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Sir Thomas de la Barre MP (1387 - 1420)

'Sir Thomas Barre1 'M, b. circa 1360, d. 1409 Father Sir Thomas Barre1 b. c 1335, d. 1385 Mother Elizabeth Pembridge2 b. c 1338, d. 1385 ' Sir Thomas Barre was born circa 1360 at of Tarrington,...

walter de la barre MP (deceased)

(unk) de la barre (Barre) (1325 - 1402)

Adriana de la Barre, vrouwe van Wulven (1723 - 1780)

Agneta Luise de la Barre (deceased)

Anna Elisabeth von Berg (de la Barre) (deceased)

Anne de La Barre (deceased)

Anne Masselin (Favouault de la Barre) (deceased)

Anne de la Barre (1378 - c.1429)

Anne Louvet (de la Barre) (deceased)

Antoine Lefèvre de la Barre (deceased)

Antoine de La Barre, heer van Moeskroen (deceased)

Anton de la Barre (b. - 1711)

a. Schloss Ermes

Anton de la Barre (b. - 1707)

Barbe de la Barre (b. - 1703)

Blandine De la Barre de Manteuil (deceased)

Catherine de La Barre (deceased)

Charlotta Margareta de la Barre (1733 - 1794)

Charlotte de La Barre (Chalinette du Tillet) (deceased)

Charlotte Anna Ulrike Freund (de la Barre) (deceased)

Claudine le Coffre (de la Barre) (b. - 1638)

Corneille de La Barre, seigneur de Mouscron (b. - 1489)

Corneille Ferdinand de La Barre (deceased)

Cornelis de La Barre, seigneur de Mouscron (deceased)

Daniel de la Barre (b. - 1660)

elizabeth de la barre (deceased)

Elizabeth de la Barre (1353 - d.)

Eremburge de la Barre (1220 - d.)

Ester Judith de la Barre (b. - c.1694)

Ferdinand de La Barre, seigneur de Mouscron (b. - 1578)

Florence de la Barre (Dickinson) (1851 - d.)

Francois Pascalis de La Barre (deceased)

Françoise de la Barre (c.1635 - c.1661)

Gervais de la Barre (1570 - 1644)

Guillaume de la Barre (deceased)

Hawise de la Barre (Pembridge) (1338 - d.)


Isabel De La Barre (1338 - 1421)

Jean Francois de la Barre de Londiere, ecuyer, (deceased)

Jean de la Barre (c.1580 - d.)

Jeanne de La Barre (deceased)

Jeanne Françoise Lefèvre de la Barre (deceased)

Jehan de la Barre (1460 - d.)

Joseph-Antoine Lefèvre de la Barre (de La Barre) (1622 - 1688)

Governor-general of New France (1682–85), counsellor in the Parlement of Paris in 1645, maître des requêtes c. 1650, intendant of Paris during the Fronde, then intendant of Bourbon...

Kate De La Barre (Wells) (deceased)

Katherine Pecche/ de la Barre (?Stury) (c.1365 - 1410)

Katherine was widow of Sir John Pecche // Peche not daughter of. Frederick Weis "Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists" etc edition 7 1992

Louis Victor ROFFAY de la BARRE (1717 - 1787)

Louise de La Barre, dame de Mouscron (b. - 1616)

Magdalena Gerdruta de la Barre (b. - 1725)

Marguerite de La Barre (b. - 1661)

Maria Eleonora de la Barre (deceased)

Marie de la Barre (b. - 1638)

Marie de La Barre (deceased)

Countess Marie Josée de la Barre d’Erquelinnes (deceased)

Marie de la Barre (Launay) (deceased)

Marie de la Barre (deceased)

Marie de la Barre (deceased)

Marie de la Barre (deceased)

Marie Eleonore de la Barre (b. - 1685)

marie julie lucas de la barre (deceased)

Marion de la Barre (le Bossu) (deceased)

Marthe Bienvenu (de la Barre) (1495 - d.)

matilda de la barre (devereux) (deceased)

Melicerte Le Breton (de La Barre) (deceased)

Mr. De La Barre (c.1388 - d.)

NN de la Barre (deceased)

NN des Fontaines de la Barre (deceased)

Octave Tissot de La Barre de Mérona (1820 - 1855)

Osten de la Barre, heer van Moeskroen (deceased)

Pierre Bontemps de la Barre (deceased)

Renata Johanna de la Barre (1723 - 1765)

Robert de la Barre (c.1330 - d.)

Robert Friedrich de la Barre (1670 - 1731)

Roland de la Barre de Nanteuil (deceased)

Thierry De La Barre de Nanteuil (1945 - d.)

Thomas Barre (1335 - 1385)


Sir Thomas de la Barre, MP (c.1349 - 1420)

Family and Education b.c.1349, 3rd. s. and event. h. of Thomas de la Barre† of Rotherwas, by Hawise, sis. and coh. of Sir Richard Pembridge of Ayot St. Lawrence. m. by 1381, Elizabeth (d. 14 Dec...

thomas de la barre (Barre) (1325 - d.)

Ulrike Eleonore de la Barre (1729 - d.)

Vilhelm Fredrik de la Barre (b. - 1753)

Walter de la Barre (deceased)

Wilhelm de la Barre till Ermes och Homel (b. - c.1650)

Wilhelmina Gertrud de la Barre (1729 - 1804)

William de la Barre (b. - 1363)

William De La Barre (deceased)