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Adeline De Clare (de Rollos) MP (c.1092 - c.1168)

Adeliza (Alice) de Clare, Lady of Tunbridge MP (c.1115 - 1150)

Alice (Adeliza) de Tunbridge (Clare) born about 1102 Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England died after 1148 England father: Richard de Clare born 1084/90 Hertford, Hertfordshire, England chr...

Adeliza de Clare, de Tunbridge MP (1069 - 1141)

ADELISA Fitz Richard de Clare (-[1125/35] or after). She is called Adelidem filiam Ricardi de…prosapia Gifardorum by Orderic Vitalis, who also records her marriage. Her identification as the dau...

Adelize de Clare MP (c.1091 - 1163)

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adeliza (Alice) De CLARE (AFN: 8XJS-R4) Pedigree Sex...

Agnes Fitzgilbert de Clare MP (c.1091 - 1163)

According to Medlands (see below) Gilbert de Clare and Isabel had only two children and Agnes fitzgilbert de Clare was NOT one of them I am therefore detaching this relationship: GILBERT de Clare "St...

Aline Alice FitzGerald MP (c.1170 - c.1199)

Aline "Alice" De Clare was born to Richard De Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke and Unknown Mistress. Aline married William FitzMaurice FitzGerald, 1st Baron of Naas and had a child: Marriage and issue: ...

Amice / Avicia de Clare, of Gloucester MP (1220 - d.)

Do not confuse with Amicia/Avice de CLERE, of Yorkshire, wife of Nigel de Plumpton. First marriage was to Baldwin, 6th Earl of Devon (who died young). Robert de Guines obtained permission to marry he...

Aveline de Clare MP (c.1172 - 1225)

Aveline m. (1) William de Munchanesy of Swanscombe, Kent; Winfarthing, Gooderstone, Norfolk. He d. shortly before 7 May 1204; m. (2) by 29 May 1205, as second wife, Geoffrey Fitz Peter (or Piers). He w...

Avice FitzRichard de Clare MP (1144 - 1214)

Avice de Clare MP (c.1044 - c.1088)

Avice de Clare de Toeni MP (1058 - 1088)

Basile de Clare MP (c.1156 - c.1203)

Marriage and issue By an unknown mistress, Richard had: Aline de Clare,[b] she married William FitzMaurice FitzGerald, baron of Nass[14] Basilia de Clare, she married Robert de Quenci, Constable of Lei...

Basilia de Clare MP (c.1130 - 1138)

Basilea de Clare is the daughter of Gilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Isabella of Meulan.1 She married Raymond le Gros fitz William, son of William fitz Gerald.2 Citations [S106] Royal G...

Bogo de Clare, Clerk MP (c.1248 - 1294)

. Bogo de Clare was noted as the most successful & notorious pluralist in the English church in 1294. He held multiple clerical livings, apparently without having been ordained priest ( ).

Eleanor de Clare, Baroness Despenser MP (1292 - 1337)

"Eleanor de Clare (3 October 1292 – 30 June 1337) was the wife of the powerful Hugh Despenser the younger. She was born in 1292 at Caerphilly in Glamorgan, Wales. She was the eldest daughter of ...

Elizabeth de Clare MP (1295 - 1360)

(which seems to be a little be messy)

Gilbert Fitz Richard de Clare, Lord of Clare, Tonbridge, and Cardigan MP (c.1065 - 1114)

Gilbert FitzRichard d. 1114/7 was son and eventual heir of Richard FitzGilbert of Clare and heiress Rohese Giffard. He succeeded to his father's possessions in England in 1091; his brother, Roger Fit...

Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, 5th Earl of Gloucester MP (1182 - 1230)

Gilbert de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford (1180 – October 25, 1230) was the son of Richard de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, from whom he inherited the Clare estates, from his mother, Amice Fitz Wi...

Gilbert FitzRichard de Clare, Earl of Hertford MP (1112 - 1152)

Gilbert de Clare, Lord of Thomond MP (c.1281 - 1308)

Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Gloucester MP (1243 - 1295)

"Gilbert de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford, 7th Earl of Gloucester (2 September 1243 – 7 December 1295) was a powerful English noble. Also known as "Red" Gilbert de Clare or "The red earl", probabl...

Gilbert FitzGilbert "Strongbow" de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke MP (1100 - 1148)

Gilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke Gilbert de Clare, 1. jarl av Pembroke Gilbert de Clare, son of Gilbert Fitz Richard Earl of Clare and Alice de Claremont. Sometimes referred to as "Strongbo...

Hervey walter de Clare, I MP (c.1100 - 1189)

Hervey Walter de Clare 34268, b. circa 1100, d. after 1189 Hervey Walter de Clare|b. c 1100\nd. a 1189|p1371.htm#i34268|Gilbert FitzRichard de Clare|b. 1065/66\nd. bt 1114 - 1117|p816.htm#i20...

Isabel Awbrey (Fitz Gilbert De Clare) MP (c.1060 - d.)

She is not listed as a daughter of Gilbert and Rohese in the FMG Medieval Lands database ( ). Some dependable sources are needed to place her in this family.

Isabel de Clare MP (c.1240 - 1271)

Maud de Lacy, Countess of Lincoln Maud de Lacy, Countess of Lincoln (1223 – 1287) was the daughter of John de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln (1192-1240) and Margaret de Quincy (1208-1266). She married ...

Isabel Marshall of Pembroke MP (1200 - 1240)

"Isabel Marshal (9 October 1200 – 17 January 1240) was a medieval English countess. She was the wife of both Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford and 1st Earl of Gloucester and Richard, 1st Ea...

Isabel FitzRichard (De Clare) MP (1098 - d.)

Isabel de Clare, 4th Countess of Pembroke MP (c.1172 - 1220)

a possible death date from merges was 7 October 1220 the current listed death date comes from ==================================================================== "Isabel de Clare, suo jure Cou...

Isabella of Gloucester and Hertford MP (1226 - 1264)

November 2, 1226—Isabel de Clare was born. She was the granddaughter of Sir Richard de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, a Magna Carta Surety. Her other grandfather was Sir William Marshall, the 1st ...

Isabella de Clare, Baroness Berkeley MP (c.1262 - 1333)

Gilbert and Alice separated in 1267; allegedly, Alice's affections lay with her cousin, Prince Edward. Previous to this, Gilbert and Alice had produced two daughters: 1) Isabella de Clare (10 March...

Joan de Clare MP (c.1175 - d.)

Johanna MacDuff (de Clare) MP (c.1264 - c.1323)

Gilbert and Alice separated in 1267; allegedly, Alice's affections lay with her cousin, Prince Edward. Previous to this, Gilbert and Alice had produced two daughters: 1) Isabella de Clare (10 March...

Lucy de Clare MP (1126 - 1155)

LUCY de Clare From Medlands: (-after 1155). Domesday Descendants cites a charter under which “Lucy” donated property to Stoke-by-Clare priory for the souls of her husband Earl Baldw...

Mabel de Mowbray (Fitz Patrick De Clare) MP (c.1156 - c.1203)

According to Charles Cawley, her parentage is unknown; one fairly unreliable source says she was a daughter of Edmond de Clare. On Geni, she was listed as a daughter of William D'Everux (Earl Of Sa) Fi...

Margaret de Clare, Countess of Gloucester MP (1292 - 1342)

Margaret de Clare, Countess of Cornwall, Countess of Gloucester (October 1293 – April 1342), was an English noblewoman, heiress, and the second eldest of the three daughters of Gilbert de Clare,...

Margaret FitzGilbert de Montfitchet (de Clare) MP (c.1092 - c.1189)

Margaret de Clare, Baroness of Badlesmere MP (c.1287 - 1333)

[ ] Margaret de Clare (c.1 April 1287- 22 October 1333/ 3 January 1334) was a Norman-Irish noblewoman and the wife of Bartholomew de Badlesmere, 1st Lord Badlesmere.[1] In 1321, she was arrested an...

Margaret de Clare (de Burgh), of Kent MP (c.1222 - 1237)

Hubert de Burgh, 1st Earl of Kent From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marriages and issue De Burgh married three times: (1) Beatrice de Warrenne, by whom he had two sons, John and Hubert. The...

Margaret De Vere (De Clare) MP (c.1059 - c.1112)

Mathilde de Clare MP (c.1181 - 1213)

Matilda (Joan) de Clare Daughter of Richard de Clare 3rd Earl of Hertford and Amice FitzWilliam Married (1) William IV de Braose Married (2) Rhys ap Rhys From Charles Cawley's FMG MedLands ...

Matilda (Maud) FitzRobert de Clare de Senlis MP (1122 - c.1168)

daughter of Robert FitzRichard deClare and Maud de Senlis (daughter of SIMON de Senlis Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton & his wife Matilda [Maud] of Huntingdon) From 'Matillis de Sainliz que fuit...

Matilda (Maud) de Clare MP (c.1276 - 1327)

Maud de Clare[1] F, #158232, b. circa 1276, d. from 4 March 1326/27 to 24 May 1327 Maud de Clare was born circa 1276 at Gloucestershire, England.[2] She was the daughter of Sir Thomas de Cl...

Maud de Clare MP (c.1252 - 1326)

Maud Matilda de Clare (de Burgh) MP (c.1288 - c.1320)

Maud Matilda de Lacy MP (c.1223 - 1289)

This Matilda (Maude) de Lacy was the daughter of John de Lacy Earl of Lincoln and Margaret de Quincy . She married Richard de Clare, 5th Earl of Gloucester and Hertford . From the FMG Medieval Lands ...

Richard FitzGilbert de Bienfaite, Lord of Clare and of Tonbridge MP (1024 - 1090)

Earl Richard "de Tonbridge" FitzGilbert - also known as de Clare - was born about 1024, lived in Bienfaite, Normandy, France and died about 1090 in St. Neots, Huntingdonshire, England . He was the son ...

Richard FitzGilbert, Lord of Clare MP (1094 - 1136)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Richard FitzGilbert de Clare. 1st Earl of Hertford (1094–15 April 1136) was the son of Gilbert Fitz Richard de Clare and Alice de Claremont also known as ...

Richard Fitzrichard De Clare MP (c.1120 - 1183)

Richard de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford MP (1162 - 1217)

RICHARD de CLARE (-[30 Oct/28 Nov] 1217, bur Clare). son of Roger de Clare and Mathilda de Saint-Hilaire Robert of Torigny records the death in 1173 of "Rogerius comes de Clara" and the succession ...

Richard FitzRichard de Clare, Abbot of Ely MP (1062 - 1107)

Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke MP (c.1125 - 1176)

"Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (of the first creation), Lord of Leinster, Justiciar of Ireland (1130 – 20 April 1176). Like his father, he was also commonly known by his nickname Strong...

Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Gloucester MP (1222 - 1262)

other possible death dates 18 June 1262 15 July 1262 ===================================================================== "Richard de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford, 6th Earl of Gloucester (4 Aug...

Richard de Clare, 1st Lord Clare, Lord of Thomond MP (1281 - 1318)

Richard Fitzrichard de Clare, Earl of Cornwall MP (1062 - 1100)

Robert FitzRichard de Clare MP (c.1064 - 1134)

ROBERT FitzRichard de Clare, son of RICHARD de Brionne Lord of Clare and Tonbridge [Normandy] & his wife Rohese Giffard (-[1134], bur Priory of St Neot). Guillaume de Jumièges names (in order)...

Roger "the Good" de Clare, Earl of Hertford MP (1116 - 1173)

Roger de Clare was a son of Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare and Alice de Gernon. He succeeded to the earldom when his brother Gilbert died without issue. In 1164 he assisted with the Constitutions of Cla...

Rohese Giffard de Longueville MP (1034 - c.1113)

ROHESE Giffard (-after 1113, bur [Colchester]). Guillaume de Jumièges records that "Gautier-Giffard 1er" & his wife had several daughters, of whom Rohais married "Richard fils du comte Gil...

Rohese de Clare MP (c.1120 - 1175)

Rohese Agnes de Clare MP (1252 - 1299)

Name reported variously as Roese, Rohese de Vere and Rohesia. Birth reported also as 1220, death also as 1316. Most sources report her death in Hovingham, Yorkshire, England, but one source reports her...

Rohese FitzRichard de Clare MP (1067 - 1121)

It is not entirely clear whether this Rohese or her mother married Eudes de Ries, though perhaps more likely that it was the younger Rohese. See below. daughter of Richard FitzGilbert de Brionne an...

Rohesia FitzGilbert de Clare MP (c.1090 - 1149)

Gilbert de Clare, 8th Earl of Gloucester MP (c.1291 - 1314)

another possible birth date 11 May 1291 =================================================== "Gilbert de Clare, 8th Earl of Gloucester and 7th Earl of Hertford (c. 10 May 1291 – 24 June 131...

Thomas de Clare, Lord of Thomond MP (c.1245 - 1287)

Sir Thomas de Clare, Lord of Thomond M, #3571, b. circa 1245/46, d. 29 August 1287 Sir Thomas de Clare, Lord of Thomond was born circa 1245-'48 at Tonbridge, Kent, England.(4) He was the son of Ric...

Unknown mistress of Richard de Clare MP (b. - c.1170)

Unknown Mistress had 2 children with Richard FitzGilbert De Clare, Earl of Pembroke: Aline De Clare and Basile De Clare. Souces: 1. [ ] 2. [ ]

Walter Fitzrichard MP (c.1065 - 1138)

de Clare (deceased)

Citations [S6] G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain...

De Clare (1174 - d.)

De Clare (1174 - d.)

De Clare (1174 - d.)

de Clare (deceased)

Adela de Clare (deceased)

Adelheid Van Percy (de Clare) (c.1110 - c.1163)

Adeliza De Clare (De Meschines) (deceased)

Adeliza De Clare (1094 - 1128)

Adeliza de Clare (deceased)

Adeliza De CLARE (c.1115 - d.)

Adelize DE CLARE (deceased)

Adelize de Clare (de Gernon) (c.1102 - 1128)

Agnes De Brus (De Clare) (deceased)

Agnes de Clare (deceased)

Agnes de Clare (c.1218 - 1261)

Agnes de Spofforth (de Clare) (c.1545 - d.)

Aimee de clare (fitzmaurice) (c.1252 - 1309)

Alianore De De Clare (1292 - 1337)

Alice de Clare (de Claremont) (deceased)

Alice De Clare (1077 - 1163)

Alice de Clare (De Gernon) (deceased)

Alice FitzGilbert de Clare (de Clermont) (deceased)

Alice de Clare (de Clermont) (1074 - d.)

Alice de Clare (de Gernon) (deceased)

Alice de Clare (Degemon) (deceased)

Alice de Clare (deceased)

Alicia de Clare (1251 - d.)

Alienore de Clare (c.1280 - d.)

Alina de Clare (1156 - d.)

Amicia de Clare (Fitz Robert) (1155 - 1225)

Ann De Clare (Fitzgilbert) (1040 - d.)

Aoife Ní Diarmait (Irish) (c.1145 - 1188)

Aoife De Clare (Macmorrough of Leinster), "Red Eva" (1145 - 1188)

Avoye de Clare (c.1070 - d.)