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Jean de la Vigne MP (1550 - 1622)

(From ) In the writings on "The Troubles brought to Valenciennes on account of Heresies," one notes that the names De la Vigne and Cuvelier (the latter the French equivalent of the Dutch Cuvilje) fre...

Maria de la Vigne MP (1613 - 1671)

From My Family Through History, by Donn C. Neal: Chapter XI: Van der Poel – Verplanck – Vigne: Paraphrasing the chapter: Melgert Wynantse van der Poel's wife, Ariaantje (Verplank) van der Poel [4...

Rachel de la Vigne MP (1623 - 1663)

Adrienne A Cuvellier MP (1589 - 1655)

This surname is sometimes spelled Cuvilje. After the death of Guillame Vigne, Adrienne married Jan Jensen Damen. This grim story is told of her. When her son in law returned from the massacre of the Pa...

Albert Bon Henri de la Vigne (1820 - 1889)

Alix De La Vigne (1345 - 1369)

Amaury de LA VIGNE (deceased)

Anthoine de La Vigne (deceased)

Bertrand de la Vigne (deceased)

Catharina Hochedé de la Vigne (1686 - 1719)

Christina (1612 - 1663)

Christina de la Vigne (c.1615 - 1663)

After being "evicted" from Christina's stepfather's house, they moved to Green Point (now Bushwick on Long Island) until the Indian Wars of 1643-1644 forced them to move back into Manhattan. They built...

Céleste Buisson de La Vigne (1774 - 1847)

Daniel de la Vigne (b. - 1628)

François de la Vigne (deceased)

Guillaume 'Geleyn' de la Vigne (c.1580 - 1632)

Wallonia, where Guillame Vigne was born, is a region that, today, spreads over parts of Belgium and the north of France. The name is sometimes written Vinje. The Vignes were one of the first families i...

Guillemette de la Vigne (des Cognetz) (deceased)

Isabelle de La Vigne (deceased)

Jacquemine de la Vigne (Moyenne (Le)) (deceased)

Jan de la Vigne (1600 - 1675)

Jan Vigne (c.1624 - 1689)

Not sure if this Jean Vigne 1614, first male child born in New Amsterdam is the same as this Jan Vigne b.1624, New Amsterdam.

Jean De La Vigne (c.1560 - c.1622)

Jean de la Vigne (deceased)

Conrector van de Latijnse school te Harderwijk in 1610, nadien rector en professor aldaar.

Jeanne de la Vigne (Les Perone) (c.1560 - 1594)

Jeanne Gorju (de la Vigne) (1627 - 1680)

Marguerite de la Vigne (deceased)

Marguerite de la Vigne (de la Chapelle) (1599 - d.)

Maria de la Vigne (1608 - 1689)

Marie de la Vigne (de Bodégat) (deceased)

Martial de la VIGNE (deceased)

Matthias de La Vigne (deceased)

Roland de la Vigne (deceased)

Roland de la Vigne (deceased)

Sara de la Vigne (Vinje) (1619 - d.)

Susanna de la Vigne (1606 - 1647)