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Constance of Antioch de Hauteville, Princess of Antioch MP (c.1127 - 1164)

Wikipedia: Constance of Antioch From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Constance of Antioch Princess of Antioch Tenure 1131-1160 Spouse Raymond of Poitiers...

Drogon de Hauteville, II. conte di Puglia MP (c.1010 - 1051)

Wikipedia: Drogo of Hauteville From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Drogo of Hauteville[1] (c.1010 – 10 August 1051) succeeded his brother, William Iron Arm...

Emma de Hauteville MP (c.1067 - 1119)

EMMA of Sicily From Medlands: ([1063]-after Aug 1119). Malaterra names "filiam eius…Emmam…de prima uxore Judicta" when recording that her father arranged her marriage to Philippe I ...

Florence Dupuy (de Hauteville) MP (c.1378 - d.)

Frédésende De Hauteville (de Normandie) MP (995 - 1058)

Fressenda, wife of Tancred de Hauteville. Parents unknown. NB: Some people list Fressende as the daughter of Richard I Sans-Peur. There is NO evidence that he had a daughter called Fressenda/Fredesen...

Frédésende (Fressenda) de Hauteville MP (1030 - 1117)

Geoffroy I de Hauteville, conte di Conversano MP (c.1018 - 1063)

Wikipedia: Geoffrey of Hauteville From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Geoffrey of Hauteville (also Gottfried, Godfrey, Goffredo, or Gaufrido) was a Norman militar...

Guillaume de Hauteville MP (1027 - c.1070)

Wikipedia: William of the Principate From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search William of Hauteville (c. 1027-1080) was one of the younger sons of Tancred of Hauteville...

Guillaume de Hauteville, conte di Puglia MP (b. - 1046)

Hialti de Hauteville MP (c.852 - 888)

Marguerite de Hauteville MP (deceased)

Mathilde de Hauteville, dame de Sicile MP (1070 - 1144)

Hauteville family From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Coat of Arms of the Hauteville family The family of the Hauteville (French: Maison de Hauteville, Italian: Casa d'Altavilla, Sicilian: Casa d'A...

Mauger de Hauteville, conte di Capitanata MP (b. - 1064)

Wikipedia: Mauger of Hauteville From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Mauger of Hauteville (also Latin Malgerius or Italian Maugerio) was a younger (probably the se...

Onfroi de Hauteville, III. conte di Puglia MP (b. - 1057)

Wikipedia: Humphrey of Hauteville From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Humphrey of Hauteville[1] (c. 1010 – August 1057), surnamed Abagelard, was the Count ...

Roberto il Guiscardo, duca di Puglia MP (c.1015 - 1085)

--------------------- Roberto Guiscardo (?, c. 1015-Cefalonia, 1085) Militar y aventurero normando. Conde (1057-1059) y luego duque de Apulia y Calabria, y de Sicilia (1059-1085). La conquista ...

Ruggero I il Gran, conte di Sicilia MP (c.1031 - 1101)

Roger I of Sicily From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Roger I (1031[1] – June 22, 1101), called Bosso and the Great Count, was the Norman Count of Sicily from 1071 to 1101. He was the last...

Ruggero II, Re di Sicilia MP (1095 - 1154)

Ruggero II di Sicilia Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Ruggero II (Mileto, 22 dicembre 1095 – Palermo, 26 febbraio 1154) , conosciuto anche come Ruggero il normanno, figlio e success...

Simon de Hauteville, Gran Conte di Sicilia MP (1093 - 1105)

Sybille de Hauteville MP (1062 - 1092)

Tancred II de Hauteville MP (c.1025 - 1100)

Tancred de Hauteville, prince d'Antioche MP (c.1070 - 1112)

Wikipedia - Tancred Prince of Galilee Tancred, Prince of Galilee From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search An imaginary portrait of Tancred as regent of Antioch. Tanc...

Tancred Guiscard, seigneur de Hauteville MP (c.970 - c.1041)

Tancred of Hauteville, Seigneur (Lord) de Hauteville married (1) Muriella and (2) Fredesinda Tancred de Hauteville was an eleventh-century Norman petty lord about whom little is known. His historic...

William I, King of Sicily MP (1131 - 1166)

William I (1131 – May 7, 1166), called the Bad or the Wicked, was the second King of Sicily, ruling from his father's death in 1154 to his own in 1166. He was the fourth son of Roger II and Elvi...

Agnes de Hauteville (deceased)

Alverade de Hauteville (deceased)

Amaury de Hauteville (deceased)

Aubrey de Hauteville (Tancreed) (deceased)

Aubrey de Hauteville (deceased)

Beatrice D'Eu (de Hauteville) (deceased)

Bohemond I of Antioch (Marc de Hauteville) (1058 - 1111)

Bohemond I (also spelled Bohemund or Boamund) (c. 1058 – 3 March 1111), Prince of Taranto and Prince of Antioch,[1] was one of the leaders of the First Crusade. The Crusade had no outrigh...

Bohemond II (de Hauteville) of Antioch (1108 - 1130)

Bohemond II (1108–1130[1]) was the Prince of Taranto and Prince of Antioch from 1111. He was the son of the founder of the principalities, Bohemond I, and Constance, daughter of Philip I of Fr...

Constance de Hauteville (d'Hauteville) (1080 - d.)

Constance of Antioch (de Hauteville) (1127 - 1163)

Constance of Antioch (1127–1163) was the only daughter of Bohemond II of Antioch by his wife Alice, princess of Jerusalem.[1] She was also Princess regnant of the Principality of Antioch (a crus...

Count Tancred, seigneur de Hauteville (910 - c.980)

See and

Elizabeth de Hauteville (1165 - d.)

Florimond de Hauteville (c.1354 - d.)

Fressenda count of Aversa and prince of Capua (de Hauteville) (b. - 1078)

Geltrude de Hauteville (deceased)

Giuditta de Hauteville (deceased)

<private> De Hauteville (996 - 1057)

<private> de Hauteville (c.1061 - 1108)

Guillaume de Hauteville (c.1075 - 1097)

Guiscard de Hauteville (880 - 971)

Heria (De Hauteville) (1051 - d.)

<private> de Hauteville (c.1053 - d.)

Hialt de HAUTEVILLE (deceased)

Humbert (Hubert) De Hauteville (Tancreed) (deceased)

Humbert de Hauteville (c.1022 - 1057)

Isabelle de de Hauteville (c.1199 - 1272)

King Tancred De Hauteville (1223 - 1323)

<private> de Hauteville (c.1065 - d.)

Margherita de Hauteville (c.1140 - 1178)

Maud (De Hauteville) (1060 - d.)

N.N. de Hauteville (de Tancarville) (c.956 - d.)

Nanon de Hauteville (deceased)

Odobone de Tancarville (de Hauteville) (c.935 - d.)

Olimpia 'Elena' de Hauteville (c.1057 - c.1095)

According to Psellos' monody, Andronikos was married to an unnamed woman, who died soon after his own death. He had no descendants. ------------------------------------- Constantine Doukas From...

<private> de Hauteville (c.955 - 1021)

See and ------------ Rabel II Tancrède DE HAUTEVILLE seigneur de Hauteville 4598 Born: Abt 955, Hauteville, Manche, Normandy, France Died: Abt 1021 2nd Grand-grandfather: Hialti DE HAUTEVI...

Richard de Hauteville, conte di Mottola (deceased)

Robert "the Astute" Guiscard de Hauteville (c.1015 - 1085)

Robert 'Scalione' de Hauteville (c.1070 - 1110)

Robert Guiscard duke of Apulia de Hauteville (Tancreed) (b. - 1085)

Robert I De Hauteville (deceased)

Roger de Hauteville, prince d'Antioch (b. - 1119)

Roger von Salerno aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Roger von Salerno oder Roger vom Prinzipat († 28. Juni 1119 bei Sarmada) aus dem Haus Hauteville ...

Roger Count of Sicily de Hauteville (Tancreed) (b. - 1101)

Serlon II de Hauteville (c.1027 - 1072)

Serlone de Hauteville (c.1010 - d.)

Wikipedia: Serlo I of Hauteville From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Serlo of Hauteville) Jump to:navigation, search Serlo I of Hauteville (also spelled Sarlo or Serlon i...

Silvestro de Hauteville, Conte di Marsico (c.1045 - d.)

Suzanne de Hauteville (b. - 1540)

Sybille de Hauteville (c.1058 - c.1090)

Tancred de Hauteville (Tancreed) (deceased)

<private> de Hauteville (1147 - 1194)

Tancred of Sicily From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tancred (1138 - February 20, 1194) was King of Sicily from 1189 to 1194. He was an illegitimate son of Roger III, Duke of Apulia, the eldest ...

Tancredo de Hauteville (deceased)

<private> De Hauteville (b. - 1041)

Tancreed De Hauteville (970 - d.)

Tancreed De Hauteville (970 - d.)

Tancreed De Hauteville (970 - d.)

Tancreed De Hauteville (970 - 1041)

Tancreed De Hauteville (deceased)

Tancreed De Hauteville (deceased)

Tancreed De Hauteville (1197 - 1297)

Tancreed De Hauteville (1225 - d.)

<private> De Hauteville (970 - 1041)

Tancrède De Hauteville (985 - 1041)

Tancrède de Hauteville (deceased)

Thomas de Hauteville (1265 - d.)

Received his lands from William the Conqueror.

Sir Thomas de Hauteville (deceased)

Unknown De Hauteville (deceased)

Unknown De Hauteville (deceased)