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Ada Darell (de Percy) MP (1226 - d.)

Agnes de Percy MP (c.1226 - d.)

Agnes de Percy MP (1134 - 1205)

Agnes de Percy Parents: William de Percy & Alice de Tonbridge Spouse: Joscelin de Louvain Children: Henry de Percy Richard de Percy Joscelin de Percy Radulf de Percy Eleanore de Per...

Alan Allen de Percy, 3rd Baron Percy MP (c.1067 - 1135)

NOBILITY MEDIEVAL1.htm ALAN de Percy, son of WILLIAM de Percy & his wife Emma de Port (-[1130/Jul 1138], bur [Reading/Whitby]). A charter listing the property of Whitby Monastery names ”Alaneo...

Alice de Percy MP (c.1228 - d.)

Anastasia de Percy MP (c.1216 - 1272)

Anastasia De PERCY Father: William De PERCY Mother: Joan BRIWERE Married: Ralph TAILBOYS Children: 1. Mary TAILBOYS

Baroness Eleanor de Percy (de Poynings) MP (1422 - 1480)

Eleanor West (de Percy), Lady MP (1415 - 1452)

Gaufrid de Percy MP (c.1104 - d.)

Godfrey de Percy Parents: Alan de Percy & Emma de Gant or Alan de Percy & Unknown Mistress GODFREY de Percy . "Henricus de Perci" confirmed the donation of property "in Oxenaham et…...

Geoffrey de Percy MP (c.1094 - d.)

Geoffrey de Percy Parents: Alan de Percy & Emma de Gant GEOFFREY de Percy . "Henricus de Perci" confirmed the donation of property "in Oxenaham et…in Hetunia" to Whitby made by "D�...

Henry de Percy, VI MP (c.1156 - 1198)

Henry de Percy born about 1156 Whitby, Yorkshire, England died before 29 September 1198 buried before 29 September 1198 St Lo, Rouen, France father: Joscelin de Louvain Barbatus born ...

Henry de Percy, 2nd Baron Percy MP (1300 - 1352)

other possible dates are born 6 February 1301 died 26 February 1351 ===================================================================== Links:

Henry de Percy, 7th Baron Percy MP (1228 - 1272)

his birth date and especialy year is questionable note for this source ; the data as if Joan de Briwere (his father's first wife) was the mother of Henry, 7th Baron Percy is wrong. his mother was...

Henry Percy (de Percy), 8th Earl of Northumberland MP (c.1532 - 1585)

Henry de Percy, 3rd Baron Percy of Alnwick MP (c.1320 - c.1368)

another possible death date is 17 June 1368 ==================================================================== "Henry Percy, 3rd Baron Percy of Alnwick (c. 1321–1368), was the eldest son o...

Henry de Percy MP (c.1092 - 1153)

Parents: Alan de Percy & Emma de Gant Henry de Percy . "Alanus de Perci" donated property "in Oxeneham et…in Hetune" to Whitby, for the souls of "Alani de Perci patris mei et…matr...

Henry de Percy, 1st Baron Percy MP (1273 - c.1314)

-------------------- 1st Baron Percy of Alnwick The son of Henry de Percy and Eleanor de Warenne, daughter of John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey and Alice de Lusignan, half sister of Henry III. Henr...

Sir Henry Percy MP (1456 - 1486)

'Henry PERCY (Sir) 'Born: ABT 1456, Leconfield, Yorkshire, England 'Died: 1486 Father: Ralph PERCY (Sir) Mother: Eleanor ACTON Married: ¿? Children: 1. Marjory PERCY From: P...

Idonia de Percy (de Clifford) MP (deceased)

Isabel Aton (de Percy) MP (c.1326 - 1368)

Isabel de Percy1 F, #43873, b. circa 1326, d. between 13 September 1349 and 25 May 1368 Last Edited=14 Mar 2006 Consanguinity Index=0.25% Isabel de Percy was born circa 1326 at Alnwick Castle, ...

Joan de Percy MP (c.1224 - d.)

Margaret Gascoigne (de Percy) MP (c.1450 - 1486)

One merged profile listed birth date circa 1447. Another merged profile listed birth place as Northumberland, England. -SPF __________________ 'Margaret Percy1,2 'F, b. circa 1453 Father Sir ...

Mathilda de Percy MP (c.1132 - 1202)

MATILDA de Percy (-[Nov 1202/13 Oct 1204], bur Fountaine Abbey). A manuscript genealogy of the Percy family names “Matildem et Agnetem” as the daughters and heiresses of “Williel...

Hon Maud Percy MP (1335 - 1378)

Links: =====================================================================

Richard De Percy MP (c.1073 - d.)

Richard de Percy V, Magna Carta Surety MP (c.1170 - 1244)

Father: Joscelin de Louvain Mother: Agnes de Percy Birth: Unknown Death: 1244 Spouse: Alice LNU Souse: Agnes de Neville o Child: Sir Henry de Percy (by unknown mistress) Richard de Perc...

Sir Henry de Percy MP (1299 - 1352)

Walter de Percy Rugemond MP (c.1090 - c.1153)

Walter de Percy Parents: Alan de Percy & Emma de Gant Spouse: Avice de Rumilly Children: None/Unknown Walter de Percy (-after 1153). “Walterus de Perci” granted property to ...

William de Percy, 6th Baron Percy MP (1192 - 1245)

He attained his majority some time between mid-1212 and mid-1214. He accompanied HENRY III at the taking of William de Forz, titular Count of Aumale's castle of Biham in Lincolnshire. de Forz was anoth...

William de Percy MP (c.1132 - d.)

William de Percy, 4th Baron Percy MP (1110 - c.1175)

William de Percy born about 1088 at Alnwick, Northumberland, England died 1174 or 1175, buried Fountains Abbey, Aldfield, North Yorkshire, England Married: Alice (Adeliza) de Tunbridge (Clare) ...

<private> de Percy (c.1368 - 1388)

Agnes De Percy (deceased)

<private> De Percy - Deincourt (de Neville) (b. - 1293)

Agnes Leuven (de Percy) (1134 - 1204)

Agnes de Percy (1204 - d.)

Agnes de Percy (deceased)

Agnes de Percy ([Unk]) (c.1120 - 1160)

Agnes de Percy (de Flamville) (c.1153 - 1214)

Agnes de Percy (1134 - d.)

Alan De Percy (c.1138 - d.)

Alan De Percy (deceased)

Alan De Percy (b. - 1116)

<private> de Percy (1372 - d.)

<private> de Percy (1241 - d.)

Alan de Percy (c.1085 - 1158)

Alan Percy 2nd Baron of Percy (c.1069 - 1135)

Alan de Percy (c.1138 - 1166)

ALAN de Percy (-before 1174). “Willielmus de Percy” donated property to Sawley abbey by undated charter, witnessed by “Alano de Percy, filio eiusdem Willielmi de Perci…Rob...

Alan de Percy (c.1128 - 1166)

ALAN de Percy (-before 1174). “Willielmus de Percy” donated property to Sawley abbey by undated charter, witnessed by “Alano de Percy, filio eiusdem Willielmi de Perci…Rob...

Alan de Percy (deceased)

Alexander De Percy (deceased)

Alexander de Percy (deceased)

Alexander de Percy Father: Sir Henry de Percy Mother: Unknown Birth: Unknown Death: Unknown His father gave him land in Arram, parish of Leconfield.

Alianore Fitzwalter (De Percy) (deceased)

Alianore FitzWalter (de Percy) (deceased)

Alice De Percy (deceased)

Alice de Staveley (de Percy) (1180 - 1235)

Alice De Percy (De Ros) (c.1090 - d.)

Alice De Percy (deceased)

Alice De Percy (deceased)

Alicia Bulmer (de Percy) (deceased)

Allan de Percy (c.1067 - d.)

Anastasia de Percy (c.1216 - d.)

<private> de Percy (c.1395 - d.)

Anne de PERCY (deceased)

Arnold De Percy (c.1070 - 1109)

Arnold De Percy (1070 - 1140)

Arnold Ernald de Percy (c.1070 - d.)

Beverly de Percy (deceased)

Blanche de Percy (1008 - d.)

Christina de Percy (1270 - d.)

Comte De Percy (deceased)

Daughter De De Percy (c.1100 - d.)

Eleanor de Percy (de Warenne) (1251 - 1282)

Eleanor de Percy (de Balliol) (1206 - 1281)

Eleanor de Percy (Fitzalan) (1277 - 1328)

Eleanor de Percy (de Baliol) (c.1206 - c.1281)

Eleanor (Elene)(Ellen)(Ellena) de Balliol born about 1206 Red Castle, Angusshire, Scotland died before 22 November 1281 father: Ingelram (Ingram)de Balliol born about 1165 Barnard Castl...

<private> de Percy (Percy) (c.1158 - d.)

Eleanor de Percy Parents: Joscelin de Louvain & Agnes de Percy The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified. m William Pantulf, son of ---.

Eleanor De Baliol after Johanna De Briwere De Percy (deceased)

Eleanor Plantagenet (De Warenne) De Percy (deceased)

Elinor Clervaux (de Percy) (c.1308 - d.)

Elizabeth Woodrooffe (de percy) (deceased)

Elizabeth de Percy (c.1426 - 1512)

<private> DE PERCY 2ND (GASCOIGNE) (c.1499 - c.1582)

<private> de Percy (de Colevyle) (c.1301 - d.)

<private> De Percy (1146 - d.)

Emma De Percy (deceased)

Emma De Percy (deceased)

Emma de Malebisse (de Percy) (1079 - d.)

Ernald de Percy (c.1038 - d.)

Ernald II de De Percy (c.1095 - 1140)

Ernaldo Ernald De Percy (c.1065 - d.)

Ernaldo De PERCY (c.1065 - d.)

Errnald De PERCY (c.1038 - d.)

Eugenie Meynard (Schloesing de Percy) (deceased)

<private> de Percy (c.1005 - 1034)

Geoffrey de Percy (c.1005 - d.)

Geoffrey lll de Percy (c.1005 - c.1034)

Geoffrey De Percy (940 - d.)

<private> de PERCY (1010 - d.)

<private> De Percy (Percy) (c.1424 - 1474)