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Adeliza Alice Basset (de Dunstanville) MP (c.1130 - 1186)

Alan de Dunstanville MP (c.1080 - 1150)

Alan Reginald de Dunstanville MP (1104 - 1151)

Alan de Dunstanville, II MP (c.1137 - d.)

Denise (Hawise) de Dunstanville, Countess of Devon MP (c.1141 - 1162)

Gundred / Gundrada Fitzhenry (de Dunstanville) MP (1114 - 1130)

Gundred of England (1114–46), daughter of Henry I and Sybil Corbet or possibly Herbert fitzHerbert and Sybil Corbet. Her sister Rohese married in 1130 Henry de la Pomeroy, son of Joscelin de l...

Hugh de Dunstanville MP (c.1028 - 1124)

Joan FitzRoy de Dunstanville, of Cornwall MP (c.1150 - d.)

Maude de Dunstanville, of Cornwall MP (1143 - 1207)

Maud de Dunstanville (F) 926 Pop-up Pedigree Relationship=24th great-grandmother of Raymond John Newcombe. Appears on charts: Pedigree for Susan Drake Compressed Pedigree for Raymond Jo...

Reginald Robert de Dunstanville MP (c.1054 - 1125)

Robert (or Reginald) de Dunstanville born about 1054 Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England died before 1135 buried Tewkesbury, Wiltshire, England father: Hugo de Dunstanville born about 10...

Rohese fitzHenry (de Dunstanville) MP (c.1114 - 1176)

From [ROHESE (-[1176]). The parentage of Rohese is uncertain. Renaud Earl of Cornwall granted Roseworthy manor in Cornwall to his sister "Rohesia de Pomeria" in a charter[214]. The wife of Henry de l...

Réginald Fitz de Dunstanville, 1st Earl of Cornwall MP (c.1100 - 1175)

RENAUD de Dunstanville From Medlands: illegitimate son of HENRY I King of England & his mistress Sibyl Corbet ([1110/15]-Chertsey, Surrey 1 Jul [1175], bur Reading Abbey). He is named as son of K...

adelina de dunstanville (de warenne) (1084 - c.1160)

Adeliza de Dunstanville (c.1135 - 1186)

Alan Reginald De Dunstanville (c.1078 - c.1156)

Alan de Dunstanville (c.1104 - 1156)

Alan Reginald DE DUNSTANVILLE (c.1080 - 1156)

Alan Reginald De Dunstanville (deceased)

Alice Basset (De Dunstanville) (c.1132 - c.1184)

Alice DE DUNSTANVILLE (c.1132 - 1184)

Alice De Dunstanville (1118 - 1186)

Alice De Dunstanville (1118 - d.)

Alice De Dunstanville (deceased)

Alice de Dunstanville (1138 - d.)

Alice Basset (de Dunstanville) (deceased)

Cecilia de Dunstanville (c.1137 - d.)

Emma de Dunstanville, of Cornwall (c.1136 - c.1208)

From Medlands: RENAUD [de Dunstanville], illegitimate son of HENRY I King of England & his mistress Sibyl Corbet ([1110/15]-Chertsey, Surrey 1 Jul [1175], bur Reading Abbey). He is named as son o...

Geoffrey de Dunstanville, of Encombe (deceased)

<private> De Dunstanville (deceased)

<private> De Dunstanville (deceased)

Gundreda de Dunstanville (c.1082 - d.)

<private> de Dunstanville (1189 - d.)

Hugh Hugo De Dunstanville (deceased)

<private> de Dunstanville (deceased)

Hugo de Dunstanville (1084 - d.)

Janarius de Dunstanville (c.1419 - d.)

Janarius de Dunstanville He was born circa 1420 in England. He also was known by John Dunstanville, January de Dunstanville or de Castlecombe. His daughter Barbara Dunstanville was born circa 1447, s...

Maragret de Dunstanville (1215 - 1285)

<private> de Dunstanville (1052 - d.)

Mrs. Robert de Dunstanville (???) (deceased)

Rainald de Dunstanville (deceased)

Rainald De Dunstanville (1110 - 1175)

Rainfrey De Dunstanville, Seigneur (c.1035 - d.)

Reginald Robert De Dunstanville (c.1053 - c.1129)

<private> de Dunstanville (b. - 1124)

Reginald de Dunstanville (c.1152 - d.)

Reginald de Dunstanville (1080 - 1109)

Reginald Robert De Dunstanville (deceased)

Reginald Robert de Dunstanville (1074 - d.)

Robert De Dunstanville (de Dunstanville) (1034 - 1110)

Robert De Dunstanville (c.1050 - d.)

Robert de Dunstanville (1106 - d.)

<private> de Dunstanville (c.1044 - 1104)

<private> de Dunstanville (c.1106 - 1184)

Roy de Dunstanville (deceased)

Detached from 'son' Renaud fitzRoy de Dunstanville as the father was Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England. fitzRoy means 'son of king'

Sabina de Floyerslands (de Dunstanville) (deceased)

<private> de Cornouailles (de Dunstanville) (1130 - 1216)

<private> de Dunstanville (c.1145 - d.)

Walter DE DUNSTANVILLE (deceased)

Walter de Dunstanville was born. Walter married Maud Marshal Bigod De Warenne AFTER 1225. Sources: 1. [ ]

Walter de Dunstanville (deceased)

<private> de Dunstanville (1160 - 1195)

Walter de Dunstanville (1136 - d.)

Walter de Dunstanville (1136 - d.)

William de Dunstanville (c.1138 - d.)

William de Dunstanville (deceased)