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Alianor Chandos (de Chandos) (deceased)

Alice de Chandos (c.1252 - 1303)

Edward de Chandos (Chaundos) (c.1275 - 1341)

Elizabeth Chandos (de Chandos) (deceased)

John de Chandos, Knight (c.1348 - 1428)

Julian de Chandos (1300 - d.)

Robert de Chandos (1260 - 1303)

Roger de Chandos, (de Chandos), Knight (c.1282 - 1353)

Sir John Chandos, K.G. (de Chandos) (c.1336 - c.1369)

Sir John Chandos, Knight of the Garter, Baron of St. Saviour-le-Viscount in Normandy, Great Senechal of Picton, and High Constable of Aquitaine, was one of the 25 Knight Founders of The Most Noble Orde...

Sir Thomas de Chandos, Knight (c.1323 - 1375)

Thomas de Chandos (deceased)