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Alice de Mandeville MP (1150 - c.1248)

Beatrice de Mandeville MP (c.1064 - 1130)

Geoffrey Mandeville Earl Of Essex, Earl of Gloucester MP (1170 - 1216)

Geoffrey de Mandeville, 2nd Earl of Essex and 6th Earl of Gloucester (d. 23 February 1216) Geoffrey de Mandeville, the Surety, upon paying King John 20,000 marks, obtained a license in 1214 to marry ...

Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex MP (1092 - 1144)

GEOFFREY de Mandeville, son of WILLIAM de Mandeville & his wife [Margaret de Rie] ([1100/05]-Mildenhall, Suffolk 14 or 16 Sep 1144, bur 1163 New Temple Church). The Genealogia Fundatoris of Tintern Abb...

Geoffrey I de Mandeville, Sire of Essex, Constable of the Tower of London MP (c.1036 - c.1085)

GEOFFREY de Mandeville (-after 1104). “…Josfridi de Magna Villa…” witnessed the charter dated to [1070/75] under which William I King of England donated Plumstead to St Augustine´s, Canterbury[489]. ...

Maud de Mandeville, MP (1177 - 1236)

Maud fitzGeoffrey de Mandeville was Countess de Essex sup iure (in her own right)--daughter of Geoffrey FitzPiers and Beatrice de Saye. Her first name was also listed as Mathilda. Married (1) Henry d...

Robert de Mandeville MP (c.1146 - 1189)

Salomon de Mandeville MP (1620 - 1673) ;

Solomon de Mandeville MP (1612 - 1618)

? de Mandeville (1495 - 1555)

Aegidius de Mandeville (1604 - 1636)

Aegidius 'Gillis' De Mandeville (Sailed to America on the "De Trouw" (Faith)) (c.1626 - 1701)

Yellis de Mandeville was a large landowner in Dutch New York. He owned 126 acres of prime Manhattan real-estate in the 17th century. The Mandeville estate extended from below 14th Street up to 21st Str...

Aeltje de Mandeville (1647 - c.1701)

Sex: Female Father: Giles Jansen Aegidius De Mandeville Mother: Elsje Hendricks Birth: Abt 1647 Netherlands Death: Abt 1701 Manhattan, NY Immigration: 1647 to New York, NY as baby, with mothe...

Alice (deceased)

Alice (deceased)

Alice (deceased)

Alice de Mandeville (deceased)

[ALICE . Round suggests Alice´s parentage and marriage based on a charter in which "Adelid" Capra names William Earl of Essex as her "nepos". m WILLIAM "Capra", son of ---. Empress Matilda made vario...

Amicia Mandesville (De Mandeville) (1208 - d.)

Anna de Mandeville (deceased)

Anna de Mandeville (1553 - d.)

Anna de Mandeville (1617 - d.)

Annora de Mandeville (c.1120 - d.)

Annora de Mandeville (c.1120 - d.)

Antoine Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville (deceased)

Baptiste (La Camarade) De Mandeville (deceased)

Baptiste de Mandeville The Métis, with their knowledge of both Aboriginal and European ways, extensive experience with traveling in the fur trade, language skills, and trading networks, possessed all...

Baptiste (le Camarade) De Mandeville (deceased)

Bernard Mandeville (1670 - 1733)

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Beatrice de Boulogne (de Mandeville) (deceased)

Beatrice de Mandeville (1092 - 1177)

Beatrix De Mandeville (1105 - 1197)

Beatrix De Mandeville (1105 - 1197)

Bernard Marigny de Mandeville (deceased)

Bernard XavierPhilippe de Marigny de Mandeville (deceased)

Bernhardus de Mandeville (1552 - 1635)

Christine De Mandeville (deceased)

Daniel De Mandeville (1615 - 1618)

David de Mandeville (c.1653 - d.)

David de Mandeville (b. - 1778)

David de Mandeville (deceased)

David Van.A de Mandeville (1615 - d.)

David de Mandeville (deceased)

Dionysia De Mandeville (c.1105 - d.)

Elizabeth de Mandeville (1648 - 1724)

Elsje de Mandeville (de Hendricks) (deceased)

Emmanuel de Mandeville (1525 - d.)

Emmanuel de Mandeville (1611 - 1660)

Emmanuel de Mandeville (1555 - d.)

Ernulf de Mandeville (deceased)

Ernulf (c.1120 - d.)

Ernulf (deceased)

Ernulf de Mandeville (c.1140 - 1178)

Eulalie de Mandeville (deceased)

Eulalie Mandeville was an entrepreneur of extraordinary energy and business acumen, who became one of New Orleans’s wealthiest free women of color. The daughter of Count Pierre Philippe Mandeville de M...

Francois Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville (deceased)

Geoffrey De Mandeville, Ii; Earl Essex (1140 - d.)

Geoffrey FitzPiers, Earl of Essex MP (c.1162 - 1213)

GEOFFREY FitzPiers (-14 Oct 1213, bur Shouldham Priory). He acquired the Earl of Essex inheritance through his wife Beatrice de Say (de iure uxoris) upon the death of her father, Mandeville de Say, Ear...

Geoffrey De Mandeville, Ii; Earl Essex (1140 - d.)

Geoffrey de Mandeville (c.1062 - 1144)

Geoffrey de Mandeville (c.1062 - 1144)

Geoffrey de Mandeville, of Essex (b. - 1216)

Geoffrey de Mandeville, III 2nd Earl of Essex (1124 - 1169)

Geoffrey Fitzwilliam de Mandeville M, b. circa 1124, d. 21 October 1166 Father Geoffrey de Mandeville b. c 1100, d. 21 Oct 1166 Mother Rohese de Vere b. c 1103, d. a 21 Oct 1166 Geoffrey Fitzwi...

Geoffrey de Mandeville (c.1130 - d.)

Geoffrey (1092 - 1144)

Geoffrey (c.1144 - d.)

Geoffrey de Mandeville (c.1066 - 1144)

Birth: unknown Death: 1164 Burial: Temple Church London Greater London, England GEOFFREY ([1100/05]-Mildenhall, Suffolk 14 or 16 Sep 1144, bur 1163 New Temple Church). The Genealogia Fundator...

Gilbert (deceased)

He succeeded his brother Walter.

Gilbert de Mandeville (deceased)

Gilbert de Mandeville Father: Roger de Mandeville Mother: Agnes LNU Gilbert de Mandeville . A manuscript at Caen, which commemorates the death of Abbess Mathilde, daughter of William I King...

Gilbert de Mandeville (c.1106 - d.)

He succeeded his brother Walter.

Gustave Adolphe Marigny de Mandeville (1808 - d.)

Hendrick Jilliszen de Mandeville (1646 - 1712)

He Immigrated with his parents to America in 1647.--------------------*[ Manderville....]

Isabel de Vipontde (de Mandeville) (c.1214 - 1272)

Isabelle de Burgh (de Mandeville) (b. - 1272)

Jellis de Mandeville (b. - 1788)

Jeremiah(Jurian) de Mandeville (deceased)

Jillis de Mandeville (deceased)

Jillis Manderville aka Giles deMandervill. Giles was a Huguenot from Normandy who fled with his wife to Doesburg, Holland to escape persecution in Rouen. He came to New Amsterdam on 'The Faith' in 16...

Joan Butler (FitzJohn) MP (c.1245 - 1303)

'Joan FitzJohn1,2,3 'F, #10569, d. 4 April 1303 Father Sir John FitzGeoffrey, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Justice of Ireland2,4 b. c 1205, d. 23 Nov 1258 Mother Isabel Bigod2,4 b. c 1210 ' Joan FitzJ...

Joannes de Mandeville (1518 - 1585)