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Africa de la Rosa-Mallari MP (1906 - d.)

Africa Fernandez de la Rosa was, like her brothers, was a film star before and after WWII. More here: . Reference "Philippines, Marriages, 1723-1957," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 16 February...

Diego González de la Rosa MP (c.1730 - d.)

From the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico's Great New Mexico Pedigree Database (no citations for this individual): Diego GONZALES DE LA ROSA ABT 1730 - ____ NAME: Diego de ...

Francisco Martínez de la Rosa, Presidente del Consejo de Ministros MP (1787 - 1862) ; ; Francisco... ;

Inez de la Rosa MP (deceased)

Jaime Lim de la Rosa MP (1921 - 1992)

Jaime de la Rosa was a film actor, television host, and producer. He also served at the Vice-Mayor of Manila. More here:

Manuel Gonzáles de la Rosa MP (deceased)

Manuel Gonzales De La Rosa Residence: 1750, Plaza de la Soledad, New Mexico Residence: 1755 [22101] [22102] Residence: 1755 [22103] [22104] Father: Diego Sayago Arroya Mother: Teresa Do...

Margarita Sayago Gonzáles de la Rosa MP (c.1710 - d.)

Rogelio Lim de la Rosa MP (1916 - 1986)

Rogelio (born Regidor) de la Rosa was a actor turned politician. He joined the diplomatic corps and was an ambassador to several countries. More here:

Tomás de la Rosa Perez Ramón MP (deceased)

de la Rosa (deceased)

(First Wife-name?) (Gonzalez or Garza) De La Rosa (deceased)

? De la Rosa (deceased)

? de la rosa (deceased)

A De La Rosa Mariscal (deceased)

A ita De La Rosa (deceased)

Abel Cortissoz De La Rosa (Cortissoz) (deceased)

Abelardo de la Rosa Martínez (deceased)

Abelardo de la Rosa (1928 - 2007)

Abilio De La Rosa (deceased)

Abraham Manriquez (c.1905 - c.1967)

Abraham Quiroga de la Rosa (deceased)

Ace De La Rosa (deceased)

Adelaida Paras (de la Rosa) (deceased)


Adina de la Rosa (Geyser) (deceased)

Adolfo de la Rosa (c.1947 - 2010)

Adolfo Rafael García de la Rosa (1947 - 2001)

Adolfo de la Rosa (deceased)

adrian ruiz de la rosa (deceased)

Agapita Lara de La Rosa (deceased)

Agapito De La Rosa (deceased)

Agapito (Uncle Pete Morning Wistle) de La Rosa (deceased)

Agripina Quezada De la Rosa Quezada (deceased)

Agustin Zepeda de la Rosa (deceased)

Agustin De la Rosa Y de la Cueva (deceased)

"México, matrimonios, 1570-1950," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 08 Oct 2014), Agustin De La Rossa De La Cueva and Sebastiana De Ortega, 16 Dec 1724; citing La Asuncion,Mineral Del Monte,Hidal...

Agustin De La Rosa, Sr. (deceased)

Agustin zepeda de la cruz (1921 - c.1921)

Agustin Rodriguez de la Rosa (deceased)

Agustina Perez (De La Rosa) (1875 - d.)

Name: Agustina De La Rosa Gender: Female Christening date: 26 May 1888 Christening place: Parish of Sagrario, Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico Residence: Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico Birthdate:...

Agustina Vilar de la Rosa (deceased)

Agustín de la Rosa Queipo de Llano y Cinfuegos Valdés (deceased)

Agustín de la Rosa y Sarde de la Forest (deceased)

Alba Charris de la Rosa (deceased)

Alberto De La Rosa (deceased)

Alberto De la Rosa (deceased)

Alberto De la Rosa (deceased)

Alberto de la Rosa Davalos (1933 - 2010)

Alberto De La Rosa (deceased)

Alberto de la Rosa (1900 - d.)

Alberto De La Rosa (deceased)

Alberto Luis Sanabria de la Rosa (deceased)

Albina Quicho (de la Rosa) (deceased)

Alejandro De La Rosa (deceased)

Alejandro de la Rosa (deceased)


Alejandro José del Carril de la Rosa (c.1796 - 1874)

Alexandria De La Rosa (Tomines) (1896 - d.)

Alfonso De la Rosa Díaz (deceased)

Alifonso De La Rosa (b. - 1974)

Alonso de la Rosa Lopez (b. - 1622)

Alonso de la Rosa Alvarez (1598 - 1639)

Altagracia De la Rosa (deceased)


Amador González de la Rosa (deceased)

Amalia Pastor de la Rosa (deceased)

Ambrosio De La Rosa (1852 - d.)

Ambrosio De La Rosa (deceased)


Amonario Díaz de León De la Rosa (deceased)

Amparo De la Rosa (deceased)


Ana de La Rosa y Velasco (deceased)

Ana Martinez de la Rosa (deceased)

Ana de la Rosa (deceased)

Ana De La Rosa (Morales) (1918 - 2007)

Ana Reynoso de la Rosa (c.1760 - d.)

Ana de la Rosa, de Santiago (deceased)

Ana De la Rosa (deceased)

Ana Ma. CALIXTO (Calipto) DE LA ROSA (deceased)

Ana Maria Calistro, De la Rosa (deceased)

Ana María Martínez de la Rosa y Robles (b. - 1664)

Anacleto de La Rosa (1788 - d.)

Andrea Avelina Toledo de la Rosa (1890 - 1992)

Andrea de la Rosa (deceased)

Andrea Palaviccini de la Rosa (deceased)

Andrea Avelina Toledo de la Rosa (1890 - 1992)

Andrea Avelina Toledo de la Rosa (1890 - 1992)

Andrea L. de la Rosa (deceased)

Andres De La Rosa (deceased)

Andrés Navarro de la Rosa y Sánchez Osorio (deceased)

Andrés Domínguez de la Rosa y Albornoz, Capitán (deceased)


Angel De la Rosa Briz (deceased)

Angel Felix De La Rosa De La Rosa (1914 - 2008)

Angela Otton de la Rosa (deceased)

Angela de la Rosa -Bayot-Danao (deceased)

Angela Delgado de la Rosa (deceased)

Angeles Roco Carreras de la Rosa (1914 - 1984)

Angelita MASCUÑANA y de la Rosa (deceased)

Angelita Cumpian (De La Rosa) (deceased)