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Cecily de Chaworth MP (c.1110 - 1155)

Eva/Eve de Chaworth MP (c.1252 - 1300)

Eva de Chaworth1 b. circa 1250 Eva de Chaworth|b. c 1250|p158.htm#i17772|Patrick de Chaworth|b. c 1221\nd. 1257|p397.htm#i12230|Hawise de Londres|b. c 1223\nd. 1274|p401.htm#i12231|Pain de Chaworth...

Gundred de Chaworth (De La Ferte) MP (c.1190 - d.)

Gundred de la Ferte1 b. circa 1220 Gundred de la Ferte|b. c 1220|p158.htm#i17774|William de la Ferte|b. c 1190|p158.htm#i17775|Margaret de Briwere|b. 1200\nd. c 1235|p391.htm#i19440|||||||Lord Will...

Hugh de Chaworth MP (c.1025 - 1052)

...we find a family of Chaources established in Maine in the 11th century. A charter of La Couture in 1164 has 'In castello de Cadurcis extra primum et minorem fossam ejusdem castelli.' (Happily the ex...

Isabel(Elizabeth) de Chaworth (Aylesbury) MP (c.1404 - 1471)

Maud de Chaworth MP (1282 - 1322)

"Maud de Chaworth (2 February 1282–1322) was an English noblewoman and wealthy heiress. She was the only child of Patrick de Chaworth. Sometime before 2 March 1297, she married Henry, 3rd Earl o...

Patrick de Chaworth MP (c.1052 - 1086)

Patrick de Chaworth, Lord of Kidwelly MP (c.1250 - 1283)

Sir Patrick was Lord of Kidwelly, in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. [source of photo]: Kidwelly is a mighty and imposing monument of Norman power. It is also a beautiful example of castle de...

Patrick de Chaworth MP (1093 - 1155)

Patrick de Chaworth, Lord of Kempsford MP (c.1218 - 1258)

Patrick de Chaworth1 b. circa 1221, d. 1257 Patrick de Chaworth|b. c 1221\nd. 1257|p397.htm#i12230|Pain de Chaworth|b. c 1191|p158.htm#i17773|Gundred de la Ferte|b. c 1220|p158.htm#i17774|Lord Patr...

Payne de Chaworth MP (c.1245 - 1278)

Husband Patrick De CHAWORTH Born: ABT 1158 - , Stoke Bruern, Northampshire, England Marr: 1244 - , Stoke Bruen, Northamptonshire, England Died: 1257/58 - Father: Mother: Other Spouses...

Payne/Patrick de Chaworth, II, 1155 MP (c.1155 - 1199)

Name: Pain de CHAWORTH 1 Sex: M Birth: 1183 in Kempsford, Gloucestershire 1 Death: 1237 1 Change Date: 14 SEP 1998 1 Father: Payne Patrick de CHAWORTH b: 1155 in Kempsford, Gloucestershire ...

Sibyl de Chaworth MP (c.1090 - c.1147)

Her married name was Sibyl of Wiltshire. Sybil died before 1147 Sybil was our ancestor through two distinct descent lines--through her son Patrick and through her daughter Sybil, each of whom was i...

Thomas Lord Wiverton Chaworth MP (c.1385 - 1459)

High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire 1424: Sir Thomas Chaworth of Wiverton Nottinghamshire[5] [Source: ]

Thomas Lord Wilverton Chaworth, IV MP (c.1310 - c.1371)

Thomas Lord Wilverton Chaworth, V MP (c.1331 - 1373)

William de Chaworth, Lord Wilverton MP (c.1357 - 1398)

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Adam de Chaworth (c.1220 - 1232)

Alice de Chaworth (c.1228 - d.)

Anne (Agnes) de Chaworth (c.1258 - d.)

Bouchard de Chaworth (c.1022 - d.)

Bridgett de Chaworth (c.1548 - d.)

Emma de Chaworth (c.1256 - d.)

Ernald de Chaworth (c.1000 - d.)

Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, 7th Edition.

Eve de Chaworth (deceased)

George de Chaworth, (Knight) (deceased)

'Sir George Chaworth1 M, #215724 Last Edited=10 Jan 2007 ' Sir George Chaworth is the son of Sir Thomas Chaworth and Isabel Aylesbury.1 He married Alice Annesley, daughter of John Annesley.1 ' ...

Harvey de Chaworth (deceased)

Hervey de Chaworth (c.1248 - c.1270)

Hugh de Chaworth (c.1189 - d.)

Hugh de Chaworth (c.1157 - d.)

Hugh de Chaworth (c.1125 - d.)

Hugh de Chaworth (c.1085 - d.)

Ilbert-Payen de Chaworth, Seigneur de Montdoubleau de Freteval (c.1022 - 1097)

Isabel De Chaworth (De Beauchamp) (deceased)

Matilda De Chaworth (Hesdin) (deceased)

Maud De Chaworth (De Hesdin) (1057 - d.)

Maude Le Strange (De Chaworth) (deceased)

de Chaworth (c.1160 - d.)

Werberg (?)1 b. circa 1171 Werberg (?) was born circa 1171. She married Lord Patrick de Chaworth, son of Patrick de Carducis, before 1191.2,1 Family Lord Patrick de Chaworth b. circa 1157 Ch...

Pagen de Chaworth (c.1089 - d.)

Patrick de Carducis1 b. circa 1127 Patrick de Carducis|b. c 1127|p158.htm#i17778|Patrick de Carducis||p158.htm#i17779|Matilda de Hesdin||p173.htm#i19439|||||||Arnulph, seigneur de Hesdin||p127.htm#...

Pain de Chaworth (c.1228 - c.1257)

Pain de Chaworth (c.1228 - c.1257)

Patrick de Chaworth (c.1187 - d.)

Patrick De Chaworth (deceased)

Patrick de Chaworth | Chaource (c.1052 - d.)

Patrick de Chaworth | Chaource (Chaworth) (c.1052 - 1086)

Patrick De Chaworth (deceased)

Patrick De Chaworth (deceased)

Patrick de Chaworth (c.1127 - d.)

Patrick VI de Chaworth (1280 - d.)

Sources: 1.Title: scary.ged Author: Susan (Poliksa) Cary scary @ Publication: RootsWeb World Connect, db=poliksa Repository: Media: Electronic Text: Date of Import: Oct 3, 2001

Payne de Chaworth (c.1123 - d.)

Payne de Chaworth (c.1123 - d.)

Payne de Chaworth (1123 - 1170)

Payne de Chaworth (c.1183 - 1237)

Pain de Chaworth1 b. circa 1191 Pain de Chaworth|b. c 1191|p158.htm#i17773|Lord Patrick de Chaworth|b. c 1157|p158.htm#i17776|Werberg (?)|b. c 1171|p158.htm#i17777|Patrick de Carducis|b. c 1127|p15...

Robert de Chaworth, I (c.1084 - 1127)

OTHER DATES Robert de Chaworth was born about 1083 in Alfreton, Derbyshire, England. He was christened in Chaworth, Nottinghamshire, England. He married Agnes de Walchiville about 1114. [Source: ] ...

Robert de Chaworth (deceased)

Sibilla Maud De Chaworth (1108 - 1147)

Sibilla Maud D'Evereux (De Chaworth) (1082 - 1147)

Sibyl (Chaources) de Chaworth (c.1110 - d.)

Sibyl (Chaources) de Chaworth (c.1110 - d.)

Sibyl De Chaworth (1112 - 1147)

Sibylle Sibilla de CHAWORTH (1012 - 1047)

Sybil De Salisbury (De Chaworth) (1112 - 1147)

Thomas de Chaworth (c.1329 - d.)

Thomas de Chaworth (Chaworth) (c.1226 - 1315)

Thomas de Chaworth, Esq. (c.1441 - 1485)

Thomas II de de Chaworth (Chaworth) (c.1250 - c.1301)

wife of Hugh de Chaworth (c.1029 - d.)

William de Chaworth, I (c.1127 - 1178)

OTHER DATES William de Chaworth was born about 1115 in Chaworth, Nottinghamshire, England. [Source: ] Of the family of Chaworth who settled in Nottinghamshire, ROBERT, given in Glover's pedigree ...

William de Chaworth (c.1224 - d.)

William de Chaworth (c.1218 - d.)

William de Chaworth, II (c.1178 - 1225)