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Alice de Greystoke MP (c.1355 - 1377)

Anne Assheton (de Greystoke) MP (deceased)

Edith fitzForne, de Greystoke (Concubine #6 of Henry I) MP (1080 - 1152)

Edith of Greystoke, daughter of Forn Sigurdson Lord of Greystoke, Cumberland, was a probable mistress of Henry I of England and the mother of his son Robert (NOT Robert de Caen Earl of Gloucester but r...

Elizabeth de Graystoke, Baroness Greystoke MP (c.1471 - 1516)

Elizabeth Greystoke[1,2] 1471 - 1516 Birth 10 Jul 1471 Morpeth, Northumberland Sex Female Lived In England Complete * Died 13 Aug 1516 Buried Priory Lanercost, Cumberland Person ...

Joane Redmayne de Greystoke (FitzHenry), Baroness Greystroke MP (c.1331 - 1403)

Joan FITZ HENRY [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born 1333 in Ravensworth, North Riding, Yorkshire, England. She died 1 Sep 1403 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England. Joan married Sir William de GREYSTOKE Lord Grey...

John de Greystoke, 4th Baron Greystoke MP (c.1389 - 1436)

John de Greystoke, 4th Lord Greystoke was born in 1390.3 He was the son of Ralph de Greystoke, 3rd Lord Greystoke.2 He married Elizabeth Ferrers, daughter of Sir Robert de Ferrers, 3rd Lord Ferrers (of...

Maude de Greystoke MP (c.1372 - c.1416)

Maude de Greystoke is a descendant of Charlemagne -------- Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 Husband's Name Eudo WELLES (AFN:9BBZ-M9) Pedigree Born: Abt 1387 Place: Of,...

Ralph de Greystoke, 3rd Baron Greystoke MP (c.1353 - c.1417)

Ralph de Greystoke, 3rd Lord Greystoke1 M, #176147, b. 18 October 1353, d. 6 April 1418 Ralph de Greystoke, 3rd Lord Greystoke was born on 18 October 1353 at Kirkby Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England....

Ralph de Greystoke, 1st Baron Greystoke MP (c.1299 - 1323)

Sir Ralph de Greystoke, 1st Lord Greystoke married Alice Audley, daughter of Hugh Audley, 1st Lord Audley (of Stratton Audley) and Isolt de Mortimer, before 1323. He died in 1323, poisoned by a rebel k...

Ralph de Greystoke, 5th Lord Greystoke MP (c.1408 - 1487)

Baron Ralph Greystoke was born about 1408 in Greystoke, Northumberland, England. He was christened in (22+ 1436). He died on Jun 1 1487 in Kirkham, Northumberland, England. He was buried in Monastery, ...

William Fitz Ranulf, Lord of Greystoke MP (c.1156 - 1209)

William Greystoke born about 1158 Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England died 1209 father: Ralph Greystoke born about 1132 Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England died before 1211 mother: Amabel Baliol bo...

William de Greystoke, 2nd Baron Greystoke MP (c.1320 - c.1358)

Sir William de GREYSTOKE Lord Greystoke [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 6 Jan 1321 in Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. He died 10 Jul 1359 in Brancepeth, Durham, England. William married Joan FITZ HEN...

Adam de Greystoke (c.1138 - d.)

Adam de Greystoke (c.1110 - d.)

Agnes de Longvilliers (1232 - 1254)

Alditha De Greystoke (fitzSigulf) (1058 - d.)

Alexander de Greystoke (c.1190 - 1246)

Alice de Greystoke (1140 - 1140)

Alice De Greystoke (1266 - d.)

Alionora de Greystoke (c.1391 - d.)

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 Alionora GREYSTOKE (AFN: 9HSN-MT) Pedigree Sex: F Family Event(s) Birth: Abt 1391 Of, Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England Parents Father...

Anna de Greystoke (c.1392 - d.)

Catherine de Clifford, Baroness Greystoke MP (c.1353 - 1418)

Katherine de Clifford1 F, #176148 Katherine de Clifford is the daughter of Roger de Clifford, 5th Lord Clifford and Maud de Beauchamp. She married Ralph de Greystoke, 3rd Lord Greystoke, son of W...

Edith De Greystoke (1082 - 1152)

Elizabeth le Scrope (de Greystoke) (c.1436 - c.1490)

GREYSTOKE (B. Scrope of Masham) has two death dates: abt 1483, and after 20 dec 1490. I have chosen the latter, for no good reason. (jecpj)

Elizabeth de Greystoke (c.1398 - d.)

Elizabeth de Greystoke (c.1436 - 1490)

Elizabeth de Greystoke (c.1428 - 1440)

Henry GREYSTOKE (c.1424 - d.)

Henry de Greystoke (c.1387 - d.)

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 Henry GREYSTOKE (AFN: 9HSN-KH) Pedigree Sex: M Event(s) Birth: Abt 1387 Of, Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England Parents Father: Ralph GR...

Henry (deceased)

Henry (deceased)

Henry (deceased)

Henry de Greystoke (c.1142 - d.)

Isabella FitzThomas de Lascelles (de Greystoke) (c.1245 - 1323)

Ives Ivo Fitzforne de Greystoke (c.1080 - c.1156)

The only mention of Ivo FitzForne of Greystoke in the Medieval Lands Database is a reference to the marriage of his daughter Alice to Edgar son of Gospatrick of Northumberland. This also provides his w...

Joane de Greystoke, Baroness Darcy (c.1408 - 1456)

Joane de Greystoke, Baroness Darcy of Knaith Birth: 1408 Died: 1456 Father: John GREYSTOKE (6º B. Greystoke of Greystoke) Mother: Elizabeth FERRERS Married 1: William STOKE Married 2: Joh...

Joan de Greystoke (c.1208 - 1269)

Joan de Greystoke (c.1395 - 1415)

John de Greystoke (c.1232 - d.)

John GREYSTOKE (c.1420 - d.)

Ligulph de Greystoke (1030 - d.)

Margaret de Greystoke (1300 - 1321)

Margaret (Margery) de Greystoke (c.1442 - d.)

Maud (1390 - 1416)

Maud de Greystoke (deceased)

Maud (c.1390 - d.)

Forne Sigurdson, Lord of Greystoke (c.1048 - c.1129)

PENDING DELETION~stay of execution since following some research I found that Henry I had a mistress Edith FitzForne of Greystoke as well as Wife Edith. Terry Jackson 24 Oct.2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

Ralph de Greystoke (c.1381 - d.)

Ralph FitzRalph de Greystoke (c.1324 - d.)

Ralph (Ranulf) de Greystoke (1132 - c.1210)

Ralph FitzWilliam, 1st Baron de Greystoke, Governor of Carlisle (c.1250 - c.1317)

Ralph de Greystoke (deceased)

Ralph DE GREYSTOKE (Bluet) (c.1132 - c.1211)

Randulph De Greystoke (1085 - d.)

Ranulph (1132 - d.)

Richard de Greystoke (c.1188 - c.1246)

Richard GREYSTOKE (c.1418 - d.)

Robert De Greystoke (c.1359 - d.)

Robert de Greystoke (b. - 1264)

Sir Robert de Greystoke (c.1443 - 1483)

Sir Robert Greystoke[1,2] 1440 - 1483 Honorific Sir Birth est 1440 Sex Male Lived In England Complete * Died 17 Jun 1483 Person ID I00198309 Leo Last Modified 14 Jan 1997 ...

Robert (deceased)

Robert de Greystoke (c.1136 - d.)

Robert FitzRalph (de Greystoke), 2nd Baron de Greystoke (1276 - c.1317)

Robert (deceased)

Robert FitzRobert de Greystoke (deceased)

Robert (deceased)

Simon de Greystoke (c.1182 - c.1246)

Thomas de Greystoke (c.1180 - 1247)

Thomas de Greystoke (1230 - 1254)

Thomas de Greystoke (c.1385 - d.)

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 Search Results | Print ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------------------- Thomas GREYSTOKE (AFN: 9HSN-JB) Pe...

Thomas GREYSTOKE (c.1414 - d.)

Ult De Greystoke (1060 - d.)

Walter FitzIvo de Greystoke (c.1106 - c.1162)

William (deceased)

William De De Greystoke (1140 - d.)

William (deceased)

William de Greystoke (c.1210 - 1289)

William (deceased)

William de Greystoke (c.1430 - d.)

William (deceased)

William de Greystoke (c.1357 - c.1381)