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Agnes de la Mare MP (1325 - d.)

Eleanor Paulet (de la Mare) MP (c.1373 - 1413)

Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Husband's Name William PAULETT (AFN:84X5-MD) Pedigre...

Henry de la Mare MP (c.1175 - c.1211)

Citations Welles, Albert. History of the Welles Family in England; with Their Derivation in this Country from Governor Welles of Connecticut. Boston: John Wilson and Son, 1874. Links

Isabella de Carew (de la Mare) MP (1362 - 1398)

Maude de la Mare MP (c.1246 - c.1275)

Sir Piers de Montfort [e] b abt 1215, of Beaudesert, Worcestershire, England, d 4 Aug 1265, Battle of Evesham, Worcestershire, England. He md Alice de Aldithley abt 1238, daughter of Sir Henry de Aldit...

NN de la Mare MP (b. - c.1431)

Thomas de la Mare (1420-1492) was the son of Thomas Senior, a younger son of Sir Robert de la Mare of Aldermaston House in Berkshire. The Berkshire De la Mares were probably a branch of the same family...

Olive de la Mare MP (1200 - 1254)

Pernel de la Mare MP (c.1210 - 1267)

Philip de la Mare MP (c.1347 - c.1398)

Thomas De La Mare MP (deceased)

Sir Thomas de la Mare of Aldermaston MP (1420 - 1492)

Born: 1420 probably at Aldermaston, Berkshire Sheriff of Oxfordshire & Berkshire Died: 2nd September 1492 at Sion Abbey, Middlesex  Knight of the Sepulchre.(Parochial Topography of the Hun...

Thomas de la Mare MP (c.1322 - 1404)

Walter de la Mare MP (1873 - 1956)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Walter John de la Mare , ( 25 April 1873 – 22 June 1956) was an English poet, short story writer and novelist. He is probably best remembered for his works...

Adolf de la Mare (1632 - d.)

Alan de La Mare (1075 - d.)

Alfred Alexander De La Mare (1923 - 1998)

Alice de la Mare (1335 - 1411)

Alice Ann De La Mare (deceased)

Alice de la Mare (b. - c.1431)

"[Robert] De la Mare died on 19 July 1431. His son William and the latter’s wife , on whom he had earlier settled Lower Heyford, had both predeceased him, leaving as his heir their son, Thomas d...

Alice Ann De La Mare (1867 - 1963)

Aliza de la Mare (1120 - 1224)

Amabel De La Mare (Unknown) (1102 - d.)

Amos De La Mare (deceased)

Anna Jenny Herckenrath (de la Mare) (1865 - 1921)

Anne de La Mare (deceased)

Antonio Candido de Mores de la Mare (c.1780 - d.)

Basile de la Mare (deceased)

Betsy de la Mare (1865 - d.)

Cai de la Mare, til Aggersbøl (1630 - 1713)

Catherina Elisabeth de la Mare (1712 - 1748)

Cathrine Elisabeth de la Mare (Sehestedt) (1638 - 1679)

Catrin De La Mare (deceased)

Christoffer de la Mare (1633 - d.)

Cyril Haviland De la Mare (deceased)

David DeLamarre (De La Mare) (c.1562 - 1668)

David DeLamarre (De La Mare) (1599 - d.)

Ditlev de la Mare (c.1712 - c.1780)

Edmund De La Mare (deceased)

Elias de la Mare (c.1222 - 1271)

Elias de la Mare (c.1256 - d.)

Elias De La Mare (1380 - d.)

Elizabeth de la Mare, Lady Forster (1475 - 1526)

Born about 1476 and died 7 December 1526. parents: Sir John Delamare of Aldermarston & ?? Dabridgourt dau of Sir Nicholas Dabridgcourt. She was the heir to her grandfather. Married George F...

Elizabeth de la Mare (deceased)

Elizabeth Tate (De La Mare) (deceased)

Ellen De la Mare (deceased)

Emmanuel de la Mare (1605 - 1664)

Esther Jane Walter (De La Mare) (deceased)

Eva Holgate(De La Mare) (deceased)

Evan De La Mare (deceased)

Francisco de la Mare (c.1769 - d.)

Francois De La Mare (deceased)

Frantz Georg de la Mare (1634 - d.)

Gabrielle De La Mare (deceased)

Genevieve De La Mare (deceased)

Gillonne de CHANTELOU (de La MARE) (deceased)

Harold Clement John de la Mare (deceased)

Henrik Frederik de la Mare (c.1662 - d.)

Henry de la Mare (c.1205 - 1257)

Henry De La Mare (deceased)

Hieronimus de la Mare, til Agersbøl (1660 - 1727)

Hieronymine Henriette de la Mare (1722 - 1790)

Ida Elizabeth Emma Lourens (de la Mare) (1904 - 1987)

Inconnu De La Mare (deceased)

Isabel de la Mare (deceased)

James Edward de la Mare (deceased)

James De La Mare (deceased)

Jane V, Queen of the Golden Isles ~ House of de la Mare (1510 - 1532)

Jean De La Mare (deceased)

Jean de la Mare (c.1580 - d.)

Jean De La Mare (deceased)

Jean De La Mare (deceased)

Jeanne Esther De La Mare (Ahier) (deceased)

Jeannette Antoinett de la Mare (1727 - d.)

Joan De La Mare (c.1274 - 1323)

Joan de la Mare (c.1275 - 1348)

Joan de la Mare1 F, #325764 Last Edited=29 Dec 2008 Joan de la Mare married, firstly, Ralph de Cromwell, son of Ralph de Cromwell.1 She married, secondly, Sir Henry de Grey, son of John de Grey and L...

Joan Marre (1324 - 1348)

Joaquim Raymundo de Moraes de la Mare (1777 - 1875)

John de la Mare of Aldermaston (1418 - 1489)

parents: Sir Thomas Delamare of Aldermaston, Berkshire (c 1420-1492) & Elizabeth Children Elizabeth De la Mare (b: ABT 1476-1526) m Sir George Forster Thomas De la Mare (b: ABT 1478-1493) F...

John de la Mare (c.1296 - d.)

Sir John de la Mere of Nunney Castle (c.1330 - 1383)

Built (or finished) Nunney Castle. John de la Mare was sheriff of Wilts" (where he has left his name to Fisherton-de-la-Mare) "in 1377, and then bore on his shield two lions passant. This John and hi...

Joseph de la Mare (c.1731 - 1780)

Judith De La Mare (Guilbert) (deceased)

Judith De La Mare (Paint) (deceased)

Kaj de la Mare (1630 - 1713)

kathleen de la mare (deceased)

Marian de la Mare (c.1858 - 1922)

Les De La Mare (deceased)

Louise de la mare, de Troismonts (deceased)

Louise Eleonore de la Mare (deceased)

Louise Matilda De La Mare (Maindonal) (b. - 1906)

Lucie Emmerentia de la Mare (von Brockdorff) (c.1692 - 1736)

Lucie de la Mare (von Brugg) (c.1716 - d.)

Lucy Sophia de la Mare (Browning) (deceased)

Malculum/Malcom de la Mare (deceased)

Margaret de la Mare (deceased)

Margaret Maindonald (De La Mare) (1831 - 1917)

Margaret De La Mare (c.1150 - d.)

Margaret de la Mare (c.1458 - 1499)

Married 1505 to Robert Lenham to Sir Thomas Wood (or Wode), Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, of Childrey, co. Berks d 1502. Children include Anne Wood married Thomas Stucley b: 24 JUN 1...

Margerite Ozanne (De La Mare) (deceased)

Margery de la Mare (c.1230 - d.)