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Ela de Herdeburgh MP (c.1286 - c.1343)

Children by her second marriage to William le Boteler: Three sons: William "the younger", Edmund, Edward (Rector of Weston Turville). Four daughters: Denise, Ida, Alice, and Ankaret. Children...

Sir Roger de Herdeburgh II, Knight MP (c.1263 - c.1284)

Hugh De Herdeburgh, II (c.1224 - c.1296)

Hugh de Herdeburgh (c.1224 - 1296)

Hugh de Herdeburgh, I (1166 - d.)

Isabel De Herdeburgh (De Craft) (1237 - d.)

last names listed; de Turville, Raymes.

Mrs Hugh De Herdeburgh (1176 - d.)

Pernel de Herdeburgh (de Croft) (c.1215 - d.)

Roger de Herdeburgh (c.1198 - d.)

Roger de Herdeburgh (c.1250 - c.1284)

Roger De Herdeburgh (1198 - 1253)

Roger de Herdeburgh, I (c.1210 - d.)