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Adelaide de Maurienne (de Savoie, di Susa) MP (c.1052 - 1079)

Rudolf of Rheinfelden From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1057 Rudolf allegedly took advantage of the minority of Henry IV, King of the Romans, by kidnapping Matilda, the king's sister. Rudo...

Adélaïde de Maurienne, Comtesse de Savoie et de Maurienne MP (c.1045 - 1090)


Oddon Count of Savoy, Maurienne, and Chablais MP (c.1000 - c.1060)

) ---------------------------- From Charles Cawley's Medieval Lands Database: [see this source for footnotes] B. COMTES de SAVOIE et de MAURIENNE 1060-1417 ODDON de Maurienne , son of H...

Oddone di Savoia (de Maurienne) MP (1049 - 1102)

Pierre I, comte de Savoie MP (c.1048 - c.1078)

PIERRE de Savoie ([1047/49]-killed 9 Aug 1078). "Hubertus comes" donated property to the canons of Saint-Jean and Saint-Urse by charter dated 1040, signed and consented to by "Oddo, Amedeus comes, Ay...

Adelaide De Maurienne (1092 - 1154)

Adelaide de Maurienne (c.1070 - c.1116)

Alicia de Maurienne (1070 - d.)

Alicia de Maurienne (1070 - d.)

alicia di saluzzo (de maurienne) (deceased)

Amadeus I Count of Savoy De Maurienne (1007 - 1052)

Bertha Comtesse de Maurienne (1051 - 1087)

Bertha Comtesse de Maurienne (1051 - 1087)

Ct Amadeus I 'Coda' of Savoy/ de Maurienne (c.1010 - c.1051)

Amadeus I Coda (d. 1051 or 1056) was the count of Savoy from the death of his father Umberto until his death, (1047 or 1048 to 1051 or 1056). He married Adila or Adalegidal or Adelaide and had two so...

Ct. Humbert I 'Whitehands' of Savoy/ de Maurienne (980 - c.1047)

BIOGRAPHY: Count of Belley, Aosta, Maurienne.See EuropÃñisch Stammtafeln Bund II tafel 110 History: The founder of the house of Savoy was Humbert I the Whitehanded (mid-11th century), w...

Maude de Maurienne (c.1125 - 1157)

Maude de Maurienne (c.1125 - 1157)

Maude de Maurienne (c.1125 - 1157)

Otto (Eudes )Comte de Maurienne (deceased)

Pietro de Maurienne (1044 - 1078)

Pietro de Maurienne (1044 - 1078)

Thiberge de Maurienne (c.975 - 1013)

Thomas de Savoie II Count de Maurienne (1210 - d.)