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? mother of ? de Bacqueville unknown sister of Gunnora MP (987 - d.)

See #6 below. Chapter 1. EARLY NORMAN FAMILIES of VIKING ORIGIN A. FAMILY of GUNNORA, mistress of RICHARD I Comte de NORMANDIE Four sisters and one brother, parents not known, presumably of Vik...

N.N. de Bolebec MP (985 - d.)

Aveline de Crépon, Osbern's wife MP (c.968 - 1024)

Robert de Torigny mentioned Aveline as a sister of Gunnora. As printed by Duchesne, this chapter implies that Aveline married Osbern de Bolebec and her sister Wevia married Thorold de Ponaudemer, but a...

Gunnor, Duchess of Normandy MP (936 - 1031)

Parents unknown, but often pretended to be a fictitious Herbastus de Crepon. See Todd A. Farmerie, Robert de Torigny and the family of Gunnor, Duchess of Normandy (Dec. 1996). According to Robert de To...

Herbastus de Crépon (Fictitious Person) MP (c.945 - 987)

' Né vers 925 Décédé après 980 A fictitious person. See Todd A. Farmerie, Robert de Torigny and the family of Gunnor, Duchess of Normandy (Dec. 1996). Herbas...

Herbastus Herfast De Crepon MP (960 - 1037)

We do not know the NAME of the wife of Ranulf de la Haye. We do know that she was the "daughter of Thurstan Haldup and his wife (name also unknown). From Cawley Medieval Lands Database: RANULF . Se...

Herfast de Crépon MP (c.955 - 985)

Herfast II (Herbastus) de Crépon, brother of Gunnor de Crépon Parents: Unknown. Often said to be Herbastus "the Dane" (Fictitious) and his wife Josceline or Cyrid, both fictitious) Sp...

N.N., Wife of Herfast de Crépon MP (c.950 - 1002)

Nameless wife of Herfast II (Herbastus) de Crépon, brother of Gunnor de Crépon Parents: unknown Spouse: Herfast II Children: 1. Osbern 2. Rainulf LINKS

Osbern de Crépon, Steward of Normandy MP (c.985 - 1040)

Osbern de Crépon Parents: Herfast II de Crépon and his (unknown) wife Spouse: Emma d'Ivry Children: 1. Guillaume (William) FitzOsbern, Earl of Hereford 2. Osbern 3. Emma (marr...

Rainulf de Crépon MP (c.975 - d.)

Ranulph (Ranulfus) de Crépon MP (c.900 - 981)

Rainulf (Ranulfus, Ranulph) de Crépon. Son of Roricon and his wife Spouse: (Gunnor) Child: Herebastus (Herfast) LINKS WIKIPEDIA (fr) La famille normande des Crépon, originai...

Roricon de Crépon MP (870 - d.)

Roricon de Crépon who might have been the grandfather of Herbastus de Crépon. LINKS WIKIPEDIA (fr) La famille normande des Crépon, originaire du Calvados, est issue de diff...

Sainsfrida Seinfrie de Crépon, wife of forrester MP (950 - 1037)

According to the story preserved by Robert de Torigny, the Duke of Normany became enamored of the beautiful Senfrie (Seinfreda), wife of one of his (unnamed) foresters in the area of Saint Vaast d'Equi...

Sibell Senfrie de Crepon MP (c.956 - 1002)

Woerta (Wevia Doceline Woerta Aveline Senfrie DeMontfort ) de Crepon MP (952 - 990)

Robert de Torigny mentioned Wevia as a sister of Gunnora. As printed by Duchesne, this chapter implies that Wevia married Thorold de Pontaudemer and her sister Avenline married Osbern de Bolebec, but a...

Wife of Herbastus de Crépon MP (c.905 - c.974)

The unknown mother of Gunnor, Seinfrida, Wevia, Aveline and Herfast de Crépon. An unsourced common error has her name as "Gunhild Olafsdatter". There is no source for this. Chapter 1. EARLY ...

Wife of Ranulph de Crépon MP (923 - 1000)

Wife of Ranulf, her name is not certain but could have been Gunnor. (More Sources please if anyone has good information.) LINKS WIKIPEDIA (fr) La famille normande des Crépon, originair...

De Crepon (1000 - d.)

de Crépon (deceased)

De Crepon (1000 - d.)

(?) de Crepon aka Haraldsson (c.906 - c.984)

Herbastus de Crépon (Fictitious Person) See the Master Profile for Herbastus de Crépon (Fictitious Person). Curator Note from Sharon Doubell (11/12/2012): This man, father of Gunnora de...

? de Crepon aka Haraldsson (?) (deceased)

? mother of ? de Rouen Unknown sister of Gunner de Rouen (de Crépon) (deceased)

?sister of Gunnora mother of wife of Osmond de Centville (deceased)

? Unknown wife of Roger de Bacqueville (de Crepon) (deceased)

Avelina (Aveline) De de Crepon (c.974 - d.)

Avelina de Crepon (c.974 - d.)

Avelina FitzRichard De Crepon (959 - 990)

Avelina F Giffard (de Crepon) (b. - 1050)

Aveline FitzRichard Giffard (de Crepon) (974 - 1040)

Aveline FitzRichard formerly Crepon aka de Crepon, de Bolbec Born 0974 in Longueville, , Normandy, Francemap Daughter of Herbastus Crepon and [mother unknown] Sister of Hildouin (Crepon) de Crepon ...

Aveline De Crepon (974 - d.)

Cybell De Bacqueville (de Crépon) (deceased)

Cynthia De Crepon (c.914 - d.)

Cyrid Queen of Sweden de Crepon (b. - 1005)

d'Arque Herfast de Crepon (deceased)

Dovelina de Crépon (c.1004 - 1068)

Duchess Gonnor Normandy (de Crepon) (942 - 1031)

Dulcelina de Torfulus (de Crepon) (c.942 - d.)

Duvelina de Pontaudemer (de Crepon) (c.942 - d.)

Emma de Crepon (d'Ivree) (deceased)

Ermentrude de Crépon (900 - d.)

FNU de Crepon (c.990 - d.)

Gilbert De Crepon (885 - d.)

Gonner de Crepon (deceased)

Gonnor De Crepon (935 - 1031)

Gonnor de Crepon (936 - 1001)

Gonnor de Crépon (?) (c.920 - d.)

Gonnor de Normandy (de Crepon) (936 - 1031)

Gonnor (Emma?) Normandy (De Crepon) (c.935 - 1031)

Gundrada De de Crepon (b. - 1040)

Gundrada De Crepon (b. - 1040)

Gunhild Olafdottir de Crepon (916 - d.)

Gunhild*# de Crepon (Olafsdotter,) (923 - d.)

Gunnor de Crepon (deceased)

Gunnor de Crepon (936 - 1030)

Gunnor Duchess of N De Crepon (deceased)

Gunnora Haraldsdottir de Crepon (c.936 - 1031)

Gunnora de Mortimer (de Crepon) (943 - 1031)

Gunnora de Crepon (Skjolding) (905 - d.)

Harald De Crepon (911 - 981)

Harald I "Bluetooth" King of Denmark and Norway Gormsson de Crepon (906 - 986)

Herbastes De Crepon (c.911 - c.984)

Herbastus de Crepon (deceased)

Herbastus De Crepon, Mrs. (914 - 975)

Herbastus Prince of Denmark de Crepon (945 - d.)

Herbastus de Crepon (918 - d.)

Herbastus De Crepon (910 - 1002)

Herbastus de Crepon (931 - 981)

Herbastus "Herfast" de Crepon aka Haraldsson (Crepon) (c.906 - 984)

Herefast de Crepon (deceased)

Herefast de Crepon (deceased)

Herfast De Crepon (900 - 941)

Herfast de Crepon (c.944 - d.)

Herfast de Crepon (c.955 - d.)

Herfast De Crepon (deceased)

Herfast "The Dane" de Crepon (c.975 - c.1030)

Herfast de Crepon (955 - 1040)

Herfast De Crepon (890 - 981)

Herfastus de Normandie (De Crepon) (deceased)

Herfastus "The Dane" the Dane DE CREPON (926 - 981)

King of Denmark Harald II De Crepon (911 - 1002)

Lady de Centville Bennett (De Crepon) (deceased)

Lesceline de Crepon,du Crippon (de Crepon) (1085 - d.)

N.N. De Crepon (990 - 1059)

N.N. de Crepon (920 - d.)

N.N., Wife of Rainulf de Crépon (deceased)

Osbern the Steward de Crepon (b. - c.1040)

Osbern De Crepon (deceased)

Rainulf de Crépon (c.900 - d.)

Randulf de Crepon (900 - d.)

Ranulf De CREPON (c.900 - d.)

Ranulf de Crépon (deceased)

Sainfric De Crepon (c.1024 - d.)

Sainfrie De Crepon (c.948 - d.)

Sainsfrida de Crépon (c.950 - d.)

Seigneur Herbastus De Crepon (911 - c.984)

Seinfreda De Crepon (of Denmark) (deceased)

SENFRIA de Crepon (970 - d.)

SENFRIA de Crepon (970 - d.)

SENFRIA de Crepon (970 - d.)