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*-W*Gottfried I. Graf von Metz und Dagsburg (de Metz), III, Graf im Bliesgau MP (c.1089 - c.1122)

... de Metz MP (deceased)

Adalbert II (~1000-1048) Longwy, Comte de Haute-Lorraine MP (c.1000 - 1048)

(UPPER) NOBILITY.htm: Son of Gerhard/Gerard (d 1045) and Gisela: ADALBERT [Albert] (-killed in battle near Thuin 11 Nov 1048). The Notitiæ Fundationis Monasterii Bosonis-Villæ names (in order) "Ada...

Amalberge de Metz MP (c.435 - 478)

Ansigisel de Metz, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia MP (c.602 - c.662)

Ansegisel . He was a Vir inlustris, and domesticus (632-638) for Siegebert III of Austrasia. There is no contemporary evidence that he was Mayor of the Palace. ------------------------------ - From ...

Arnoaldus, Bishop of Metz MP (c.552 - c.611)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Arnoald, also called Arnoldus or Arnual (ca 560 – ca 611), was a Bishop of Metz between 601 and 609 or 611, the successor of Agilulf, and a Margrave of Schelde. ...

Saint Arnoul, Bishop of Metz MP (c.582 - 640)

Venerated in Roman Catholic Church Feast July 18, Patron Saint of beer brewing, Stammvater und Hausheiliger der Karolinger. * Wikipedia English: Arnulf of Metz * Wikipedia Français: Arnoul de Metz ...

Bouin de Metz, King of Provence MP (c.822 - 863)

Bivinus van Metz (822-877) was een raadselachtig figuur die graaf van de Ardennengouw was en abt in Gorze. Bivinus zou een zoon kunnen geweest zijn van Richard II van Rouen, en vader van: Richard I...

Buvinus de Metz (d'Autun) MP (c.840 - d.)

Childa (Hilda) de Metz MP (c.625 - d.)

Saint Chlodulf (Cloud), Bishop of Metz MP (c.605 - c.697)

Ben notes: name spellings as accepted by Wikipedia were as follows: French (modern home country): Clodulf de Metz, Chlodulf, Clodoul, Cloud German: Chlodulf von Metz, Flodulf, Glodulf, Childulf E...

Chrothildis Carolingian de Metz MP (c.650 - 692)

Her parentage is unknown. Settipani speculates that Dux Ansegisel had a daughter Doda who married Théodéric III, and was the mother of Bertrade of Prüm, (Gen-Medieval-L, Nov. 16, 1999). aka..Regent C...

Dode (Clotilde) de Metz MP (c.583 - 640)

Doda was a Suevian. -------------------- St. Severa Feastday: July 20 680 Virgin and abbess. She was the first abbess of the convent of St. Gemma (Jater Sainte-Severe), at Villeneuve. -----...

Folmar III, comte de Metz MP (c.1048 - 1087)

Volmar III, Graf von METZ 1067451416. Volmar III, Graf von METZ 1 was born 1048 in Metz, Moselle, France. He died 1087. *Volmar III, Graf von METZ married Schwanhild, Gräfin von EGISHEIM . [Paren...

Folmar I, Graf im Bliesgau MP (c.940 - c.995)

Folmar II, comte de Metz MP (c.960 - c.1029)

Folmar / Volmar de Metz, VI MP (c.1125 - d.)

Gottfried I, comte de Metz MP (c.985 - 1053)

Gérard II "der Jüngere", duc de Lorraine MP (c.875 - 910)

Name: Gerad II DE METZ Given Name: Gerad II Surname: De Metz Sex: M Birth: 875 Death: 22 Jun 910 in Augsbourg, Allemagne Note: Alias: /Le Jeune/ Father: Eudes NIEDER-LAHNGAU b: Bef. 860...

Ingunda de Metz MP (c.550 - c.585)

She refused to abjure Catholicism when she married the Arian Leovigild. Instead, she converted her husband to Catholicism, and incurred the enmity of her father-in-law and his wife (who was also Ingund...

Lambert II, Bishop of Metz MP (c.670 - 741)

Lantbert [Lambert] II im Austrien Primate of Gaul and Germany, first Abbot of Lorsch and an uncle of St. Chrodegang. b.bef.710: s/o Chrodobertur (Robert) II and Doda Poiters d.bef.741 m.Chrotli...

Matfrède III, comte de Metz MP (c.835 - 926)

Matfrède IV, comte de Metz MP (c.880 - c.930)

Mérovech de Metz MP (c.611 - 612)

After his father's defeat, he was murdered at the command of his victorious uncle. "At Theuderic's command, someone took the boy by the foot and smashed his brains out against a rock."

Oda de Metz MP (c.911 - 963)

Richilde de Metz, dame de Lunéville MP (c.960 - 995)

Richilde Luneville van Metz Father: 4877714112 Folkmar I | Volmar I van Metz | van Bliesgau, geboren omstreeks 940. Folkmar is overleden in 994, ongeveer 54 jaar oud. Hij trouwde met Mother: 48...

Richildis d'Ardennes (de Metz), de Provence MP (835 - 910)

From Richilde of the Ardennes, or Richilde of Provence (c. 845-2 June 910), was the second wife of Charles the Bald, King and Emperor of the Franks. By her marriage, she became Queen of the West Fran...

Roger de Metz MP (b. - c.1150)

Swanhilde de Metz MP (c.1100 - 1133)

Warin "the Bold" de Metz MP (c.1079 - 1115)

William de Metz MP (deceased)

Aaltje Nopol (de Metz) (1878 - 1943)

Aaltje Annaatje Kalman de Metz (de JONG) (1783 - 1849)

Aaron de Metz (1868 - 1943)

Aaron Harmanus de Metz (c.1844 - d.)

Abraham de Metz (1880 - 1944)

Adalbert II de Metz et Saargau, duc de Basse-Lorraine MP (970 - 1033)

died about 1033 Bouzonville, returning from Jerusalem ADALBERT, son of [RICHARD Graf von Metz or GERARD Graf von Metz] & his wife --- (-[1 Feb/30 Jun] 1037 or after, bur Bourzonville Monastery). Wi...

Adalbert, comte de Metz (c.905 - 944)

Adalberto de Metz (deceased)

Adalhard II, comte de Metz (c.840 - 890)

Adeleide de Metz (deceased)

Adelheid de Metz (c.1021 - d.)

Adèle de Metz Noblat (de Noblat) (1801 - 1828)

Agnes Amelinde de Metz, comtesse de Looz (c.1112 - 1175)

Agnes de Metz (deceased)

Agnes de Looz (de Metz) (deceased)

Alda (deceased)

Alda De Metz (717 - d.)

Alexander Moses de Metz (deceased)

Alexander de Metz (c.1854 - d.)

Alexander Ziskind Benjamin Wolf de METZ (1807 - d.)

Alexandre de Metz Noblat (deceased)

Andries Mozes de Metz (1900 - 1944)

Andries de Metz (1842 - 1907)

Andries de Metz (1905 - 1940)

Angisel de Metz (d'Herstal) (deceased)

Anna de Metz (deceased)

Anna Hena Juda Luria (de METZ MAARSEN) (1780 - d.)

Anna Hendele Jacob Jokeb de Metz (1784 - d.)

arnoldus de metz (b. - 611)

Arnoul I ou Arnoaldus de Metz (480 - 550)

Arnould de Metz (deceased)

Aron Benjamin de Metz (c.1801 - d.)

Aron Maharam David de Mets Maarsen (de Metz Maarsen) (1722 - 1782)

Aron Maharam David (deceased)

Aron Maharim Jacob Moshe-Jokeb de Metz Maarsen (deceased)

Asser Anshil Leon Leib DE METZ MAARSEN (1772 - d.)

Barbara de Metz (Jerneau) (deceased)

Bele (deceased)

Bele David DE METZ MAARSEN (1794 - d.)

Bele David (deceased)

Benjamin David de Metz (c.1844 - d.)

Bera De Metz (755 - d.)

Bera De Metz (715 - 770)

Bera De Metz (755 - d.)

Bera De Metz (715 - 770)

Bera De Metz (755 - d.)

Bernard de Metz (1875 - 1943)

Bernoin de Metz (deceased)

bertha de metz (de kent) (550 - 610)

Bertha de Metz (940 - 999)

Helwig Bertha von Blieskastel (de Metz) (c.1070 - 1127)

3. [ HELWIDE . The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Mathildem [de Luscelenburch]" as mother of "comitem Folmerum et sorores eius Helvidem, quam habuit comes Gerardus de Reneke dyocesis ...

Berthoara de Metz (c.536 - c.566)

Bertrane de Metz (c.836 - d.)

Betje David Zwaab (de Metz) (1848 - d.)

Betje de Metz (c.1873 - d.)

Bibin DE METZ (deceased)

Bloeme Jochem de Metz (1784 - 1831)

Boduin (Budwine) Comte de Metz (842 - 865)

Bogosisel d'Austrasie (de Metz) (deceased)

Branca de Metz (Philips) (1883 - 1943)

Budwine de Metz (c.803 - d.)

Budwine (842 - 865)

Béatrice de Hainaut (de Metz) (deceased)