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Cecily de Chaworth MP (c.1110 - 1155)

Eva de Tibetot (de Chaworth) MP (c.1252 - 1300)

Eva de Chaworth1 b. circa 1250 Eva de Chaworth|b. c 1250|p158.htm#i17772|Patrick de Chaworth|b. c 1221\nd. 1257|p397.htm#i12230|Hawise de Londres|b. c 1223\nd. 1274|p401.htm#i12231|Pain de Chaworth...

Gundred de Chaworth (De La Ferte) MP (c.1190 - d.)

Gundred de la Ferte1 b. circa 1220 Gundred de la Ferte|b. c 1220|p158.htm#i17774|William de la Ferte|b. c 1190|p158.htm#i17775|Margaret de Briwere|b. 1200\nd. c 1235|p391.htm#i19440|||||||Lord Will...

Hugh de Chaworth MP (c.1025 - 1052)

...we find a family of Chaources established in Maine in the 11th century. A charter of La Couture in 1164 has 'In castello de Cadurcis extra primum et minorem fossam ejusdem castelli.' (Happily the ex...

Isabel(Elizabeth) de Chaworth (Aylesbury) MP (c.1404 - 1471)

Maud de Chaworth MP (1282 - 1322)

"Maud de Chaworth (2 February 1282–1322) was an English noblewoman and wealthy heiress. She was the only child of Patrick de Chaworth. Sometime before 2 March 1297, she married Henry, 3rd Earl o...

Patrick de Chaworth MP (c.1052 - 1086)

Patrick de Chaworth MP (1093 - 1155)

Patrick de Chaworth, Lord of Kidwelly MP (c.1250 - 1283)

Sir Patrick was Lord of Kidwelly, in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. [source of photo]: Kidwelly is a mighty and imposing monument of Norman power. It is also a beautiful example of castle de...

Patrick (Pain) de Chaworth, Lord of Kempsford MP (c.1218 - 1258)

Patrick de Chaworth1 b. circa 1221, d. 1257 Patrick de Chaworth|b. c 1221\nd. 1257|p397.htm#i12230|Pain de Chaworth|b. c 1191|p158.htm#i17773|Gundred de la Ferte|b. c 1220|p158.htm#i17774|Lord Patr...

Payne de Chaworth MP (c.1245 - 1278)

Husband Patrick De CHAWORTH Born: ABT 1158 - , Stoke Bruern, Northampshire, England Marr: 1244 - , Stoke Bruen, Northamptonshire, England Died: 1257/58 - Father: Mother: Other Spouses...

Payne/Patrick de Chaworth, II, 1155 MP (c.1155 - 1199)

Name: Pain de CHAWORTH 1 Sex: M Birth: 1183 in Kempsford, Gloucestershire 1 Death: 1237 1 Change Date: 14 SEP 1998 1 Father: Payne Patrick de CHAWORTH b: 1155 in Kempsford, Gloucestershire ...

Sibyl de Chaworth MP (c.1090 - c.1147)

Her married name was Sibyl of Wiltshire. Sybil died before 1147 Sybil was our ancestor through two distinct descent lines--through her son Patrick and through her daughter Sybil, each of whom was i...

Thomas Lord Wiverton Chaworth MP (c.1385 - 1459)

High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire 1424: Sir Thomas Chaworth of Wiverton Nottinghamshire[5] [Source: ]

Thomas Lord Wilverton Chaworth, V MP (c.1331 - 1373)

Thomas Lord Wilverton Chaworth, IV MP (c.1310 - c.1371)

William de Chaworth, Lord Wilverton MP (c.1357 - 1398)

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Adam de Chaworth (c.1220 - 1232)

Alice de Chaworth (c.1228 - d.)

Anne (Agnes) de Chaworth (c.1258 - d.)

Bouchard de Chaworth (c.1022 - d.)

Bridgett de Chaworth (c.1548 - d.)

Emma de Chaworth (c.1256 - d.)

Ernald de Chaworth (c.1000 - d.)

Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, 7th Edition.

Eve de Chaworth (deceased)

George de Chaworth, (Knight) (deceased)

'Sir George Chaworth1 M, #215724 Last Edited=10 Jan 2007 ' Sir George Chaworth is the son of Sir Thomas Chaworth and Isabel Aylesbury.1 He married Alice Annesley, daughter of John Annesley.1 ' ...

Harvey de Chaworth (deceased)

Hervey de Chaworth (c.1248 - c.1270)

Hugh de Chaworth (c.1085 - d.)

Hugh de Chaworth (c.1157 - d.)

Hugh de Chaworth (c.1189 - d.)

Hugh de Chaworth (c.1125 - d.)

Ilbert-Payen de Chaworth, Seigneur de Montdoubleau de Freteval (c.1022 - 1097)

Isabel De Chaworth (De Beauchamp) (deceased)

Matilda de Hesdin (c.1057 - 1133)

From ARNOUL de Hesdin (-Antioch [1098]). "Ernulph de Hesding" donated the manor and church of Ruislip, Middlesex to the abbey of Bec[566]. A manuscript which lists donations to Gloucester St Peter in...

Matilda De Chaworth (Hesdin) (deceased)

Maud De Chaworth (De Hesdin) (1057 - d.)

Maude Le Strange (De Chaworth) (deceased)

Pagen de Chaworth (c.1089 - d.)

Patrick de Carducis1 b. circa 1127 Patrick de Carducis|b. c 1127|p158.htm#i17778|Patrick de Carducis||p158.htm#i17779|Matilda de Hesdin||p173.htm#i19439|||||||Arnulph, seigneur de Hesdin||p127.htm#...

Pain de Chaworth (c.1228 - c.1257)

Pain de Chaworth (c.1228 - c.1257)

Patrick de Chaworth (c.1127 - d.)

Patrick De Chaworth (deceased)

Patrick de Chaworth | Chaource (c.1052 - d.)

Patrick de Chaworth | Chaource (Chaworth) (c.1052 - 1086)

Patrick de Chaworth (c.1187 - d.)

Patrick De Chaworth (deceased)

Patrick De Chaworth (deceased)

Patrick VI de Chaworth (1280 - d.)

Sources: 1.Title: scary.ged Author: Susan (Poliksa) Cary scary @ Publication: RootsWeb World Connect, db=poliksa Repository: Media: Electronic Text: Date of Import: Oct 3, 2001

Payne de Chaworth (c.1123 - d.)

Payne de Chaworth (1123 - 1170)

Payne de Chaworth (c.1123 - d.)

Payne de Chaworth (c.1183 - 1237)

Pain de Chaworth1 b. circa 1191 Pain de Chaworth|b. c 1191|p158.htm#i17773|Lord Patrick de Chaworth|b. c 1157|p158.htm#i17776|Werberg (?)|b. c 1171|p158.htm#i17777|Patrick de Carducis|b. c 1127|p15...

Robert de Chaworth, I (c.1084 - 1127)

OTHER DATES Robert de Chaworth was born about 1083 in Alfreton, Derbyshire, England. He was christened in Chaworth, Nottinghamshire, England. He married Agnes de Walchiville about 1114. [Source: ] ...

Robert de Chaworth (deceased)

Sibilla Maud De Chaworth (1108 - 1147)

Sibilla Maud D'Evereux (De Chaworth) (1082 - 1147)

Sibyl (Chaources) de Chaworth (c.1110 - d.)

Sibyl (Chaources) de Chaworth (c.1110 - d.)

Sibyl De Chaworth (1112 - 1147)

Sibylle Sibilla de CHAWORTH (1012 - 1047)

Sybil De Salisbury (De Chaworth) (1112 - 1147)

Thomas de Chaworth (c.1329 - d.)

Thomas de Chaworth, Esq. (c.1441 - 1485)

Thomas II de de Chaworth (Chaworth) (c.1250 - c.1301)

Thomas de Chaworth (Chaworth) (c.1226 - 1315)

William de Chaworth, I (c.1127 - 1178)

OTHER DATES William de Chaworth was born about 1115 in Chaworth, Nottinghamshire, England. [Source: ] Of the family of Chaworth who settled in Nottinghamshire, ROBERT, given in Glover's pedigree ...

William de Chaworth (c.1224 - d.)

William de Chaworth (c.1218 - d.)

William de Chaworth, II (c.1178 - 1225)