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Farahild de Neustria MP (c.590 - c.684)

Hemanfried de Neustria MP (c.560 - 651)

Lambert I de Neustria, Referendarius to Dagobert I, King of Neustria MP (c.605 - c.650)

Note: Some sources have Lambert I as the bother of Chrodobertus I, son of Charibert.-------------------- Occupation: Count of Neustria

Robert IV "le Fort", Marquis de Neustrie MP (c.820 - c.866)

He is commonly called a son of Robert III , count in the Wormsgau, but the relationship is conjectural. Robert 'le Fort' unknown origin, unknown wife. Sources and Resources Wikipedia The Foun...

Théodéric III, King of the Franks MP (653 - 690)

Theuderic III (or Theuderich, Theoderic, or Theodoric; in French, Thierry) (654 – 691) was the king of Neustria (including Burgundy) on two occasions (673 and 675 – 691) and king of Austrasia from 679 ...

aelfwin de devon (de neustria) (deceased)

Aelfwin (deceased)

Amalbertus de Neustria (c.680 - d.)

Anstrud De Austria (c.680 - d.)

Berengar I, comte de Hessengau MP (c.836 - c.879)

Berengar I of Neustria From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Berengar I was a ninth-century nobleman of East Francia, a son of Gebhard, Count of Lahngau, and younger brother of Udo. He and his brot...

Berengar II De Neustria (b. - 896)

Berthe de Neustria (deceased)

Chlothar I "the Old", King of the Franks MP (c.501 - 561)

Ben M. Angel's summary: Relationships: Parents: Clovis/Chlodovech I (446/467 - 511), King of the Franks (482-511) Clotilde/Rotilde/Chrotechildis (c480-544/548), Queen of the Franks (492-511),...

Dagobert I, King of the Franks MP (c.605 - 639)

Dagobert I (c. 603 – 19 January 639) was the king of Austrasia (623–634), king of all the Franks (629–634), and king of Neustria and Burgundy (629–639). He was the last Merovingian dynast to wield any ...

Eadgyth De Neustria (Of Wessex) (c.908 - 946)

Emma de Neustria (945 - 968)

Farahild De Neustria (620 - d.)

Gauzfrid de Maine (deceased)

Gauzfrid of Neustria ou de Nêustria (deceased)

Godfrey (850 - d.)

Godfrey de Neustria (c.840 - 890)

Hardouin, Count of Neustria (c.818 - 862)

Hardouin (Count) of Neustria (Conde de Neustria) (c.800 - c.862)

Hermanfried De Neustria (585 - d.)

Hildebrante de Neustria, Princess of France (c.897 - 931)

Hildebrante de Neustria (c.887 - 931)

Robert II, Graf im Worms- und Oberrheingau MP (c.770 - 807)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Franconia: THURINGBERT (-Jun 770 or after). "Cancor et Angila conjux mea" donated property "in illa marcha de Bisistat…de dote Angilæ" [Birsta...

Hugh le Grande de Neustria (900 - 956)

Lambert II de Neustria (deceased)

The territory of Neustria or Neustrasia, meaning "new [western] land", originated in 511, made up of the regions from Aquitaine to the English Channel, approximating most of the north of present-day Fr...

Odo (Count) of Neustria (Conde de Neustria) (c.830 - c.878)

Robert De Neustria (deceased)

King Robert I MP (866 - 923)

Robert I de France, roi des Francs (King of West Francia) is Queen Elizabeth II's 24th great grandfather. ------------------------- Ben M. Angel notes: Robert I was never a Capet (this was a family...

Robert I de Neustria (710 - d.)

Robert I de Neustria (865 - 923)

Rutpert (Robert) III, comte de Wormsgau MP (c.789 - 834)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Franconia: ROBERT [III], son of [ROBERT [II] & his first wife Theoderata ---] (-before 19 Feb 834). The primary source which confirms his parent...

Rowland De Neustria (805 - 850)

Rowland de Neustria (810 - 850)

Saint Almaberge de Neustria (von Bayern) (deceased)

St Amalaberga De Neustria (640 - 692)

St Amalaberga De Neustria (640 - 692)

St Amalaberga De Neustria, V (655 - 692)

Turnincbertus de Neustria (deceased)

Ukjent de Neustria (deceased)

Walchisus De Neustria (580 - 619)

Walchisus de Neustria (560 - d.)

Waldrada de Neustria (c.560 - d.)

Waldrada De Neustria (590 - d.)

Wandregisi De Neustria (de Metz) (628 - 665)

Wandregisi de Neustria (590 - 681)

Wandregisi of De Neustria (618 - d.)